What Shoes Does David Goggins Wear

What Shoes Does David Goggins Wear?

While marathons have been around for thousands of years, the outfit, especially the footwear for running marathons, has changed drastically over the year. Now, runners are more conscious than ever about the quality and performance of their shoes running a marathon.

The definition of a perfect marathon running shoe can be different, but I am sure everyone will agree that those shoes must be lightweight and offer a good fit. As for other aspects, they are pretty much subjective and up for debate.

So, why don’t we look at an expert’s shoes in this matter? I am talking about David Goggins here, an American ultramarathon runner. So, what shoes does David Goggins wear? The answer to this question will explain a lot about marathon shoes.

Importance of Wearing the Right Shoes for Running

I am sure most runners here know how important it is to wear proper running shoes. Running is fun, but you also need the right pair of shoes to enjoy running to its fullest extent. In case you are a beginner, I have discussed why wearing the right show while running is so important.

  • In the long run, your shoes are the only things safeguarding your feet and providing comfort. So you must pick the right shoes and keep that comfort intact.
  • Running shoes protect your feet from the rough track or road. Only the best shoes can provide the necessary protection for your feet.
  • Running shoes tend to be completely different than other shoes. You can run in pretty much any shoes, but running shoes are up half a size to allow a perfect fit and make room for toe movement.
  • Lastly, there is injury prevention. Running can be highly stressful for your feet, whether you are a beginner or running for long sessions. Only the proper shoes can give you relief from pain and prevent injuries.

What Factors Should You Consider While Purchasing Running Shoes?

factors should you consider while purchasing running shoes

As I said before, you can run in any shoes you want. However, running shoes are your only resort if you want the experience to be safe and comfortable. Choosing the right shoes can be challenging among thousands of flashy designs and features. But you can make a choice easily by considering the factors mentioned below.


The first thing you should check in a shoe is the weight. Weight is something you should avoid in any shoe, and more importantly, in running shoes. Naturally, you are supposed to lose more energy wearing heavier shoes. However, most of the weight of shoes is taken up by the midsole. So, you must pick a lightweight shoe to reduce stress on your feet.


The next thing you need to check is the softness of the shoes. So, where does the softness come from? Sufficient cushioning is the key to softness. Cushioning will make the running experience much more comfortable by absorbing the impact. Also, you need to remember that extra cushioning can increases the shoe’s weight. So, you have to pick the sweet spot between weight and cushioning and go for it. 


You might also recognize this aspect by drop. So, the drop refers to the midsole height between the heel and forefoot. There is no fixed drop for running as both high and low drop has benefits. So, depending on your physical condition, you should consider the drop carefully.

What Shoes Does David Goggins Wear?

As I mentioned earlier, running shoes are essential to your running experience. If there is one runner who can make us realizes the importance the most is David Goggins. So, what type of shoes does David Goggins wear? This living legend’s go-to choice for running is the Brooks Addiction running shoes. But, before we discuss that shoe, let’s see who David Goggins is.

David Goggins might be famous as an ultramarathon these days, but his origin was much darker and more challenging. From a background not so bright to recruitment in the navy seal, his story is a true inspiration for all. This USA-born ex-navy seal is a jack of many trades, whether cycling, triathlon, public speaking, or ultramarathons.

This expert marathon runner has over 60 ultramarathon completion under his belt and new entry adding to the list with each passing day. But, one thing sure from all his accomplishments is that our man David Goggins knows about running gears. So, now that you know what running shoes Goggins wears let’s see what makes his favorite Brooks Addiction so unique.

Brooks might not be the most famous brand in the field of running. However, the long-term runner knows how good Brooks’s crafting quality is in manufacturing the best running shoes. This Brooks Addiction is the top-of-the-line offering from the manufacturer with stable construction and excellent cushioning.

Brooks Addiction is a stable running shoe, so the stiff upper portion is somewhat expected. The stiffness might make it a bit hot inside, but at the same time, it locks your feet firmly and help pick the speed faster.

Brooks Addiction


As I mentioned earlier, cushioning plays a prominent role in the comfort of your running shoes. Brooks Addiction shines the most in the same comfortability department with a midsole made of proprietary BioMoGo DNA foam cushioning. This adaptive cushioning provides the necessary arc support for running.

With all the extra cushioning, the weight is a bit high for Brook Addiction. However, for long-distance running, I would trade lightness with comfort any day. It might take time to pick up the pace or preserve energy, but the comfort will be worth it.

Finally, though the price tag might not be friendly for everyone, Brooks Addiction packs all the necessary features of perfect running shoes.

Final Thought

That’s a wrap for today. Now that you know what shoes does David Goggins wear, the answer should give you a brief idea of what type of shoes are best suited for marathons. Marathon can be very demanding for your feet. So, you must choose the right pair of shoes. I am not saying you have to buy the exact shoes, but you can analyze what features these shoes have and make a purchase accordingly.


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