Nike Air Max Invigor Review

Best Nike Air Max Invigor Review (Buying guide, Pros & Cons)

Are you stuck on which shoe to buy for running? It's pretty understandable to get confused too easily as there is a multitude of running shoes available.

Let me share with you Nike Air Max Invigor Review today, which compliments why this is a great running shoe. In addition to that, I will share how you could choose the best running shoe for you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the article.

Key Features of Nike Air Max Invigor

Breathable Mesh Upper

First, when looking at the Nike Air Max Invigor, I see the beautiful mesh upper along with TPU overlays on the edges. Honestly, it’s nothing new for Nike to incorporate mesh upper on the sporty shoe lineup. The material is great at making shoes lightweight and breathable.

The TPU overlay genuinely increases the strength of places like lacing Eyelette, front Vamp, and edges of the midsole. From what I have seen, it creates a nonstick surface, so dust and mud don’t cling on easily. That’s why I think Nike Invigor will be a suitable option for most training activities. [See also: The Best Nike Air Precision 2 Review]

Foam and Mesh Lining

The Nike Invigor Air Max features a Foam and Mesh combo lining capable of sustaining the same comfort throughout the workout session. We already know mesh is highly breathable, plus the soft foam gives a comfy sensation and headroom for heat expansion.

From my experience, the inner lining of running shoes usually plays a big part in delivering comfort. All the sweat and feet expansion really can be irritating if the linning materials cant copes with these facts. I believe the Nike Invigr Air Max will perform better in these situations due to solid material selection.

EVA Cushioned Insole

This low-top Nike Air Max Runner comes with an EVA insole to give great support to the arch and increase overall comfort. The way an EVA insole works in a shoe is that it takes the majority of the impact energy from your feet and redistributes it to the outer sole.

As a result, your feet will notice less pain or discomfort during running, jumping, and even walking. A word of caution, EVA Cushion makes running on Nike Air Max feasible, but I won’t go on marathons because it's not that kind of shoe in particular.

As long as you are doing your morning jogs and gym workout, you will be outstanding. [Don't miss: The Ultimate Nike Tanjun Review]

Padded Tongue

When it comes to shoe tongue, sneaker company tends to leave it out for only styling. But we are talking about not just any company, It's Nike, and they always believe in innovation. Hence the padded support on the Tongue to prevent heel slippage and fatigue from the lace pressure.

Lace-up Closure

Nike has gone traditional lace-up closure with this model. In this day and age, the lace may seem too old fashioned, but this doesn't mean the benefits are not there. It still one of the secure closure methods out there, whether it’s a Nike men's Invigor or women edition.

Synthetic Midsole

The midsole of both the Nike Air Max Invigor Men's and women have the same synthetic foam material that is responsive and comfortable. It has a fair amount of bounce to it, which helps address rough terrain and surface.

Air Max unit

Since 1979, Nike’s Air Max unit has gained recognition and not to mention its improvement over the years. To simply put, it's an air slot that sits between the outer sole and the midsole. One second, It compresses under pressure, and the next second it gets back to the original shape.

For effective shock absorption, you cant find a better solution than this. That’s another reason Nike Air Max – Men's/Women shoes are so lightweight.

Flex-Groove Traction

Nike uses a Gum Rubber in the outer sole as well as a flex –groove traction. It’s a flat cleat, so people with neutral and flat arch feet will have great assistance due to the wide outsole. The outer sole of this Nike Air Max Invigor White also features groovy traction to increase stopping power.

Pros and Cons of Nike Men’s Air Max Invigor Running Shoes


  • Lightweight
  • Awesome design
  • Very comfortable and great traction
  • Great support for wide feet
  • Comfy lining
  • Easy to clean TPU edges
  • High-tech impact Absorption 
  • Sweat free design.


  • Price is too high
  • Not suitable for marathon
  • Lace closure can be difficult sometimes.

Nike Men’s Air Max Invigor Specifications









Running Shoe Buying Guide

Running shoes greatly emphasize your feet's health and ultimate comfort. While this may sound generic, there are a few important key elements that you should consider before buying a running shoe. These will heighten your running experience and keep you safe from injuries.

Arch Selection

Every person has a different arch, and so does the shoe. It would be one of these arches (Neutral, Flat, and High). Try to match the cleat’s arch of the shoe with your feet arch.

Shoe Construction

This includes building materials, the tech used in the making, the shock absorption system, the closure system, etc. It's not always necessary to get the latest one; rather, you should look for what works best for you.

Fit And Comfort

Whether you are an avid runner or gym buff, you should buy a shoe that fits perfectly. It should not be too tight or too loose for that matter. You should be able to wiggle your toes inside without issue. Apart from that, cushioning, lining, collar support, ankle support are also important to consider.

FAQs of Nike Men’s Air Max Invigor

Is Nike Air Max Invigor good for Running?

Even though Nike Mens Invigor is a great shoe for running and other exercises, you should not use this for long-running sessions like marathons.

Is Nike Air Max Invigor Grey waterproof?

In short, no. The mesh material on the shoe helps circulate air to prevent perspiration. In doing so, it can’t repel water whether it's a black, white, or grey one.

Can you Use Nike Air Max Invigor for basketball?

For a casual match, you can shoot a few hoops with Nike Air Max Invigor. But remember, this is not an appropriate shoe for jumping or basketball matches. It would be best if you had dedicated ankle support for this sport. [Also Check The Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Review]

Final Thoughts

People don’t often change their running shoes unless they're pretty worn out or lack the feature you want. I strongly believe Nike Invigor Air Max will be a great addition to your footwear collection in both cases.

I hope my Nike Air Max Invigor Review gave you clear insights and how Air Max technology can enhance your running. That said, are you ready to invigorate your life?

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