No Bull Shoes Review

Top 4 Best No Bull Shoes Review [Updated in 2023]

Picking the right pair of training shoes is not the same as checking out shoes for working or casual hangouts. Today in this No Bull Shoes review, we are going to check out some of the best training shoes on the market.

Training shoes are meant to be worn for long hours, and they also go through a lot more than what casual shoes usually go through. For example, unlike with training shoes, you probably will not be running for miles with your street sneakers on.

These kinds of trainers shoes are also more appropriate for gym and sports enthusiasts due to their flexibility and versatility. On top of that, most trainer shoes are so special quality that they can pretty much last you for years (with proper maintenance of course).

Let us get started our No Bull Shoes review right away!

NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes


In this article, our first product is this incredible pair of NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes, which can be found for a little over $100. These shoes can be found in a range of different colors; however, the model we are reviewing today is in color black.

Who wants to invest in something lightweight and straightforward? These NOBULL Men’s Shoes are perfect for them. These shoes feature a breathable upper construction with a material called SuperFabric. The material allows for fantastic ventilation.

Also, know that the construction of the nobull shoes is a one-piece design, which is useful in protecting the pair from premature wear and tear over the course of your usage with them.

Furthermore, there are also guard-plates on the uppers of these shoes, which are further combined with a mesh layer below, hence protecting your feet from heat, moisture build-up as well as other forms of external impact.

The outsole of these nobull trainers comes in a lug pattern, which not only gives the best grip on the ground but also makes sure that you do not slip and fall on wet and uneven terrains.

Key features:
  • Outstanding upper material, which enhances breathability and mobility for users
  • The canvas is pretty much perforated, which in turn provides your feet with the proper ventilation it deserves
  • The mesh layer below the upper works to protect the feet from heat damage and external impact
  • The smart logo is visible on the sides of the no bull runners shoes
  • The guard-plates on the uppers and sidewalls are made of really high-quality carbon lateral, hence protecting the shoes and your feet from scratches and injuries when running.
  • Medium to tall heel support
  • The width is termed to be average
  • Minimal arch support.

Pros and Cons of NOBULL Training Shoes Men


  • Due to the perforated upper design, the shoes are very lightweight.
  • Breathable mesh layer allows proper ventilation, hence keeping your feet dry and fresh throughout the day
  • The one-piece construction increases the longevity of the product by protecting it against premature wear and tear
  • Carbon lateral guard-plated on the sidewalls and uppers keep your feet safe and sound from external impact.


  • Unfortunately, this pair of NOBULL Trainer shoes are a tad bit expensive.

NOBULL High-Top Trainer for Men


These no bull training shoes come with ivory color for the appearance and boast a high-top structure. That works to protect your ankle from external impact. The no bull high top trainer shoes come with all the necessary padding and guards that make sure you have a significant and enjoyable training experience.

With the padded high-collar on the shoes, you can comfortably wear the pair when opting for rock climbing or hiking as a pastime. The high-collars will not restrict your movement at all. They will protect your ankle from unwanted fractures, scratches, and twists.

For enhanced protection on the uppers and sidewalls, you will find that the high top trainers' shoes feature high-quality carbon lateral guard-plates. The outsole features a lug pattern all over.

The medial guard-plates are further placed on a soft and breathable one-piece mesh layer To increase protection on the shoes and your feet. The breathability of the mesh layer allows optimum ventilation and comfort for your feet.

You can expect zero moisture build-up or sweat with these most comfortable no bull shoes on. This makes the pair a perfect choice for intense training or workout sessions.

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Key features:
  • The lug patterned outsoles of the shoes work to protect you from slipping on wet grounds
  • The high collar on these shoes makes the pair a top choice for those who are seeking extra protection for their ankles
  • Soft and breathable mesh layer promotes clean air ventilation, therefore keeping your feet feeling soft and dry all day long
  • The durable and robust guard plates will protect your feet from every kind of external impact
  • There is a chic brand logo imprinted on the sides of the shoes.
  • Medium to tall arch height.

Pros and Cons of NOBULL High Top Trainer for Men


  • These nobull trainer shoes can be found in a subtle ivory shade, which makes it perfect for those who want to invest in something minimalistic and simple
  • The high collar helps to keep your ankles safe from external damage such as scratches, twists, and fractures
  • Somewhat water-resistant
  • High-grade carbon lateral combined with durable guard-plates protect the sidewalls moderately
  • Mesh layer makes the shoes very breathable.


  • The shoes are not too budget-friendly.

NOBULL Training Shoes for Women


This is the third pair of our nobull reviews. These No Bull shoes are specially made for women and their comfort. They are sporting a bold, bright pink color for the appearance. This nobull shoe can be found a little over $100.

Even though the model we are reviewing today comes in a bright pink color, there are still at least 13 different colors, and you can choose from them. Some of the options also include unique patterns on the shoes!

Similar to the No Bull shoes for men, this pair of no bull shoes womens is also constructed with special quality and durable one-piece SuperFabric material. Furthermore, there are strong and durable guard-plates attached to a layer of mesh fabric, therefore strengthening the entire construction of the shoes.

You can expect your feet to stay clean and dry throughout the day, as the mesh material helps to eliminate the chances of moisture/sweat build-up by increasing air circulation inside the shoes.

You will find the outsoles of the pair of no bull trainers to have a lug pattern all over them. This pattern makes sure you get the right amount of grip over wet and unevenly leveled grounds when running.

Key features:
  • The lightweight mesh layer fabric works to increase air circulation within the shoes, therefore keeping your feet feeling fresh all day long
  • You will find a bold No Bull symbol on the sides of the shoes
  • As the outsoles of the shoes feature a unique lug pattern on them, you can quickly expect enhanced stability over uneven and slippery grounds
  • The high-end carbon laterals on the sidewalls further work to strengthen the shoes.
  • Moderately full toe box allows a lot of free space inside these no bull womens trainer
  • The width of the shoes is termed as a medium
  • Lightweight shoes (only 1 kg).

Pros and Cons of NOBULL Training Shoes for Women


  • These nobulls shoes are known to be extremely lightweight and breathable; hence they are perfect for people who are always on the go
  • Wide toe box
  • Durable carbon laterals and guard-plates.


  • The shoes are not too budget-friendly
  • A few customers claimed that this pair tends to stretch out a lot, therefore increasing the chances of the product wearing out untimely.

NOBULL High Top Trainer for Women


For our last product in the review today, we have yet another No Bull shoes made for women. These nobull black trainer high collared shoes can be found in a range of four different sizes to choose from.

With a slightly hefty price tag, these nobull shoes come with high top collars that work to protect your heels and ankles much more effectively than sneaker-styled shoes.

The extra padding on the high collars enhances the grip over your ankles. You will also find the black no bull shoes to be covered with durable guard-plates and carbon laterals on the sidewalls.

The carbon laterals and guard-plates not only protect the sidewalls of the shoes but also keep the pair safe from premature wear and tear. On top of that, there is also a breathable mesh layer underneath the guard plates on the uppers.

This mesh layer circulates air more effectively on the inside of the shoes, thus keeping your feet feeling fresh and smelling great even after a long day of intense hard work in the gym or the tracks.

For those who prefer hiking or rock climbing, you will be glad to know that the lug patterned outsoles provide the best traction over any kind of terrain. [Check also: Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet]

Key features:
  • The breathable mesh layer under the upper keeps your feet dry and clean throughout the day.
  • Durable and robust carbon laterals and guard-plates on the sidewalls protect your feet from external damage while eliminating chances of wear and tear.
  • The unique lug patterned outsole design minimizes the chances of slipping and falling on the ground when running or working out on wet terrains.
  • The high collar keeps your heels and ankles safe from external impact or scratches when training.
  • You will find the brand logo on the sides of the shoes.
  • The moderately wide toe box
  • High arch height.

Pros and Cons of NOBULL High Top Trainer for Women


  • The no bull Crossfit shoes are known to be extremely lightweight
  • The mesh layer provides optimal air circulation; therefore these shoes are perfect for those living in hot environments
  • The guard-plates on the sidewalls protect the shoes from external damage.


  • Unfortunately, these shoes are not too inexpensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we have reached the end of our No Bull Shoes review, let us now take a visual examination of some of the questions a lot of customers have regarding No Bull shoes. We hope you find your desired question being answered here too.

What are No Bull shoes?

NOBULL is an accessory and apparel brand and its website is They specify in manufacturing products mainly for people who prefer intense training or workout sessions. Therefore, keeping that in mind, their products are known to be lightweight and flexible so that they can assist you in your day to the day training regimen.

Why should I choose No Bull shoes?

If you are looking for training shoes that will be able to keep up with you and your intense workout life, then No Bull shoes are the ones you should be going for.

These shoes are lightweight and flexible and promote air circulation more effectively. So they can be worn on for long hours on end.

Can I wash No Bull shoes?

Of course, you can wash No Bull shoes. All you will need is some non-abrasive detergent and a soft washcloth, and you will be good to go. See also: How to Wash Shoes?

Are No Bull shoes comfortable?

Yes, they are comfortable. Most gym enthusiasts prefer No Bull shoes due to their flexibility and comfort.

Are No Bull shoes good for squats?

These shoes can easily withstand any workout regimen; therefore, squats are also included in this case. You can also run for miles with these shoes on.

Do No Bull shoes stretch out?

They typically do not stretch out that easily; however, some models have been reported to have stretched out during their usage.
But this also depends on why and for how long you have worn the shoes.

Are NO BULL shoes good for flat feet?

Yup, No Bull shoes are appropriate for flat feet as they do feature a heel size of their own.

Are nobull shoes good for wide feet?

I think it's not so good for wide feet.

Are nobull shoes good for running?

Yes, of course. Nobull trainers well in running, walking, and various workouts.

Are nobull shoes waterproof?

Unfortunately, no bull shoes are not waterproof.


NOBULL shoes are not only comfortable, but they will surely last you for years. Take that leap of faith and get your new NOBULL shoes!
We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed reading this No Bull Shoes Review and that it helped you out. Thanks for sticking around!

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