How to Get Gum Off Shoes?

How to Get Gum Off Shoes Without Damaging Shoes

This article was decided to face together with a somewhat widespread problem, namely that of chewing gum. Gum removal from shoes, not an easy task. Specifically, we will try to analyze together how to get gum off shoes avoiding damage and problems.

It can always happen to step on a tire, on the street, in a park, or while we are going to the airport or away from home. And it is annoying because the sole sticks everywhere, and if it is not removed, the rubber will immediately leave unpleasant residues.

Anyone who has ever had chewing gum stuck to their shoe sole knows how annoying it is. Once you step on it, the next problem arises: how to remove gum from shoes? Because the sticky paste is not only disgusting but often also quite stubborn and is therefore difficult to remove from the shoe. But with these home remedies and tricks, chewing gum can be replaced in no time. Read the full article on how to get gum off your shoe.

How to Get Gum Off Shoes?

get gum off shoes

12 Ways to Remove Chewing Gum From Shoes

Let's see how to get gum off of shoes. Remember that cutting techniques are suitable for both leather and rubber soles, while hot methods are not.

1 - Olive Oil Dissolves Gum Residues

Olive oil is a real miracle cure. Not only is it great for refining salads and other foods, but it can also help remove the chewing gum from the sole. All you have to do is rub a little oil on the affected area, let it take effect for a short time and then rub it carefully with a cloth.

If you have a very rough shoe profile, you can scrape out stubborn remnants with a pointed object that has also been soaked in olive oil. With this variant, you should only watch out for your shoes' upper material because they should not come into contact with the oil - otherwise, unsightly grease stains will appear.

2 - Place Shoes in the Freezer

Chewing gum can be quickly released when it is frozen. Place the shoe in a plastic bag and press the glue firmly against the plastic. Then let it freeze for about two hours and remove the container together with the annoying troublemaker. This trick works best, which also removes chewing gum from clothing when the adhesive is still quite fresh.

3 - Nail Polish Remover or Lighter Fluid Loosen Chewing Gum


If you want to dissolve the chewing gum completely, you can use acetone-containing nail polish remover or lighter fluid. Pour a little of the respective liquid carefully on the affected area, let it soak in, and rub off.

With this method, the chewing gum practically dissolves on its own. However, it would help if you kept the windows open when using them, as the substances can irritate the respiratory tract. It would help if you also were careful with expensive shoes or high-quality leather because, unfortunately, they do not tolerate the chemicals very well. [See also: How to Remove Shoe Polish?]

4 - Ice

One of the methods you can use to remove gum from your shoes is to use ice. Yes, you heard that right; ice cubes. Ice cubes can be used to remove the gum from your shoes without damaging the fabric or material. All you need to do is fill a large plastic ice cube bag and place the pump on top of the ice cube bag to make sure the gum side is in contact with the kit.

It is essential to ensure that the shoe does not come into direct contact with the ice. Because this can get the shoes wet, and for a specific type of shoes, this would do more harm than good.

This method can take a while, so it is recommended to use a unique cooler bag to keep the ice from melting before the job is done. Over time, the gum will freeze, and you can easily scrape it off. The problem with this method is that it takes a lot of time, of course. If you are short on time, it is recommended to try something different!

5 - Lubricating Oil

The lubricating oil is the best among the oily ingredients. Pour a few drops on the chewing gum and scrape it off. Then clean the sole to remove traces of the oil. If there is no lubricating oil, try another oil or vaseline. It is not suitable for leather soles.

6 - Soap

Spread soap on the sole, let it act, and then rub with a rag or scraper.

7 - Peanut Butter

Power Peanut butter is not only delicious on sandwiches but also to remove gum from soles. How do you do that? Well, like that!

  • Take off the shoe and apply a lot of creamy peanut butter to the gum (about two tablespoons).
  • Let the peanut butter absorb for about 10 minutes.
  • Scrub the peanut butter and gum from the sole with a wire brush. Scrub in the direction of the grooves of the sole to avoid damage.
  • Hold the shoe sole under the tap and scrub away the last peanut butter with a sponge.

8 - Scotch Tape

Apply the adhesive tape, making it adhere to the rubber, pull with force and precision.

9 - Petrol

Pour a minimal amount of petrol on a rag, then rub the chewing gum, or apply a little petrol directly on the chewing gum and then scrape with a scraper.

10 - Sand

If you have no way of using any of the previous methods, look for a little sand to pour it on the rubber, then with what you have available, scrape it away (credit card, sprig, stone, etc.)

11 - WD-40 Multi-Use Product


Now you will know the answer to how to get gum off shoes with wd40. When you consider that WD-40 has more than 2000 applications to offer, it is no surprise that chewing gum removal is one of these. With the WD-40, you only need to spray on the chewing gum and the area around the chewing gum and wait a while for the product to absorb. Avoid getting the WD-40 on the fabric of the shoes, as this may damage some surfaces.

WD-40 takes about a minute to work in, after which you can easily wipe away the gum with a cloth or rag. If the chewing gum does not come off quickly, there is no reason to panic. Repeat the procedure until it works. Once the gum is removed, clean the shoe's sole so that no traces of WD-40 remain, and that's it. Done!

So next time you accidentally step into the gum, don't worry because WD-40 is ready to help you!

12 - Rough Surface

Scrub the sole (not in leather) on concrete or a rough surface until it is completely removed.

Useful tips

Do not use your nails or fingers is unhygienic. The hot methods are not ideal for shoes with rubber or leather soles. For the latter, neither oily remedies.

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