How to Use a Shoe Horn

How to Use a Shoe Horn Properly?

In this article, however, we will break a few spears in favor of this particular accessory. We bet that having reached the end of the post, you will understand how to use a shoe horn correctly.

There aren't many people left out there to use the shoehorn. Yet it is a handy accessory, capable of extending the life of our footwear. Find out why!

Many see the shoehorn only in shoe or shoe accessories stores and do not even remotely think about buying one to put in their home shoe rack always to have it at hand when needed.

What is a shoehorn?

If you've read the first few lines, you may have worried a bit. Rest assured, we will tell you all the secrets to putting on your boots, but we must start at the beginning by clarifying what a shoehorn is.

In Shakespeare's language, a shoehorn is a stiff and light instrument with an elongated shape. It is used to introduce the foot into a shoe simply and comfortably, sliding the heel on its surface.


The History of the Shoehorn

We didn't start using the shoehorn yesterday. No sir: this extravagant accessory has been with us for several years. The first models appeared in the sixteenth century. Why did people start using the shoehorn in those years? It is immediately said: it was precisely that fashion began to impose rather tight footwear on the aristocrats, who thus began to have some difficulty wearing them - albeit helped by their valets and their maids.

Thus, the shoehorn was introduced to facilitate the new fashionable shoes, which were made to measure for noble feet. Therefore, alongside these elegant and elaborate leather shoes, luxurious shoe horns, carved in bone or horn, began to appear.

In the nineteenth century, the shoehorn became one of the fundamental tools of the dandy, who, as we know, cared a lot about accessories. In this way, refined models were added to the classic bone and horn shoe horns, which came to be real collectible jewels: we talked about shoehorns in brass, silver, ivory, tortoiseshell, or even bone.  In addition to entering right into the dandy's daily routine, the shoehorn also became an object to be left on display.


Why Use Shoehorn?

Indeed, today, we are far from the past use of footwear. Using the shoehorn is perhaps a bit out of fashion. You can count on the fingers of one hand the people who collect shoehorns in precious and exotic materials (which is undoubtedly good for turtles, whales, elephants, and rhinos). However, there are various footwear models on the market, long or short, wide or narrow, mostly made of plastic.

There are mainly two reasons why it would be advisable to use the shoehorn: this accessory helps to wear a shoe easily and, above all, allows you to do it without damaging it.

Let's face it, the moment in which we put on shoes before leaving the house is, typically, the moment of most fabulous frenzy, the moment in which, perhaps, we realize that we are a few minutes late. For this reason, shoes are often put on roughly, with tugging, in an operation that is not always easy, especially when it comes to leather shoes or even worse boots - which often turns out to be painful and more prolonged than expected, making an already present situation of delay and nervousness.

But be careful: not using the shoehorn very often means damaging the shoes. Think of how a perfectly sized leather shoe is mistreated to be slipped on without a shoehorn, or think of the strain and tugging of boots to be worn without shoehorns.

Moreover, an attentive eye could recognize a worn shoe worn daily without the aid of the shoehorn only by observing the back of the shoe, excessively worn and accompanied by wrinkles that have nothing to do with walking itself. For this reason, therefore, we invite you to use the shoe fitting: in order not to ruin shoes for which, perhaps, you have spent considerable sums of money. What sense would it be to halve life your favorite boots or your precious leather shoes?


How to Use a Shoe Horn Correctly?

To put on a professional fit, the first thing to do is find a comfortable seat. It is not essential, but it will make it easier. Another of the first steps, and one that people often skip, is loosening the shoelaces if you have them.

Using the shoehorn is very simple. Just insert the shoehorn's broader end into the back of the shoe, insert the toe into the shoe and then, sliding the heel along the shoehorn's slightly curved wall, wear the shoe comfortably, with the help of a slight push of the accessory.

As a tip, you can use the same foot's hand to wear the shoehorn, while the other should hold the shoe's tongue so that it does not sink if you have one.

Final Words

I believe now you know how to use a shoe horn properly. Try using your new shoehorn for two or three days: you won't be able to do without it!

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