How to Polish Shoes to a Mirror Shine

How to Polish Shoes to a Mirror Shine?

How to Polish Shoes to a Mirror Shine

Well-polished shoes are an essential part of any rustic look. Once you enter the room, your shoes will help you make a great first impression. There are several ways to polish shoes to shine. Read on the article about how to polish shoes to a mirror shine and choose the polishing method you like best.

Shoe Shining Tricks

Normal Polish and Shine

Prepare Shoe Polish 

To properly polish your shoes, you will need certain tools to buy at a specialty store as a set or pick up everything you need separately what you need: a can of shoe polish, a horsehair shoe brush, and a piece of a soft cloth.

  • You can buy shoe polish in any color - from brown to black and colorless. Try to buy a cream that matches the color of the shoe.
  • Shoe care products are available in wax and cream form. Creams nourish leather products and make the skin softer, and wax makes shoes more resistant to moisture. If possible, try to get both types of products and use them in return, with each shoe shine.
  • A piece of soft cloth can be a special polishing cloth, like an antelope or just an old T-shirt.
  • You may also need a cleaning brush (used to apply nail polish), a toothbrush, or a few cotton swabs, as well as a sole cleaner, cleanser, and skin softener.


Prepare the Workplace

It is important to prepare the workplace so that varnish does not get on the floor or furniture. Shoe polish is tough to wash, so try not to get it anywhere except shoes.

  • Lay old newspapers or paper bags on the floor or other work surface and take a pillow or a comfortable chair. The shine of the shoes will last for a while.
  • If you plan to clean your shoes thoroughly, it is better to pull the laces before cleaning. Without lace, cleaning the tongue will be easier.

Wash Your Shoes to Wash Away Dirt

Before polishing, shoes to wash off any dirt, dust, salt, etc., wipe each shoe with a horsehair brush or a damp cloth. This is very important because if dirt remains on the shoes, polishing can cause scratches.

Apply shoe polish

Using an old T-shirt or brush, apply the cream to the shoe in one thin layer. Rub the cream over the entire surface of the shoes in a circular motion. Toes and heels consume the most, so more cream may be needed in those places.

Remove Excess Cream With a Shoe Brush

Once the cream has dried, you can start removing its excess with a horsehair shoe brush. Rub the outer surface of the shoe vigorously in one short stroke. Remember, the movement should come from the brush, not the elbow. [See also: How to Remove Shoe Polish]

  • This phase is necessary to remove excess cream. The heat released during friction allows the cream to be absorbed deeper into the surface.
  • A cloth or an old T-shirt can be used in most shoe polishing stages, but you cannot replace the shoe brush with anything else at a certain stage.
  • Use different brushes for each color of cream. Otherwise, you can apply a part of the cream of another color on the shoes, especially if there was a darker cream on the brush earlier.
  • You can use clean cotton buds or a toothbrush to remove excess cream from wrinkles and cracks.

Polish Your Shoes With a Cloth

In the final stage of shoe polishing, you need to take an old (clean) T-shirt or a piece of suede and polish the shoes to shine. Polish vigorous movements from one side to the other are easier to do when the shoes are on you and if you use a special device.

How to Water glow of a shoe

How to Water glow of a shoe?

Prepare the Shoes by Applying the First Layer of Cream

The first stages of polishing include all of the above. First, clean your shoes with a cloth or horsehair brush to remove dirt and plaque. Then rub the cream into the skin in a circular motion with a cloth or shoe polish brush.

  • Before proceeding to the next step, allow the cream to dry for 15 minutes.

Moisten a Cotton Swab or Cloth 

Polishing with water involves applying the following layers with a cotton swab or damp cloth. If you use a cloth, wrap it around your hand, especially around your index finger and middle fingers. Dip your fingers wrapped in cotton swab or cloth into a bowl of water until slightly moistened.

  • The water is used so that the cream does not stick to the fabric and stays on the shoes.
  • Some prefer to use medical alcohol instead of water.

Varnish Your Shoes

Take one shoe and start polishing the first layer of cream with a wet cloth or cotton swab. Use slow circular motions to rub the cream into the shoes. When polishing with water, the whole point is thoroughness, not speed.

  • When polishing one side of the boot, start from the toe and move to the heel.
  • After rubbing one shoe to shine, move on to the other.

Moisten the Cloth Again and Apply a Second Coat of Cream

After polishing and the shoes are completely dry, soak cotton or a cloth swab in water to be completely wet. Similarly, as before, apply a second thin layer of cream to the shoes with a wet cloth. [See also: How to Dry Shoes Fast]

Continue to apply the cream layer by layer with a damp cloth until you achieve the desired shine.  The base should be perfectly smooth and shine like glass.

How to Fire Shine of Shoes

How to Fire Shine of Shoes?

Wash Your Shoes   

Before you rub your shoes to a fiery glow, you need to remove all the dirt and plaque from the horsehair. This will prevent the shoes from scratching when polishing. Before polishing shoes to a fiery glow, some like to use the technique of washing, which is to remove old cream from shoes:

  • Apply a few drops of medical alcohol to each shoe and rub them on the surface with a cotton cloth. Old layers of cream should remain on the layer.
  • It may take some time to remove all the layers from the shoe's surface completely, but it will be better, and as a result, you will be able to see your reflection on the shoe!

How to Polish Boots with a Lighter?

Now the fun part. I am sure you are curious about how to make boots shine like glass, right? Open the jar of cream (most shoe polish will), turn it over, and hold it over the lighter. Let the cream lighten. Turn the jar quickly so that not a drop of cream drips on the floor.

  • Let the cream bake for a few seconds, then lightly dip the flame or lid.
  • The cream should melt when you open the lid.
  • Be very careful polishing shoes this way. The fire is dangerous and can cause burns. If you wear gloves and keep a bucket of water on hand, it would be better.

Apply the Melted Cream to the Shoes With a Damp Cloth

Wrap your hand in an old T-shirt and lightly moisten your hand in a bowl of warm water. Dip a damp cloth into the melted cream and start rubbing it into your shoes in short circular motions.

  • Take your time and try to apply the cream to your shoes in one even layer. Don’t forget to apply the cream in tight bends and cracks.
  • If you need more cream or the cloth is too dry, dip it again in water and a jar of cream.

Over time, leather shoes lose their original color and shine, strong stains, cracks, scratches, and scuffs appear on the surface. To avoid this and increase the lifespan of leather products, you need to ensure proper, quality, and timely care.

Final Words

Scratches and stains can appear on the surface even you properly taking care of your shoes. This is because leather is a rather capricious material sensitive to the negative effects of moisture, ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremities, and frost.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. Now you know how to polish shoes to a mirror shine. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.


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