How to Dry Shoes Fast

How to Dry Shoes Fast?

You were returning from work or school, and it was raining. Of course, you weren't wearing the right shoes, and you went into a puddle. You come back home, and your footwear looks like after passing the sea. Learn how to dry shoes fast.

During the rain, we put on wellies or other footwear protecting against getting wet. And how quickly dry your shoes when the downpour surprises us unexpectedly? Wearing soaked footwear is not only not pleasant, but can also be harmful to their condition and our health. Therefore, if we are surprised by the rain, we should ensure that the shoes dry as soon as possible.

We Always Wear Dry Shoes!

First of all, we should remember to replace soaked shoes with dry shoes as soon as possible. Wearing wet footwear is not comfortable, and it promotes colds and bacterial growth inside the shoe. It can also cause its deformation - wearing wet shoes, we lose them and eventually stick them out. Instead, we do not always carry spare shoes with us, so it is essential to act quickly after returning home.

How to Dry Shoes Fast? Step by Step

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If you want to dry your shoes quickly, you should first remove the shoelaces (if the shoes are laced) and pull the tongue out, as well as thoroughly clean the shoes of sand and mud and get rid of the water lying inside. Set the shoes in a newspaper, towel, or other material that absorbs moisture. In the case of high footwear made of soft material, e.g., boots, we can hang them on a string in the same way as we dry wet clothes.

However, remember not to crush shoes to avoid deformation. When drying leather shoes, we can cover them with a delicate layer of castor oil. This will prevent skin cracking and unsightly wrinkles on the footwear surface.

What to Avoid When Drying Shoes?

To quickly dry shoes, we should choose a dry and warm room. Avoid exposing shoes to the sun - although they can dry faster, unsightly stains and discoloration will likely appear on them. We should also not leave footwear to dry on or near the radiator, as fast-acting too high temperature can lead to deformation of the shoes and detachment of soles and other glued components.

What About Drying Shoes With a Dryer?

If we want to use a hairdryer when drying shoes, we should opt for the option of blowing cold air, because hot air concentrated at one point is not suitable for our shoes. It will take us a little more time, but it will be safer for footwear. It is also an excellent method of quickly drying jeans when we have to wear them already.

What to Fill Shoes for Drying?

Leaving the shoes to dry, we must remember to prepare them properly. To avoid the deformation of shoes, we can fill them with crushed newspapers or toilet paper. Not only that, they quickly absorb moisture, but the shoes tightly filled with them will also retain their original shape. It is worth remembering to replace the paper from time to time when the previous filling gets wet. Only when we take out the dry paper from shoes can we be sure that we have dried the inside of our shoes well.

What Should Things Use for the Outside?

We can use dull gray or recycled paper or kitchen towels. Do not choose colored newspapers or printed paper, because the paint can reflect in a damp interior and leave traces that are difficult to remove. Tasty filling of shoes is the basis, but we should give up this option if we decide to dry shoes with a dryer.

How to Dry Shoes Quickly With Rice?


A perfect way to thoroughly dry shoes from the inside is to pour rice into them, which has excellent hygroscopic properties, thanks to which it quickly and effectively absorbs moisture. Of course, when choosing this method of drying, we do not decide on rice in bags, but pour it into shoes loose - one or two spoons should be enough. We should replace the filling with a new portion from time to time when the rice swells with moisture. Only when the rice stops absorbing water, can we be sure that we have correctly dried our shoes, sneakers or boots.

What Else does Worth know About Drying Shoes?

Sometimes, after drying, the shoes may have an unpleasant smell of moisture, especially in the case of thick, material shoes, such as snow boots. How to dry shoes quickly without an unpleasant odor? Immediately after they dry, we can pour some baking soda into the footwear, which will absorb the smell. We can also reach for special deodorants and shoe fresheners available on the market.

Prevention - How to Care for Shoes on Rainy Days

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Of course, it's much better than drying soaked shoes to avoid getting them wet, but as you know, this is not always possible. If possible, remember to wear wellies or other suitable footwear in rainy weather. But how do you prepare for unexpected downpours when you are going to leave the house in light, spring shoes? In this case, we can reach for special preparations for impregnating shoes available on the market. Thanks to this, even when the rain surprises us, we can be sure that our footwear will not lose shape.

Suitable Footwear Impregnation Agents

Remember to choose the right means for the type of footwear we wear - leather shoes require different care than, for example, boots or sneakers! Also, we can reach for a whole range of cleaning, flossing, and discoloration products, so that even after wetting and drying shoes will not lose their shine.

Since we already know the best and fastest ways to dry your shoes quickly, we are not afraid of rainy days! We should remember to always take care of our footwear both during a downpour and during drying, and our shoes will retain their shape and shine of new products for a long time regardless of weather conditions.

Are you ready for a spring walk in the rain?



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