How To Stretch Shoes For Bunions

How to Stretch Shoes for Bunions? See The 6 Proven Methods!

Do you know almost one-third of Americans have bunions? Are your bony lumps causing discomfort in wearing shoes? It is pretty standard if you put on tight or narrow-toed footwear. You will feel pain as shoes squeeze against the bunion. So, how to stretch shoes for bunions?

You can Stretch shoes for bunions in several ways, such as by taking them to a shoemaker. They have all the essential equipment and tools. Alternatively, footwear can be widened for bunions using a shoe stretcher, heat, rubbing alcohol, potatoes, wet newspaper, etc.

How to Stretch Shoes for Bunions?

You have a lot of options to stretch shoes for bunions.

But the perfect solution depends on the resource availability, shoe type & material, and your DIY skills.

Let’s learn how to stretch a shoe for a bunion.

Hand over the Shoes to a Shoemaker

Solution: 01—Hand over the Shoes to a Shoemaker

The first yet best approach is taking the footwear to a cobbler or cordwainer. He knows the best way to stretch shoes for bunions.

The shoemaker can fix the functionality of your footwear to make it more comfortable.

After all, he has all the essential tools and equipment for stretching shoe toe box. It saves you money, too, because you don’t have to buy these tools.

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Solution: 02—Use A Shoe Stretcher to Stretch Shoes

Your living location may not have any shoemakers. So, you might wonder, how can I stretch my shoes wider at home?

The best tool to stretch footwear is a shoe stretcher. It is mainly a particular device to widen or expand the shape, length, or width of shoes.

The main job of a shoe stretcher is reliving pressure on bunions and other areas.

Step: 1) Apply the solution or liquid inside the shoes, especially the toe area. The stretcher spray is available in various types depending on the material of your shoes.

Step: 2) Gently insert the stretcher into shoes slowly. Keep the flat end of the footwear upward. It will help length the shoe easily.

Step: 3) Rotate the lengthening wheel clockwise after snuggly fitting it. Do it three to five times, depending on the requirement.

Step: 4) Widening the toe area requires your widening the handle clockwise as long as it becomes fully tight. Three rotations will be enough.

Step: 5) The following job is keeping the shoe stretcher inside the footwear in this condition for six to eight hours.

Step: 6) Finally, remove the stretching tool carefully by twisting it anti-close to move the heel block forward.

How to Make Shoes Wider For Bunions Using Heat

Solution: 03— How to Make Shoes Wider For Bunions Using Heat

Wondering how to stretch shoes immediately? If your boots are made from suede or leather, you can use heat to widen them.

Step: 1) First, wear a pair of thicker socks and put your feet inside the footwear. Grab a blow dryer and use medium or high settings to blow hot air on the toe area.

Step: 2) Make sure to continually move the device back and forth to avoid excessively warming any particular area.

Step: 3) Keep a two or three-inch distance between the blower tip and the shoe surface.

Step: 4) Stop the machine and let the footwear warm for two-three minutes. Continuously wiggle your toes, and move your bunion slowly to flex the foot.

Step: 5) Repeat the steps carefully if the shoe needs further scratching. But make sure it doesn’t overheat your footwear. Otherwise, the shoes will be damaged.

Solution: 04— How to Stretch Out Shoes for Bunions Using Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol comes in handy to stretch tight shoes.

Step: 1) Mix an equal amount of water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Shake it properly and apply the solution to the toe area.

Step: 2) The solution generally makes the shoe material softer after the application. Avoid using excessive amounts as it may damage the footwear.

Step: 3) Wear your footwear immediately and wiggle your toe slowly. Walk for five minutes. It will widen the tight areas gradually. Keep doing it until the shoes feel comfortable.

Step: 4) Wear a pair of socks if the bunion area is too tight. It will stretch shoes quickly. But wearing footwear on the bare foot is okay if it is slightly tight.

Step: 5) You can continuously do it until the footwear becomes dry. But avoid overdoing it. It may make it too loose. However, the shoes will shrink a little once the solution fully dries.

How to Stretch Shoe Width Using Potatoes

Solution: 05— How to Stretch Shoe Width Using Potatoes

Your home may already have some items that you can use to stretch shoes for bunions.

Wondering how to stretch shoes overnight using groceries? You can use potatoes to widen the toe box of your leather footwear.

Step: 1) Grab a large potato, and peel it accordingly to fit inside the toe box of the shoe.

Step: 2) Before inserting the potato, use tissue paper to make it fully dry.

Step: 3) Now, carefully put it inside the footwear toe box area and keep it overnight.

Step: 4) Take out the potato slowly, and use a fresh rug to wipe any dirt and moisture.

Solution: 06— How to Stretch Shoes for Bunions Using Wet Newspaper

Another handy item is using old newspapers. It can offer a modest amount of stretching

Step: 1) Make the old newspaper slightly wet by spraying water. Avoid soaking them. Otherwise, it will damage the shoes.

Step: 2) Put the wet paper inside the footwear. Add enough amount of newspaper to fill up the entire toe box area.

Step: 3) Stuff the entire shoe to put pressure on the front side. Keep them in a well-ventilated area. Let them dry overnight.

Step: 4) Take out the newspaper slowly, and use a fresh rug to wipe any dirt and moisture.

Wrapping Up

Are you still thinking of how to stretch shoes for bunions? We have outlined several simple methods to widen the toe box area of your footwear for bony lumps.

However, it is best to take help from a shoemaker to avoid damaging the footwear. If you are confident enough to handle the problem on your own, follow any above-mentioned solutions.


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