Nike Tanjun Review

The Ultimate Nike Tanjun Review (Buying Guide, Pros & Cons)

Launched back in 2015, Nike Tanjun packs a punch when it comes to finding simplicity in a low-top trainer. Despite being an older version, it never loses its appeal as one of the best walking shoes out there. From the price spectrum, it is fairly cheap without comprising the overall quality.

No surprise, I’ve got my pair of shoes and keen to share my knowledge about it. I believe it’s going to ease your problem, finding the right information from a bunch of facts and claims.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Nike Tanjun Review!

Features & Benefits


First and foremost, Nike Tanjun isn’t the best shoe I would prefer to run with. However, walking with them never feels awkward, even when I’ve to be on my feet all day. The pair is lightweight and fits perfectly on the ball of my feet.

Enough padding is built into the tongue so I can avoid wearing socks. Around the heels, it has a convenient cup that doesn’t convey any pinching either.

The insole of Nike Tanjun Men is incredibly smooth. It is removable, which means you can switch it with an orthotic option and relieve the lower back.

Moreover, it’s pleasing to know that Nike cares for people suffering thumbs bunions. They’ve kept the midsole fairly wider, allowing it to speak in favor of this.

Besides, the lace fits perfectly on the closure due to its proper length. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about it getting loose or united every few distances. [See also: The Best Gravity Defyer Shoes Review]



I have to appreciate the flexibility Nike Tanjun comes with. I can bend the bottom sole and move my feet freely. Thanks to flex grooves on the forefoot. It ensures smoothness every time you go out. The thin upper mesh adds to this, allowing more flexibility on top.

I also like that the outsole features a waffle pattern for firm grips. So, if you are learning calisthenics Mens Nike Tanjun won’t disappoint you. The textile lining, along with a padded heel collar, ensures you’re safe to perform different moves.


The EVA foam on the midsole is impressive. It reacts to shocks positively. You will enjoy a nice responsive bounce on underfoot and improve running techniques.  The midsole drives you forward, and proper compression is key here.


Nobody likes sweaty mess on their shoes. It limits running conditions and may bring hazards to some extent. However, that’s not the case with Nike Tanjun. It has a fine seamless design with upper mesh to maximize ventilation. So far, I have found minimum issues; my feet remain fairly cool throughout the day.


Like I mentioned earlier, I’m skeptical about running on my pair of Nike Tanjun men's. Nike Tanjun is primarily designed for walking and gym activities. With this in mind, the upper mesh and rubber outsole are made with lightweight materials.

The goal was to keep this comfortable as much as possible. Nike Tanjun is a success on that, but on the flip side, durability has suffered.

This is done intentionally, but a few people don’t seem to understand this. With fake reviews and misinformation on the web, several wearers have run on rough terrains and end up damaging their shoes.

To be true, Nike Tanjun is pretty durable as long as you don’t misuse them on the wrong surface. Running on urban roads and pavements are completely manageable, but I suggest keeping a backup pair when you have to go the extra mile.


Nike Tanjun lives up to its Japanese name ‘Tanjun,’ which means ‘simplicity.’ So, it’s fair to say Mens Tanjun Nike isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing shoe on the market. Yet the vivid black-and-white style makes it unique to hook a lot of consumers.

No high-end technology has been incorporated, and the price is fair by all means. I prefer low profile sneakers, and this one has met my desire quite well.


Pros and Cons of Nike Tanjun Sneakers


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Feature a lightweight design
  • A comfortable running trainer
  • Great for workplaces/long walks
  • Minimalistic style to match all outfits
  • Support flat feet and thumbs bunions
  • A flexible shoe for working out in the gym
  • The seamless design ensures no rubbing on the skin.


  • Isn’t durable enough to withstand rough terrains
  • According to a few users, they might run slightly small.


Department:  Men's

Weight: 14.11 lbs.

Dimension: 13 x 9 x 4 inches

Outsole: EVA Foam/ Flex Grooves

Midsole: EVA Foam/Phylon traction

Upper: Breathable Mesh/Seamless design

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Buying Shoes for Walking/Workout: Things to Consider

Finding Comfort in the First Place

If you walk a long distance or visit the gym every other day, your feet should be pain-free. And that’s come from your comfortable shoes. Respect your instincts while testing a shoe. Make sure the toes aren’t cramped. Also, verify you aren’t rubbing anything on the heels.

Choosing the Right Fit

A winning pair won’t pinch or squeeze your feet while walking a few laps around with it. Don’t go for one that’s too tight or too loose. No shoe will be one-size-fits-all, so ensure you are open to different styles and fits.

Giving Your Shoe a Twist

This is the one thing that indicates your shoe is flexible in any given direction. It’s essential for running trainers who want to develop muscle from feet to gluts. 

FAQs On Nike Tanjun

Is Nike Tanjun Washable?

Generally speaking, I don’t recommend putting sneakers into a dryer or washing machine. I like hand washing my shoes instead. You can start by hitting the shoes gently against each other as soon as they get dirty.

Then use a soft-bristled brush to scrub clean the outsole. Mixing laundry detergent with warm water is a safe cleaning solution in this instance.

Is Nike Tanjun Good for Flat Feet?

Yes. They don’t feature plenty of arches and fit perfectly with flat feet for everyday use.

Is It Good for Running Cross Country?

Experts don’t recommend using Nike Tanjun for off-road activities.

Final Words

At the expense of some durability, Nike Tanjun brings comfort to the table for avid Nike fans. More importantly, they go well with any outfits and won’t break your bank.

I hope this Nike Tanjun review is of use to you, and you’re happy to give it a thumbs up. Feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll respond in no time.


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