How to Wear a Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots

How to Wear a Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots?

Wondering how to wear a boot knife with cowboy boots? Boot knives are pretty self-defense tools that you can keep in your shoes hidden without discomforting yourself.

But knowing the right approach for concealing a dagger is crucial. Otherwise, you will hurt yourself. Let alone protecting you.

This article will walk you through the perfect way of wearing a small fixed-blade knife with classy shoes. Don’t miss this post if you struggle to keep a gambler’s dagger in your shoes.

How to Wear a Boot Knife with Cowboy Boots

Is there a trick to putting on cowboy boots? You don’t just randomly put this sharp-edge blade inside your Western-style shoes.

Hence, it is crucial to have a complete idea of how to secure a boot knife in riding boots. You want to follow the steps to wear a dagger with riding shoes.

Step: 1—Folding And Pushing Jeans into Boots

First, put on your riding boots on both feet. Fold up the jeans a few half-inch as long as it touches the edge of the shoes.

Now, put the leftover section inside the Western-style shoes carefully. It should not be too tight.

Step: 2—Putting the Storage Sheath

The next task is putting a sheath inside the boots. It is a perfect carrier to protect the knife.

You will also find some cowboy boots with knife pockets to store a knife. But, they are separately available too.

After inserting the sheath correctly, walk around for a few seconds.

It will help you to figure out whether you feel comfortable or not.

When keeping a dagger inside the boot, choose a leather-based sheath. It is soft, durable, and looks attractive. You will feel more comfortable.

But, if you want to store boot knives outside the shoe, select a nylon or plastic sheath. It is strong, tough, and not vulnerable to build-up rot and mildew.

Step: 3—Putting the Boot Knife Right Side or Left Side

Once you think you don’t feel uncomfortable, put the sharp-edge tool inside the sheath.

But are you left-handed or right-handed?

Right-handed people should keep the outer knife area of the right boot. Alternatively, put it inside the left boot.

But, if you are left-handed, keep the outer knife area of the left boot or inside the right boot.

Step: 4—Keeping Knife in the Right Position

Is it better to hold a knife upside down?

Keeping the tool on the opposite side of the blade inside the sheath is always best.

The blade’s sharp edge doesn’t rub the sheath. This prevents knives from becoming dull from the continuous pressure.

But, some sheaths can hold a knife securely while upside-down.

As a part of additional safety, use the strong clip that comes with the boot knives.

You can also use it to strap Western-style shoes ‘ outer or interior sections.

Step: 5—Testing the Boot Knife

Everything requires practice, and so does use boot knives.

After wearing cowboy boots with knife in toe, take it from its place and keep it back.

Do it several times. It will help you figure out the best convenient approach to grab it out.

You are less likely to mishandle when an emergency arises.

You can use a string or cord to keep the sharp-edge tool firmly in place for additional safety.

How to Choose the Right Cowboy Boots

How to Choose the Right Cowboy Boots?

Western-style shoes are available in the market, such as packer, walking, western, exotic, roper, fashion, riding, etc.

But not all of them are suitable to use with boot knives. You want to consider some crucial factors before choosing a pair of riding boots.

Ample Space

There should be enough space to accommodate a dagger effortlessly.

Boot knives come in 2.5 inches to 5 inches. Depending on the sheath size, you can choose a particular option.

However, it also depends on the sheath location and height of it. It can be outside or inside your boots.

Flexible and Solid Construction

Choose a pair of cowboy boots with solid construction and increased mobility.

For extra support and a balanced walking experience, choose low-profile heels.

Also, select wider, square, or rounded U-shaped cowboy shoes as they are more comfortable to wear.

Loose-fitting Calf

Choosing a pair of Western-style shoes with slightly loose-fitting calves is best.

Make sure there must be at least one-inch space. But a few options offer up to 2 inches.

If the calf is too tight, your ankle will not rock around. Hence, minimal space is a must to comfort your feet.

How to Select a Compatible Boot Knife for Cowboy Boots

How to Select a Compatible Boot Knife for Cowboy Boots?

Just like your shoes, you want to choose compatible daggers with riding boots.

Choose Right Sized Boot Knife

Boot knives come in 2.5 inches to 5 inches.

But 3.5 to 4 inches are the best choice as they are easily concealed and optimally functional.

However, you want to consider the height of your Western-style shoes and sheath.

Blade Material

Make sure the sharp-edge tool is made from top-grade stainless steel. It should not become dull within a short time.

The sharp edge needs to show consistency while cutting items.

It must have solid construction and be slip resistant to avoid unwanted cutting.

First-rated Sheath

Sheaths are made from various materials, such as leather, nylon, and plastic.

Regardless of the option you choose, it must be durable. Also, it should protect the knife from any unwanted cutting and prevent it from being dull.


Knowing how to wear a boot knife with cowboy boots is essential. Otherwise, it will end up having unwanted cutting.

But choosing the right sharp-edge tool and a good pair of compatible riding boots are more important. Otherwise, it will not be effective.

You can’t overlook selecting a correct-sized knife made from premium materials. Also, you can’t deny the importance of a top-grade sheath. Hopefully, the above guideline helped you to wear a dagger with Western-style shoes perfectly.

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