What Are The Best Shoes To Wear After Knee Replacement

What Are The Best Shoes To Wear After Knee Replacement?

People with knee replacement surgery often look for what are the best shoes to wear after knee replacement? This write-up will be a complete guideline for people looking for comfortable shoes to wear after knee replacement.

For those who don’t know- it is a way of treating pain and disability by replacing the weight-bearing surface of the knee. Going back to everyday life like before can be challenging, but not if you have the proper support, like a nice pair of shoes. Let’s check out the best shoes after knee replacement.

How Shoes Affect Your Knees?

Shoes are not just for covering your feet; they play a vital role in balancing your whole body. Knee joints are parts supporting your body weight and play a significant role in walking and running.

They work together with your hips and lower legs to offer stability while moving. A pair of shoes significantly dictate how your body parts move while walking or running.

So, if you are wearing the wrong pair of shoes, it will move the knee joint, hip, and legs in a way that’s inappropriate and will harm your body. It’s even more crucial to wear the right shoes after knee arthroplasty.

Best Shoes For Post Knee Replacement Surgery

Best Shoes For Post Knee Replacement Surgery

After the surgery, you must be extra careful about choosing the right shoes because the right ones will provide you with more comfort and rapid recovery.

The shoes should be lightweight and comfortable. They shouldn’t be tight or create any pressure on your knees; instead, the shoes must be flexible and supple.

Here are the best shoes to wear after knee arthroplasty:

Sport Shoes

Sports or athletic shoes are designed for stability, comfort, and performance. That’s why a lot of knee replacement patients opt for these shoes. Physicians also recommend athletic shoes.

They are probably the best walking shoes for knee replacements post-surgery recovery time. You will find two types of athletic shoes: Stability and neutral. Stability shoes have cushioned midsole and heel that do not allow your feet to go inward while walking or running.

On the other hand, Neutral shoes have excellent shock-absorbing power and soft cushioning. You can insert orthotic insoles inside neutral shoes.

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Slip On Shoes

No matter what kind of shoes you choose, they should be slip-on. Using shoes with laces is not ideal for people after knee replacements because lace tying requires you to bend your knees which can be dangerous.

You can quickly wear them on and off without much effort. So, slip-on shoes after knee surgery is an everyday go-to choice. Because of their elastic band surrounding the ankles, you will get much more support for your leg and knees.

Soft Padded Shoes

Soft padded shoes are another excellent option for people with knee replacement surgery. These shoes have extra cushioning inside the collar and tongue to make them more comfortable.

Apart from the extra comfort, padded shoes also provide a better fit for your feet. So you will feel comfortable wearing padded shoes after the surgery. But do not overuse them after recovery because extra cushioning can cause leg stiffness.

Custom-Made Shoes

Custom molded shoes are specially designed based on your feet’ size and contour. The elevation, heel, and sole are measured and designed according to the size of your feet. So they will fit perfectly.

You will find many shoemakers who make custom-made shoes for people with knee replacement surgeries. You will also find picture soles in over-the-counter stores, which you can use.

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What Shoes Do I Avoid After Knee Surgery

What Shoes Do I Avoid After Knee Surgery?

Now you know what to wear after this kind of surgery. But it’s time to learn which shoes you should specifically avoid in this situation. So, let’s dig deeper.

High Heels

You must avoid high heels after knee surgery. Even in regular times, high heels are not very healthy. Using high heels for a far too long time causes many physical problems. So, you cannot possibly think about wearing high heels at this moment.

They will cause you immense pain and take you through a significant level of discomfort while walking. Plus, high heels will also affect your knees because of the high elevation.


Flip-flops have thin soles. So, they are not so good in terms of support for your feet and knee. They disproportionately distribute your body’s weight, creating extra pressure on your knees. That’s why you must avoid using flip-flops.

Tips On Choosing the Right Shoes After Knee Replacement Surgery

Here are some pro tips on choosing the right pair of shoes after knee arthroplasty:

  • Always choose shoes that have thick cushioning or padding for better shock absorption.
  • Check for firm midsoles in the shoes, preventing your feet from going inward while walking.
  • Try to purchase the right size of shoes because too tight or too big shoes will create issues.
  • Purchase shoes with solid arch support to reduce pain and protect your knees.
  • Do not go for shoes with laces; go for slip-on shoes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to recover after knee replacement?

Knee replacement is a complex surgery, and it takes a bit of time to recover a patient. Generally, patients can walk after six weeks with the help of crutches.

Should I walk a lot after knee replacement surgery?

Yes. You should start walking after knee arthroplasty surgeries. It will help you recover your knee’s strength and boost the recovery process.

Can I wear heels after knee replacement?

No. You cannot wear any high heels on post-knee replacement surgery times. High heels are not safe at all because of their elevation. Plus, they have very little balance.

Should I wear sandals after knee replacements?

You should not wear any sandals or flip-flops after knee surgery. They do not provide enough support to your feet because of their thin sole. Besides, they are very unreliable, and you can slip anytime.

Final Thoughts

Knee replacement patients require specific shoes to wear for a better and fast recovery. The good part is now you know what are the best shoes to wear after knee replacement- you can confidently go shoe shopping. Godspeed.


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