Can You Put Hand Warmers in Your Shoes

Can You Put Hand Warmers in Your Shoes?

Hand warmer pouches come in handy when you are in freezing weather. But many people ask- can you put hand warmers in your shoes? It’s a legit question when hand warmers are half the price of toe warmers and have no adhesive backing.

The little pouches of hand warmers are perfect for sports in cold weather. They are primarily one-time use to keep your hands and feet warm and crisp in cold temperatures. Let’s dive deeper and see whether you can use hand warmers in your shoes.

Can You Put Hand Warmers In Your Shoes?

Yes, you can put hand warmers in your shoes. Hand warmers are indeed designed to keep your hands warm, especially for sports in cold temperatures. These one-time-use little pouches effectively keep hands warm in the snow. But you can also use them inside your shoes.

Concerned people often ask- can I put hand warmers in my boot? Hand warmers are generally placed inside the hand gloves. But if you want to use them for your toes, you must place them inside your shoes or boots.

Make sure there’s no ventilation in the shoes; otherwise, they won’t work to their full potential. Plus, you will have to ensure they don’t move around in your shoes. If you have cold toes while sporting or in general, it can be a real problem for you. But with hand warmers, you can keep them warm at an affordable price.

How Can You Keep Hand Warmers In Your Shoes?

Keeping hand warmers inside your shoes is not a big deal. Hand warmers are a little larger than toe warmers; hence they will last longer in your shoes. Many of you are confused about where do you put hand warmers in shoes.

You can keep them inside the inner and outer sock. But the problem with that is they will slide around too much.

You can also keep hand warmers above or below your toes inside the boots. Since they are larger than toe warmers, you will need a little extra space inside your shoes. Another way to keep your hand warmer is outside of your shocks.

Sometimes, they work better when you put them over your socks. Some people also keep them at the top of their toes. But in all cases, you must ensure there’s no ventilation in your shoes or boots and that they are perfectly insulated.

Hand warmers come in plastic wrappers. You have to shake them quickly after removing the packaging. It will activate the chemical ingredients inside the pouches and start heating. Then you have to put them inside your shoes.

Most people don’t know those hand warmers can be paused by keeping them inside an airtight bag. If you do not pause them in between, hand warmers generally last more than 10 hours.

How Hot Can Hand Warmers Become Inside Your Shoes

How Hot Can Hand Warmers Become Inside Your Shoes?

In a word, hand warmers can get really hot. These warmers are activated by oxygen. So, if you keep them in the open air, they will become hot. That’s why you must keep them concealed, and your shoes shouldn’t have any ventilation.

The general understanding is that hand warmers can get as hot as 165 degrees Fahrenheit if you keep them outside. When you remove the packaging, the oxidization process starts almost immediately, and the temperature keeps growing for about 20 minutes.

Since hand warmers get really hot, you shouldn’t use them directly against your skin. It can cause burning in your skin. So, always use them between two socks or at the top of your socks.

Hand warmers are designed for frigid temperatures, so you must use them inside your shoes while wearing socks. They generally do not have any adhesive like toe warmers, but you can keep them inside winter shoes or boots quite comfortably.

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Where Else Can You Use Hand Warmers?

Hand warmers are generally designed to keep your hands warm in icy environments. You can also use them inside your shoes. Apart from these two places, hand warmers have other uses as well.

Let’s see what the other uses of hand warmers are in our daily life:

  • You can use hand warmers for drying wet shoes. Wet shoes can be a real problem in the winter. But with hand warmers, you can dry them up pretty fast.
  • Wet socks are another issue in cold weather. But if you put hand warmers inside your wet socks, they will suck the moisture up and dry your socks pretty quickly.
  • Hand warmers can be a perfect solution if you want to get a warm sleeping bag at night while camping in the winter. Keep them before you get into your sleeping bag, and they will be warm and ready when you get into it.
  • Hand warmers can also heat your drinks or water. If you keep a hand warmer at the bottom of your mug and pour drinks, you’ll get a warm and comfy drink or water.
  • Many travelers carry batteries while traveling in winter. If the batteries stop working because of the low temperature, you can use hand warmers to wake them up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with hand warmers?

Hand warmers are for keeping your hands warm in freezing temperatures. But they also have so many other uses, like using them inside shoes, for drying socks & shoes, etc.

Are hand warmers safe for shoes?

Yes, hand warmers are entirely safe for shoes. Just don’t use them directly against your skin as it might cause burn. Use them while wearing socks- between two socks or above them.

Can hand warmers catch fire?

Hand warmers produce very high temperatures, but generally, they do not have any fire risk. Nonetheless, make sure you do not keep them with any flammable or combustible substance.

Are hand warmers toxic to the touch?

Hand warmers have activated carbon, iron powder, water, salt, and absorbent material. So, they are generally not toxic to touch. However, you shouldn’t open the hand warmer pouch.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure you now know whether you can put hand warmers in your shoes. The thing is, you can. Just maintain the safety measures, and you will be good to go in below-freezing cold temperatures.


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