What Color Socks To Wear With White Shoes

What Color Socks To Wear With White Shoes? Killer Ideas!

You might be wondering what color socks to wear with white shoes? From social media to the streets as we pass by, there is not a single place where you won’t see pars of white shoes around you. The classic glory of white shoes doesn’t seem to diminish; instead, it’s becoming popular daily.

While some call white shoes’ popularity a recent trend, it’s a permanent and longtime part of the wardrobe for some. White shoes are bright, clean, and, most importantly, allow the user to wear a versatile range of clothing with these shoes.

However, wearing white shoes isn’t enough as you must consider the socks’ color to match them. So, what color socks should you choose with white shoes? Let’s find out.

In Search of the Perfect White Shoes-and-socks Combo

Whether social media influences you, a celebrity or just by the recent trend, white shoes are the easiest way to upgrade your shoe game. It’s a general question among people about what color socks to wear with sneakers. However, just the shoes aren’t enough as you’ll need the perfect color of socks to pair with your shiny white shoes. Moreover, wearing different socks and colors is an inexpensive way of adding versatility to your shoe game instead of upgrading shoes each season. So that brings us to a new question.

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What Color Socks To Wear With White Shoes?

I would say there are several things you need to consider before making a decision. However, before we get into the complexity, let me tell you some general rules.

The Classic White Socks

For any shoes, the rule of thumb for sock color selection is never to match the shoe color. However, the only exception is white shoes. With white shoes, you can always rock a white pair of socks. Moreover, if you are ever in doubt, white is the color to go for with your eyes closed. They will allow you a clean, tidy, and steady look.

How About Some Colorful Craziness?

Now, white might be the color that makes you look sharp and appropriate for any event. But for fashion enthusiasts, it may seem a bit off or boring. So, what is the alternative to adding some color to your footwear setup?

You can try some shiny bright red, green, or blue socks. These colorful socks have become very popular among men and women to showcase personal fashion statements. And the best part about wearing colorful socks? There are no rules, and your fashion sense only limits you.

The game’s condition is simple, if you like it, go for it. Be confident about your choice, and rock the color with your casual outfit. I am sure everyone will love your choice.

However, there are some instances where you should avoid these crazy colors and patterns. For example, if you wear white shoes to a serious business meeting, funeral, or anything like that, you might want to avoid the colors and stick to white.

You have to ask yourself, do I need to look like a well-dressed person? If the answer is yes, you shouldn’t wear colorful socks for a particular event. 

White and Black: the Killer Non-color Pair

White and Black Color Socks

At this point, you must be wondering can I wear black socks with white shoes? So, the answer is yes, a black pair of socks will be the perfect match for white shoes. But, as they say, the opposite attracts, and that’s precisely the case here. The contrast has made this combination complete and appealing for hundreds of years.

In fact, for some fashion enthusiasts, this is the only color you should wear with white shoes apart from white ones. This combo can be the perfect fashion statement for applying to any outfit or event.

So, what makes this hottest trend so popular? When we choose our outfits, it always comes down to maintaining balance. And what can be more balanced than black socks with white shoes? Another similar combination is grey socks with white sneakers. So, if you want to try something close to black, that’s what you should aim for.

What to Consider When Choosing the Sock Color for Your White Shoes?

Choosing the Sock Color for Your White Shoes

As of now, you should already know what socks to wear with white sneakers and shorts. Any color can go well with white shoes. Frankly, that’s one of the reasons white shoes are called expansive. So now, among hundreds of colors, how do you decide? Here are some factors that can help you.


The first thing to consider here is the outfit you are wearing. I have already told you you can rock any color, but which color should you choose? The color of the rest of your outfit might help to decide.

Unless you are going for a monochromatic look, pick something darker than your treasure’s color. Just pick something that goes with the outfit type and keep your distance from exact matches; you should be good.


Next up, we have the purpose. That means, why are you wearing white shoes and where are you going wearing them. White shoes are typical for various purposes, whether it’s just fashion, sports, gym, or events in formal places. You must carefully analyze the event and your goal and select a sock color.


Sexuality might come as a surprise factor, but the color selection can widely vary depending on the user’s gender. For example, a particular color that looks good on a male might give an opposite look to a female.

Also, women are more focused on personal emotions when selecting colors, while men rely on what others perceive. So, gender should play a key role in selecting the color of the socks or white shoes.

Final Thought

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my article was helpful enough to give you a primary idea about what color socks to wear with white shoes. The choices are simple, but you have to be careful as they can either uplift the beauty of your outfit or ruin it entirely. Many of you have your personal color choice and might argue for specific colors. However, the truth is that any sock color does not limit you to a versatile shoe color like white. Whatever sock color you choose, ensure it goes with the outfit well, and you are good to go.


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