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The Best Gravity Defyer Shoes Review with Buying Guide

So you’ve been trying to find the best Gravity Defyer Shoes Review to make your purchase experience better! Here, we have decided to explain why these shoes are Diabetic-friendly, Arthritis-friendly, and comfortable for 8+ hours standing all day.

Shoes tend to be an essential part of our outfits for every single occasion. Not only do these foot apparels keep our feet feeling comfortable and cozy, but they also add a whole new flair to our entire appearance.

Pair your shoes with the right gear, and you will catch all the attention in the room!

But in current times, getting the right shoe pair is no less than hard work. In general, shopping is confusing, but when it comes to shoes…boy oh boy, can it get stressful!

The range of brand choices can only pile up on the bandwagon and make the entire process ten times more frustrating.

But it would be best if you did not worry about that any longer. Technology has made everything easier for us, and finding the right recommendation for a product has never been more straightforward!

Today in this article, we are going to check out one fantastic product that will leave you and everyone else around you in complete awe!

So let us not waste any more time and get right into the Gravity Defyer Shoes Review!


This fantastic pair of gravity defyer women's shoes is one to ogle at! Flaunting a subtle peach and gray color for the exterior, these high-quality Gravity Defyer Shoes can be found a little over $100.

We know that the price is a little costly; however, the features this beauty boasts is sure to make up for it.

They are featuring a soft and velvety synthetic material for the external fabric. These shoes come equipped with the patented VersoShock tech, which combined with yet another patented spring system technology.

These technologies work to convert external impact into positive energy by evenly distributing the sudden shock inside your shoes. Due to this fantastic feature, you probably will not even feel any kind of painful pressure on your heels or toes. So those technology reduces foot pain, heel spurs, knee pain for sure.

On top of that, the inside of the shoes is entirely seamless, which is the best kind of feature to have in shoes for people who have super sensitive skin. This way, your feet will not be prone to any irritation or rashes.

You will be glad to know that the soft insoles are removable, so you can easily change them up whenever required. The front of the shoes is equipped with a rocker sole and mid-foot system, which works to minimize pain associated with joint issues such as arthritis, rheumatism, plantar fasciitis, etc.

The toe box also has enough space for you to ease into. This is an excellent feature for those with swelling tendencies or diabetes.


Key features:

  • Gravity Defyer shoes certified under the Medicare A5500 requirements
  • Patented VersoShock tech eliminates a violent impact on the feet
  • The removable insoles allow you to change into custom made orthotics shortly
  • The toe box is quite broad, so people suffering from bunions and swelling will find relief with these shoes
  • Decreased pressure on toe joints and heels due to low heel-toe differential
  • Vibrant brand logo on the sides of the shoes
  • Soft synthetic material for the built
  • Completely seamless interior provides relief from skin irritation.


  • The moderately wide toe box
  • Low to medium arch height.

Gravity Defyer Pros and Cons

Want to know more? Read Pros and Cons of gravity defyer shoes!


  • These Gravity Defyer shoes are known to be lightweight
  • The pair boasts comfortable and high-end features
  • With a wide toe box on the front, your feet will feel more at ease
  • Top-quality synthetic material for the built
  • The shoes are comfortable to wash and dry out
  • Patented technology provides relief to patients suffering from joint-related issues or foot pains.


  • Unfortunately, these shoes are not too budget-friendly.

Gravity Defyer Men’s G-Defy Ion Shoes


This Gravity Defyer Men's G-Defy lightweight shoe comes with hidden VersoShock Technology. It is a long-lasting shoe and has similar features that we reviewed earlier for women. This Gravity Defyer footwear also has excellent customer reviews. So don't worry about its durability, breathability, flexibility, and comfortability.

questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have reached the end of our product gravity defyer shoes review let us look at some of the essential queries many people have regarding walking shoes and Gravity Defyer shoes.

What are Gravity Defyer shoes?

Gravity Defyer shoes are known to be incredibly soft and durable when it comes to treating patients with joint-related issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Rheumatism, etc.

Generally speaking, Gravity Defyer shoes are also known as diabetic footwear. The company mostly manufactures comfortable-to-wear slip-on shoes for convenience.

Where Are Gravity Defyer Shoes Made?

These Gdefy shoes are made in the United States. Gravity Defyer shoe company was established in 2008 and started its journey as the sole manufacturer. After many years of research, they decided to manufacture shoes.

Do Gravity Defyer shoes really work?

Yes absolutely! Gravity Defyer shoes are effective in what they do; hence they are the perfect choice for orthopedic issues.

However, they can also be worn for casual hangouts for intense workout sessions, running, etc.

Are Gravity Defyer shoe slip resistant or nonslip?

Most Gravity Defyer shoes feature soft and durable soles; however, they do not precisely slip-resistant all the time. This feature also varies with the model, so you will need to check the model out beforehand.

Can I wash Gravity Defyer shoes?

Like athletic shoes, running shoes, or other shoes, you can also wash Gravity Defyer shoes. Some of the pumps manufactured by this brand can resist water to some extent. However, try not downright to soak them into a bucket full of water.

Instead, you can wet a washcloth in some non-abrasive detergent and then wipe the shoes with it.

See more: how to wash shoes.

Are Gravity Defyer shoes good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, Gravity Defyer shoes are appropriate for plantar fasciitis and other types of orthopedic issues such as arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

These shoes are suitable for diabetic patients.

Do Gravity Defyer shoes run true to size?

Yes, definitely, the Gravity Defyer shoes are true to size. Over 80% of customers say they fit true to size.

Can you run in Gravity Defyer shoes?

Yes, you can run, walk and exercise longer to wear these shoes because Gravity defyer shoes come with VeroShock technology to reduce the impact of walking or running.


Gravity Defyer shoes are versatile and can be worn for multiple reasons and occasions. Trust in us and check out the shoes, as they will surely not let you down.

We hope you enjoy reading this Gravity Defyers shoes review, which is tested to be of some facilities to you and your favorite ones. Thanks for your time to browse through this!

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