Nike Air Precision 2 Review

The Best Nike Air Precision 2 Review in 2023

Tired of looking for an affordable basketball shoe that is comfortable and feature-packed? I think I have the perfect product to review that you will love.

Nike Air Precision 2, one of a kind budget shoe that will make your basketball session enjoyable and keep you away from injury. Keep reading my Nike Air Precision 2 review to find out more.

Key Features

Mesh and Foam Build

Starting with build materials, the Nike Air Precision 2 does okay for a budget basketball shoe. It’s got Flyknit mesh along with synthetic backing for that extra structural durability. On top of that, you have a foam upper. Not the industry-leading features, but it feels extremely soft and lightweight.

I wouldn’t compare it in this Nike air precision 2 review with other top-tier hooping shoes, though, simply because it wouldn’t be fair due to price difference. So far, the material selection is great for any average consumer and will provide optimum comfort on or off the court. If you are looking for the best basketball shoes then you must read this review here.

Foam Midsole

This Air Precision 2 Flyease mid-top basketball sneaker has foam on the midsole. I expected it to be a typical performer because it had to cut corners to lower the price. But to my surprise, Nike must have done something to squeeze out that much responsiveness. [See Alos: Nike Tanjun Review]

This full-length foam midsole is exceptionally soft and bouncy. I know it doesn’t sound like any budget setup, but I feel it’s pretty close to a D.Lillard 3 on the performance. As a result, this pair would be a great choice for most players looking for good responsiveness and impact protection.

Phylon Outsole

One of the terrific features of the Nike Air Precision Mens Basketball Shoes and Nike Women's Air Precision Basketball Shoes is its Phylon outsole. If you know Phylon, those are some fine materials to have in your shoe for solid performance. The air unit in the sole also helps for that bouncy reaction and protection for any possible injury.

If you have to deal with a lot of action in the court, you should have a good pair of Nike Air Precision shoes with plenty of shock-absorbing features. In addition to that, you also want that launching power to reach a certain extent. I believe the outsole features of Air precision 2 delivers decent results in that context.

Herringbone Traction

As far as the traction goes, you don’t have to worry much about that on a clean court. On the outside is where it gets kind of dodgy. Don’t get me wrong; the solid Herringbone traction is still a great feature on Nike Precision 2. You can even compare it with Hyper DF2 on performance.

The multidirectional narrow pattern gives ample stopping power. But the problem with this pattern is it tends to clamp dust more often than a wide pattern. In the case of Nike Air Precision Basketball Shoes, I would highly recommend keeping the outsole clean if you play regularly on the outside.

Strap Support

The Nike Air Precision ii features two straps. One on the midfoot and another on the ankle side with a zipper. Nike calls this FlyEase because it allows you to get in and out of the shoe quickly. There is also a thick pad around the ankle area for strong support and comfort.


Pros and Cons of Nike Air Precision 2


  • Breathable Mesh upper.
  • Comfortable Ankle padding.
  • Overall lightweight design.
  • High performing Nike air sole.
  • Secure and powerful traction.
  • Easy in and out system.


  • Dust clings on the sole easily.
  • No lace may compromise a secure fit.

Nike Air Precision 2 Specifications

Overall Weight: 382 gm

Tech: Flyease

Materials: Flyknit Mesh & Foam

Shoe Type: Mid Top

Colors: 3+

Fit: True To Size

Upper: Mesh

Outsole: Phylon & Air Sole

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Nike Air Precision 2 (Basketball Shoe) Buying Guide

I cannot stretch enough how important it is to choose a perfect shoe for your basketball session. Although you can find tons of options in the market with different price ranges and Brands, you cannot merely buy deciding on these two factors.

Here are a few key elements you should factor in before buying a basketball shoe.

Playing style:

Understanding how you play gives you proper insight into what type of shoe you want as there are plenty like a low top, mid-top, and high top, all with different traction and cushion support.


Not all shoes will be the same in terms of stopping power. So if you want a quick response get the one has maximum traction properties.


You will be hooping and running a lot in the game, so you would want maximum cushioning comfort for a pleasant experience.

Ankle Support:

For up-close action, stability, and proper support to the ankle are very crucial.  In this case, high-top shoes provide the most ankle protection.


Make sure your shoe fits perfectly fit on your feet. Not too tight or loose. You should also be able to move your fingers comfortably.


Shoe Weight makes a huge difference when it comes to basketball play.  In general, high-top shoes are a bit heavy and provide extra stability. On the other hand, lightweight tends to offer more speed and swift maneuverability.


Better shoe materials come with durability, breathability, and comfort. But that also determines the price, so priorities option.

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Frequently Asked Question on Nike Air Precision 2

Does Nike Air Precision 2 have wide feet support?

Yes, apart from the regular fit option, they also produce units with wide feet.

Can I machine wash Nike Air Precision 2?

I would not recommend that, not with any harsh chemicals, at least. Just use a small brush with a mild cleaning solution.

Is it okay to use Nike Air Precision 2 on the outside?

You can. Just remember to give it a good wipe before and after, as mesh tends to attract dust.

Final Words

You must be wondering, what is the catch on the Nike Air precision 2.  As a budget basketball shoe, it can’t be all good.

Well, considering all the features from the Nike Air Precision 2 review, it’s a pretty good budget shoe with all the necessary characteristics. Now decide whether you want to miss out or get a pair for your next session.

Finally, If you don't like this version, you can choose the Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Basketball Shoe, an upgraded version of Air Precision 2.


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