How To Wash Baby Shoes

How To Wash Baby Shoes? A Complete Guide!

Babies are sensitive and love jumping here and there. That’s why their dresses and shoes require frequent cleaning. But you must be sensible while cleaning their shoes because not every cleaning agent or process suits them. As a result, concerned parents keep asking how to wash baby shoes.

You can wash baby shoes in two ways- by washing machine or hand. Some shoes are compatible with washing machines, and some require hand cleaning. So, let’s dig in and see which process is suitable for which shoes and how to wash them correctly.

What Are The Machine Washable Baby Shoes?

Washing machines are an easy way to wash shoes. But you cannot just wash any baby shoes there. There are some selected baby shoes that you can wash directly in the washing machine.

I have seen new parents have a common question- can you put toddler shoes in the washer? The answer is yes. You have to know which shoes to put in the washing machine.

Most toddler shoes are made from various fabrics so you can wash them in a machine. But to be entirely sure, check the care label of your kid’s shoes for washing instructions. However, you shouldn’t use the washing machine too often as it reduces the shoes’ lifespan.

You can wash the following baby shoes in a washing machine:

Fabric Shoes

Fabric Baby Shoes

Parents usually use fabric shoes for their toddlers. These shoes are generally made from cotton, polyester, nylon, etc., fabric materials. Plus, some of these shoes are also made from faux leather. They are soft and perfect for toddlers and kids.

You can wash these shoes directly in a washing machine. But if the shoes are extremely dirty, you have to wash them off with a toothbrush first and then put them in the washer.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas Baby Shoes

Canvas shoes or sneakers are trendy shoes for kids. They are quite trendy & comfortable and are washable in a washing machine. You must place them inside the washer in a mesh lingerie bag, use liquid detergent, and clean them with cold water.

Besides, make sure you do not dry the shoes in the dryer. You can hang them beside an air vent or put them in the open air to dry naturally. So, now you know how to wash kids sneakers.


Baby Sleepers

Most parents have their kids use sleepers inside the house. It helps them stay clean. Besides, kids’ feet are tender and soft sleepers can protect them from any harm. The good part is you can clean them in a washer.

Indoor sleepers usually do not get that dirty. So, you can quickly put them in a washing machine. But try not to put them in the dryer because it can cause discoloration.

Now, let’s see the process of how to wash baby shoes in washing machine:

  • Firstly, remove the laces from your kid’s shoes.
  • If the shoes are too dirty, use an old toothbrush and soapy water to brush off some dirt.
  • Then place the shoes inside a laundry or mesh lingerie bag and keep them inside the washing machine.
  • Never use any fabric softener while washing shoes. Always use liquid detergent and cold water for the process.
  • Now, wash your baby’s shoes and bring them out. Do not put them in the dryer.
  • Finally, put the shoes in the open air for drying. You can also hang them beside an air vent for quick drying.

What Are The Hand Washable Shoes?

There are some baby shoes that you must wash by hand. Putting them in a washing machine can damage them forever or reduce their lifespan. That’s why your only option is to clean them with your hand.

Let’s see what baby shoes you can wash with your hands:

Faux Leather Shoes

Faux leather is artificial leather used for making shoes, bags, jackets, and so many other things. Shoes made from faux leather are very delicate and are not machine washable.

That’s why you should always wash them carefully with your hands. Do not apply too much force while washing.

Suede Shoes

Kids’ suede shoes are more delicate than smooth leather shoes. Like any other leather shoes, you must wash suede shoes with your hand and with care. Make sure you gently clean the shoes and remove dirt from them.

You should not dampen suede shoes in water. Besides, you will have to use erasers to remove stains and marks from the surface.

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Any Fancy Shoes

Parents generally buy fancy shoes for girl kids. These designer shoes or sandals have accessories on them. So, machine washing is not an option for them. You must clean them very carefully with your hands.

Let’s see the step-by-step process of how to wash shoes by hand:

  • First, remove the laces from your baby’s shoes.
  • Then take an old brush and soap water to clean the sole of the shoes.
  • After cleaning the sole, you will have to clean the inside and outside of the shoes. To do that, damp a clean cloth into the soap water and clean the shoes from the inside out.
  • Next, you have to wash the laces with clean water. You can use detergent or liquid soap to wash them.
  • Then, take another clean, dry cloth and wipe off the soap, water, and dirt from the shoes.
  • If you have suede baby shoes, you can apply waterproofing spray to make the shoes waterproof.
  • Finally, keep the shoes and laces in the open air for drying.

This is how you are going to wash baby shoes by hand. Just make sure you use all the cleaning supplies that are baby friendly. Otherwise, it might cause allergies and various other problems for your kids.

Final Thoughts

After reading this write-up, now you clearly know how to wash baby shoes. So, from now on, you won’t have to worry about second-guessing the right way to clean your kid’s shoes. So, clean their shoes regularly and never constrain them from having a fun day outside.


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