How to Remove Shoe Polish

How to Remove Shoe Polish?

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Whether leather boots, sandals, pumps, or business shoes - shoes need care so that they stay attractive for as long as possible and can be worn with pleasure. In addition to exceptional shoe care in the form of sprays, which often impregnate the shoes simultaneously, the shoe polish is still one of the essential utensils in this area.

But it happened quickly and when cleaning shoes the shoe polish accidentally gets on the clothes. Shoe polish consists of waxes, fats, and color pigments. This combination makes them so stubborn. How annoying! Fortunately, the unsightly stains can usually be removed without leaving any residue.

As with all stains, the following applies: the earlier you act, the chances are significantly better. With us, you will find some well-tried home remedies with which you can get shoe cream stains out again. After all, the shoe polish should take care of your shoes!

How to Remove Shoe Polish Stains

On the following pages, we have put together a few tips that could help you to remove shoe polish stains.

How to Remove Shoe Polish From Textiles?

Remove Shoe Polish From Textiles

To prevent shoe polish stains, you can put an old cloth over your lap. Also, you shouldn't put on your Sunday clothes if you want to do this job. It is best to check your clothes for stains immediately after cleaning your shoes. These are easier to remove when they are still fresh.

Remove Fresh Shoe Polish Stains

As a first measure, you should carefully remove any remaining shoe polish. But be very careful so that the stain does not spread any further. It is best to use a spatula or the handle of a spoon.

Now brush the stain with a little toothpaste. Admittedly, this old household tip seems unusual initially, but the fine cleaning particles in the toothpaste can indeed kill shoe polish stains. With a small brush (this can be an old toothbrush, for example), rub the cream in a little and wash the affected garment with plenty of water. Then put in the washing machine as usual.

Or try the following: Brush the fresh shoe polish stain with soft butter and let it soak in. Then wash in the washing machine. With this method, it may well be that instead of the shoe polish stain, there is now a grease stain. But you can quickly get it out with soap and warm water.

Stubborn shoe polish stains often respond to treatment with spirit or turpentine. With a clean cloth, the liquid is applied to the stain so that it is thoroughly soaked. Now the stain can be carefully rubbed out. Then rinse the garment thoroughly and wash as usual.

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shoe polish cleaning

How to Remove Shoe Polish From Clothing?

Mostly you notice shoe cream stains immediately. But sometimes, you only discover them much later, and the stain has already dried up. No panic! Go to work carefully and avoid blind action.

In practice, soaking the stain with petroleum jelly has proven itself. Don't you have one in the house? Since the stain has already dried up anyway, you can still go to the drugstore and get a can of it. Treatment with petroleum jelly moistens the shoe polish, and the fibers of the garment and the stain can then be removed with the above-mentioned home remedies.

Instead of relying on a special stain remover for shoe polish, you will find it in well-stocked drugstores. However, such products are usually quite aggressive. [See also: How to Get Smell Out of Shoes (6 Tricks)]

In most cases, shoe polish stains can be removed with these tips. Occasionally, however, unsightly edges can still be seen after washing. Then some carpet cleaning foam can help and solve the problem. You can also brush the remaining stain with gall soap, let it soak in, and wash again.

The methods presented here are suitable for garments made of cotton and synthetic fibers, provided they are colorfast. However, if sensitive textiles such as silk or wool have been hit, it is advisable to have these clothes cleaned. A self-experiment with home remedies can ruin the proper pieces in the worst case.

Shoe polish stains are annoying, and to avoid them as much as possible, the right shoe cleaning technique and the correct dosing of the cream are the best prevention.

How to Remove Shoe Polish From Carpet Walls and Upholstery?

warm water

You can remove shoe polish from carpets and upholstery as described in the instructions with alcohol or a comparable agent. Then wash the area with detergent and warm water.

Carefully dabbing against any stains on the wall also helps with one of the agents mentioned. Be sure to remove excess shoe polish beforehand!

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