How to Clean Velvet Shoes

How to Clean Velvet Shoes?

We have already written an article about how to wash shoes, but here we are more specific. In this article, we have decided to discuss how to clean velvet shoes.

The velvet is a piece of fabric more delicate and difficult to clean. This is why we do not usually put them on every day, and we wear our velvet clothes for special occasions or parties that require elegance and sophistication.

But it is not only the case of clothes, with velvet shoes, the situation is precisely the same but with one more detail: not washing them in the machine and therefore cleaning by hand requires. We wonder which product is best suited not to damage our shoes and how to remove stains. If you want to wear the perfect shoes for your next party, read on and find out how to clean velvet shoes.

How to Clean Velvet Shoes: Step by Step

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Step 1: Remove Dirt and Dust

Are there dirty spots on your velvet shoes? Then first remove loose dirt and dust. In many cases, you do not need to use water or cleaning products. Due to velvet's short hairs, something can quickly look like a stubborn stain, while it is no more than, for example, some leftover sand.

For this first step, it is good to use a dry cloth or a soft shoe brush. A shoe brush that is too hard can unnecessarily damage the fabric of your shoe. With the dry cloth or soft shoe brush, gently wipe in one direction. It is essential to swipe with the course of the hairs, not against it. Wipe until the loose dirt has disappeared. Remember, it is better to sweep more often and gently than less regularly and too hard. If a stain remains after removing the dirt and dust, continue to step 2.

Step 2: Remove the Stain

Cleaning velvet shoes is a particular job. For that reason, it is better to build up slowly to remove dirt or a stain instead of immediately reaching for cleaning products. This is the best way to start excluding a stain by using only warm water. You can dip a soft cloth or a soft toothbrush in warm water and then slowly rub the stain. It is also best not to rub the fabric too hard with the cloth or toothbrush during this phase.

Tip: Make sure to keep as much of the shoe dry as possible using water. Washing velvet is not ideal. Velvet is not fond of water, and it is best to keep the clean parts of the shoe as dry as possible.

If it is not possible with warm water alone, you can add a drop of mild detergent to the water. Make sure not to use too much detergent. Then moisten the soft toothbrush in the soap and gently scrub the stained area. Allow the soapy water to absorb for a while, and then dab on the spot with a slightly damp cloth so that you remove the soap residue. Repeat the process if necessary.

Step 3: Let the Shoe Dry

Now that you've removed the stain, it's time to let the shoe dry. Make sure that your footwear is not in a humid environment. Putting the shoe outside is often a great way to let the shoe dry quickly.

Do not dry the shoe with a hairdryer or warm heating. The heat from these heat sources can let your shoes dry too quickly and damage them.

Step 4: the Dry Cleaner

If the above three steps do not help you, you can also leave your velvet shoes to dry cleaners. In stubborn stains, this is a better option than scrubbing and scrubbing your shoes too much.

Prevention is Better Than Cure


Cleaning your velvet shoes is therefore possible, provided you handle the delicate fabric with care. In most cases, it will be loose dirt and dust that you can easily remove with the soft shoe brush. You can also easily remove most stains yourself.

Although cleaning velvet shoes is not too complicated, prevention is still better than cure. Especially with a delicate fabric such as velvet, it is good to protect it before wearing the shoe.

You can give your velvet shoes extra protection by spraying them with a trend spray. This spray ensures that your shoe becomes dirt-resistant.

Despite the spray, it is still advisable not to wear your velvet shoes on a rainy day if you have the option. The splashing water and wetness, in general, are not elements that make velvet happy. That way, you avoid unnecessary stains.

Cleaning Velvet Shoes: All Steps in a Row


For an accessible overview of the step-by-step plan for cleaning your velvet shoes, we briefly list the steps below for you.

Step 1: Remove dirt and dust


  • A dry cloth or soft shoe brush


  • Gently wipe the dirt off your shoe with the hair.

Step 2: Remove the stain


  • Soft toothbrush (for mild stains, you can also choose a soft cloth)
  • Mild detergent
  • A slightly damp cloth


  • First, try to gently scrub and remove the stain with the warm water-only toothbrush.
  • Is this not possible? Then you add a drop of mild dish soap to the water and make soapy water.
  • Allow the soapy water to absorb briefly after application.
  • Dab the soap residue off the shoe with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Repeat if necessary.

Step 3: Let the shoes dry.


  • Let the shoe dry (do not use a hairdryer or heating to speed up the process).

Step 4: The dry cleaner

  • If the stain remains on the shoe after the above steps, you can consider taking the shoes to the dry cleaner.

Do you think velvet is such a beautiful fabric for shoes?
Share your experiences with this particular fabric below by leaving a comment.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed reading the full article. We have tried to present practical information for you.  If you find this article helpful, please don't forgot to share it!

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