How To Wear an Ankle Brace with Shoes

How To Wear an Ankle Brace with Shoes: A Complete Guide

Ankle braces can enhance protection for players and people with minor injuries when worn with shoes. A lot of them don’t have the knowledge of how to wear an ankle brace with shoes. Most sports shoes or sneakers comfortably fit ankle braces. You have to know how to wear them properly.

Some several ways and tips will help you understand how to wear ankle braces together with shoes. We know that ankle braces protect our ankles from minor injuries, so it’s vital to know the right way to wear them. Let’s dive deeper and learn that.

Why Do You Wear Ankle Braces With Shoes?

In a word, ankle braces are for safety purposes, but can you wear an ankle brace with shoes? The answer is yes, you definitely can. Now you might want to know what the benefits of that are.

Well, people usually wear ankle braces when they have minor injuries like sprains. It provides external support for recovery. But here are the reasons you should wear shoes with ankle braces:

To Enhance Comfort

People wear ankle braces for minor ankle injuries and for safety & comfort. Nice and comfy shoes will make it more comfortable for you. The soft protection of your shoes and ankle braces will give your broken ankle more comfort.

For Fast Recovery

When you wear shoes with ankle braces, your ankle will get more protection against unnecessary movement. It will surely boost your recovery process. Plus, the compression from the ankle brace and heat retention from the shoes will lead to a fast recovery.

To Reduce Inflammation

If you have an ankle injury, you can face inflammation while walking or moving. But having shoes with ankle braces can reduce inflammation and give you instant relief.

To Increase Safety

An ankle brace protects an injured ankle by providing compression on the spot. If you wear shoes with them, your ankle will remain more protected, and you can move around quite comfortably. Most importantly, it will protect you from any unwanted event.

How Do You Wear Ankle Brace With Shoes

How Do You Wear Ankle Brace With Shoes?

The know-how of how to wear shoes with an ankle brace is a must for people with minor ankle injuries. Wearing them together will protect your injured ankle and provide more comfort. But it’s crucial to know how to wear them correctly.

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Let’s see the step-by-step process of using ankle braces with shoes:

Step 1: Remove Straps From The Ankle Brace

Firstly, you have to remove the straps from the ankle brace. You will find different strap types, but you must pick up the lower side first and remove it. This strap would be helpful if you wear an ankle brace without shoes.

Step 2: Place The Strap In The Shoes

Now you have to place the strap inside your shoes. How you will insert it depends on your shoe type. Try to choose shoes that would be comfortable and easier to wear for a long time. Just put the insole gently and put the bottom side of the ankle brace inside it.

Step 3: Choose Your Shoes

Now it’s time to choose your shoes. You must choose shoes that will give you maximum comfort, and you won’t have to touch them too often. Because if you have to do that, it will increase your pain and hamper recovery.

Flat shoes are generally ideal for this situation. Make sure your shoes are of the perfect size and not very tight. Also, try to walk straight when you have a broken ankle and ankle braces on.

Step 4: Wear The Shoes

This step can be tricky, and you might hurt yourself if you are not careful enough. You will have to wear the ankle brace and shoes slowly. Ankle braces are like shoes, so wearing them is pretty easy.

After wearing the ankle brace, slowly insert your feet into the shoes. After putting the feet inside the shoes, you must tie the laces properly. Ensure your injured foot is perfectly placed and does not move around inside the shoes.

Step 5: Check Everything Properly

Finally, your feet with ankle braces are inside the shoes. Now, give them a final check. See whether the ankle braces and your shoes fit correctly by walking with them. Remove your shoes and wear them again if you don’t feel comfortable.

Pro Tips On Wearing Ankle Braces With Shoes

Here’re some pro tips to help you on the matter:

  • Try to buy the right size ankle brace.
  • Carefully choose the right size of shoes.
  • Try to wear the ankle brace correctly.
  • Put on an ankle brace over or under the sock to prevent rubbing.
  • Do not forget to take regular care of the ankle braces.
  • Know when to wear ankle braces with shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear ankle braces without shoes?

Ankle braces without shoes are possible, but they will be ineffective. Wearing it with shoes is always the best move. It will protect your injured ankle from any harm.

How many hours a day should I wear ankle braces?

You must use an ankle brace to protect your ankle from any impact if you have an injured ankle. You should wear it twice a day for one hour. When you become comfortable, wear it for two hours each time.

When should I stop wearing my ankle brace?

Generally, doctors recommend wearing ankle braces for up to 2 to 6 months. But you might have to wear them for up to 12 months for ankle sprains.

Can I wear ankle braces with boots?

You will find it challenging to fit your ankle brace inside your tall work boot. Even if you succeed, you won’t feel much comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to wear an ankle brace with shoes. So, the whole process will be pretty easier for you. Just make sure you have the correct size ankle brace and the right shoes to make you feel comfortable and quickly recover. Best of luck!


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