Best Walking Shoes for High Arches

18 Best Walking Shoes for High Arches (July 2022)

The best walking shoes for high arches are challenging to find because they need to be comfortable and supportive. In addition, the shoe must fit well with the individual's foot shape, provide enough space in the toe box, and have adequate cushioning.

Knowing what features are crucial when shopping for shoes is essential if you have a higher arch than average or experience pain when walking.

In this blog post, We will review different brands of walking shoes that offer something special for individuals with high arches. Without further ado, let's fetch it!

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18 Best Walking Shoes for High Arches Reviewed

Now that you know the basics of high-arch shoes, you're probably wondering if consumer brands are even offering such features.

Because most of the time, they provide general support and shock absorber, which may not be what you are looking for when you have such a disease.

If there are, you may also wonder if they cost more than regular shoes because of their distinctive features. Here are the best high arches walking shoes in terms of functionality and cost.

11 Best Men’s Walking Shoes for High Arches

Orthofeet’s Lava Men’s Athletic Shoes

Orthofeet's Lava men's athletic shoes offer a balance of comfort and stability. These shoes provide orthotic support, making them ideal for people with flat feet or plantar fasciitis.

These best men's walking shoes for high arches have an ergonomic design that is perfect for those with high arches looking to reduce the impact on their spine when walking or running. You can't go wrong with these great features by choosing the Orthofeet Lava as your next pair of athletic shoes!

These best walking shoes with arch support are engineered with all the special features you need to keep your feet happy and healthy. The innovative stretch uppers provide superior comfort while allowing for a natural range of motion that keeps pressure points at bay.

So no matter how intense or demanding your workout is today, these OrthoFeet will have you feeling as if it were just a leisurely walk in the park!

Orthofeet footwear has always been explicitly designed to meet various foot needs, whether sensitive toes need protection from shoe seams or bunions seeking relief from high heels.

These best walking shoes for high arches and plantar fasciitis are specially designed, and comfy kicks don't stop there; their signature soft padded foam insoles offer additional protection against hammertoes and other foot problems like plantar fasciitis.

Anatomical orthotic insoles control overpronation, enhance comfort from heel to toe and ease the stress on the joints of your foot. Lightweight, ergonomic soles offer superior cushioning for a more comfortable walking experience with minimal movement in the feet or lower body joints.

The wide-toe-box design offers extra room for toes which will help reduce friction during long walks that can lead to blisters and corns while providing an overall relaxing fit without any unnecessary pressure points!


  • Eliminates pressure points and discomfort.
  • Provides more comfort for sensitive feet, bunions, and hammertoes.
  • Controls overpronation to reduce stress on joints.
  • The insoles are lightweight and breathable.
  • They have a wide toe-box for extra space in the shoe.
  • Improve comfort from heel to toe.


  • A bit expensive in the price tag.

New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Walking shoes

The leather New Balance 577 walking shoe is an excellent, affordable option for men who need support and wear comfortable shoes throughout the day.

These best work shoes for high arches are characterized by an EVA midsole that supports the high arch. Vaux likes their comfort and does not need time to break in.

Sturdy, rubber soles, 577 walking shoes are durable, no matter what road you are walking on. One disadvantage is that although the leather outer layer is very fashionable, it can warm your feet in warm weather.

On the other hand, in cold months, it can protect your feet better than lightweight shoes. These best walking shoes for men are comfortable, casual men's work shoes available in pure white and black.

Technical Features:

  • 100% Leather
  • ABZORB cushioning for shock absorption
  • Polyurethane Midsole
  • Solid rubber outsole


  • Extra padding in the heel
  • Best cushioned walking shoes
  • Very comfortable


  • Not waterproof
  • Low heel
  • Has size issues

Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Shoes

If you suffer from chronic pain in your feet, knees, and back due to high arches, then Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Shoes for High Arches is the perfect footwear solution.

This shoe is built with patented technology that gives your maximum arch support while still being flexible enough to give your foot room to move. This allows them to distribute weight evenly across the entire foot, which results in less pressure on the arch and other sensitive areas like toes and heels.

These podiatrist-recommended shoes for high arches allow you to walk around all day without discomfort or worry about over-straining yourself. In addition, you'll be able to go upstairs quickly because they have slip-resistant rubber soles, so they won't slide when wet.

This pair of Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain Relief shoes features anatomical arch support, a non-binding relaxed fit, and maximum protection against pressure points.

The Orthofeet Sprint men's orthopedic athletic shoes are designed for people with moderate to severe overpronation. It needs both stability and cushioning to be able to function normally.

The redesigned upper of these walking shoes is breathable mesh and light synthetic materials. It makes them comfortable and breathable because it fits the feet perfectly and keeps them cool and dry.

The ORTHOTIC INSOLES adapt to your movements and allow you to adjust the cushion to your needs so that your stride is more stable and balanced. So if you're tired of being uncomfortable all day, give Orthofeet a try!

Technical Features:

  • Orthotic insole.
  • Anatomical arch support.
  • Gel padding heel.
  • FluidRide bounce-back cushioning.
  • Discreet heel unit.


  • No heel
  • Soften every step you take
  • Adds spring to your step
  • Works wonders to alleviate heel pain & plantar fasciitis
  • Reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot
  • Provide excellent arch support for flat feet
  • Help alleviate Corns and Calluses
  • Making every step soothing with comfort


  • Costly

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 8

This pair of Asics shoes are made from synthetic materials that make the product durable and light. Its rubber outsole allows it to be used on many terrains.

It is a running shoe ready for the outdoors with mesh materials, making it comfortable to wear. The pump is also breathable, as the mesh keeps the feet cool and dry. [See also: Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes]

The ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 8 has a removable insole that allows medical orthotics to be inserted into the shoe without interference. A Rearfoot GEL shock can also be molded to the foot's shape.

Technical Features:

  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • AHAR Outsole
  • Removable Sockliner


  • Has beautiful arch supports
  • Low price for its quality
  • Protects from leg pain
  • Provides adequate arch support


  • The part of the shoe can come off.
  • The material around the heel is too rigid.

Brooks Men’s Dyad 11 for High Arches

The Dyad 11 shoe provides the perfect lift for your highest arches with a comfy, supportive fit underneath. It has incredible flexibility and is available in different widths to fit all types of feet.

These walking shoes are simple yet elegant enough to be worn with any outfit. Brooks Men's Dyad 11 shoes are a great choice when looking for something that can be dressed up or down.

These high arch support shoes will keep your feet cool and comfortable, keeping your muscles relaxed and energized with their breathable mesh upper. The Dyad 11 is available in various sizes, so you don't have to worry if you don't like a specific size or shape.

If you have ever run or attempted to run in shoes that are too small and have blisters, you know what it feels like. When you put on Brooks Men's Dyad 11 shoes, you will feel the difference right away: no more pain, no more blisters!

These best men's walking shoes for high arches support the arch with a removable insole that provides underfoot cushioning and adequate stability when walking or running.

The padded tongue and collar protect against lace pressure. Moreover, the mesh fabric allows your foot to breathe throughout your outing.

The shoes are equipped with a rubber outsole for extra traction and durability by preventing damage caused by excessive wear.

The dual stability arch pods work to keep your foot comfortable and supported yet relaxed.

The Brooks Dyad 11 is part of the Active Series collection designed with stretch mesh uppers for breathability with no-sew overlays for lightweight stability.

They have a Heel Segmented crash pad that absorbs shock on heel strike and accommodates a variety of foot types.

The BioMoGo DNA cushioning compound offers a soft, smooth ride with a high-energy return that resists compression and keeps your feet fresh.

The linear platform reduces toe drag and provides support to the sole. If you have high arches, check out the Brooks Men's Dyad 11 to get all the benefits in a comfortable, stylish package.


  • Removable cushioned insert to accommodate custom orthotics.
  • Wide toe box for a comfortable, half-size larger fit.
  • Breathable mesh fabric with padded tongue and collar.
  • Stretch mesh uppers flex easily yet provide support.
  • Heel Segmented crash pad absorbs shock Linear Platform reduces toe drag.


  • The price is a bit high but worth every penny.
  • Not durable enough to be used on trails or rugged terrain only.

FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes for High Arches

If you're a high-archer, the world may not know how great you are. You may be the best bowler in your neighborhood, but you're no match for someone who is a name in their field of expertise. That's where FitVille comes in.

FitVille has provided a solution for people with high arches and wide feet. You don't have to settle for less than the best foot problems.

The most comfortable walking shoes for high arches have a rubber sole which provides a greater surface area for natural shock absorption. This will protect your feet from the shock of walking and help you keep your shoes on without discomfort or pain.

These best shoes for high instep and wide feet are an excellent product if you have issues with your arches. Doctors have been recommending people wear shoes with wide-toe boxes. They help a lot of those who have issues with their arches.

These extra wide walking shoes come with a patented PropelCore sole, providing your feet with great support and unprecedented cushioning.

The three-layer mesh knit upper provides ventilation to keep you cool and dry as you move from place to place. Moreover, the durable leather upper makes it rugged yet breathable.

We all know how important it is for feet to be in top shape, especially when making them as flexible as possible.

So, if you want to create healthier, more flexible feet with a less painful experience, ensure you wear FitVille Extra Wide Walking Shoes for High Arches from the very first step.


  • Boost your natural walking power.
  • Improve your posture and balance.
  • Maintain healthy, active feet.
  • Rubber sole with high-quality PU.
  • Stretch-resistant design.
  • Anti bacterial, anti-odor, and anti-static properties.
  • Shock absorption properties to maximize comfort during workouts or long walks.


  • Has size issue.

Skechers Men’s Gowalk Arch Fit Walking Shoe

Everyone always talks about how they want to get into shape but never find the right shoes. Well, Skechers is here to help you.

With their gorgeous, flattering design and long-lasting comfortability, you'll be faster to total fitness than ever!

Step onto the Skechers Men's Gowalk Arch Fit Walking Shoe for High Arches and find it provides the right fit for everyday wear and all your activities throughout the day.

Thanks to its super flexible, supportive footbed and shock absorption technology, you'll never have to worry about sore feet again.

These shoes feature a breathable insole with an ECU grid support system to heal ankle and foot injuries caused by overpronation.

The heel is designed with our signature logo accent, which helps reduce heel pain, fatigue, and inflammation.

These walking shoes have the right cushioning to run as fast as you want and as far as you need to go while still feeling supported by the arch and heel technology.

With the arch support and breathability built into this hybrid style, you'll stay comfortable when walking—even when you're on your feet all day!


  • Made with a synthetic and rugged material.
  • They are designed with an everyday work shoe in mind.
  • Durable reinforced toe area for protection against wear and tear.
  • 100% machine washable.
  • Designed for comfort and durability with an athletic look.
  • The rear pull-tab provides easy entry.
  • Breathable fabric lining and lightweight, responsive ULTRA GO™ cushioning.
  • Supportive, shock-absorbing midsole.
  • Comfort padded collar for a snug and secure fit.
  • Dual-density outsole with high energy return for superior comfort and traction.


  • Some customers said it takes time to be comfortable.

Vionic Men’s Khai Casual Slip-On Walking Shoe

Maintaining healthy feet is essential for anyone and everyone, which is why Vionic products are designed to address foot problems head-on.

Their top-quality products are designed to fit comfortably and give you more stability and support throughout your day, while the stylish designs are pleasing to the eye and add that extra bit of style without getting in the way.

Whether you're clogged drainage or a stress fracture, Vionic provides the solution you need with its innovative solution to foot and leg problems.

Everyone deserves a comfortable shoe that fits perfectly and stays in place. For those of us with high arches, these shoes must conform to the shape of our feet.

The slip-on style offers sturdy outsole construction, making the shoes you'll inevitably have to wear repeatedly.

Vionic Khai is a standout, enabling you to look effortlessly stylish. Lightweight and breathable, it features a nubuck leather upper with a ridged sole for excellent traction.

With an upper that comes in black, navy, or brown and a removable footbed for added support, this is all about looking and feeling your best.

This slip-on casual shoe features a unique multi-density foam that adds extra cushioning and support to the cushioning system to help provide maximum support without compromising style.

If you want a pair of the best casual shoes for high arches that stand up to wear and tear, these best walking sneakers are for you!


  • Wearable with everything from jeans to suits.
  • Ortho fit for greater comfort, stability, and cushioning along with footbeds.
  • Sturdy rubber sole delivers traction and wearability.
  • A comfortable sneaker that's suitable for all ages.
  • A stylish and durable sneaker.
  • These sneakers are perfect for every occasion.


  • Pricy.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Check the latest version: Brooks Adrenaline Gts 21 

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is a unique combination of support and softness.

The main feature of the brooks walking shoes is a pair of rigid guide rails that frame the heel and the arch of the shoe to prevent the foot from overpronation (sagging inward) or supination (rolling outward), stressors that generally cause injuries to the ankles, knees, and hips.

Wear a stability shoe generally means accepting a firmer feeling under the foot. Here, the DNA Loft midsole, EVA foam, and a rubber blend under the heel allow Brooks to have the softest heel.

The woven upper of these brooks shoes for high arches adjust well but breathes well and helps the shoe feel much lighter than expected.

Technical Features:

  • 3D fit prints on the inside
  • There are fewer overlays in the lacing area, making rolling even more pleasant.
  • The outsole is still crisscrossed with flex grooves so that the running shoe offers stability.


  • Balanced and soft cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Soft and protective


  • Price bit high

Monterey Bay Walking Shoes for Men


If you have a high arch and often suffer from foot disease, knee, or back pain, Monterey Bay Men's Walking Shoes can help you walk comfortably. [See also: Best Shoes for Back Pain]

These men's shoes come with a high-quality orthopedic insole. It characterizes by anatomical arch support and a cushioned heel pad that conforms to the contour of your foot as you walk.

The wide and deep toe box design lets the feet relax and stretch while releasing pressure bunions and hammertoes.

With the foam padding and upholstery of Monterey Bay, the seamless lining adds more comfort and eliminates pressure points on sensitive feet.

Overall, this best walking shoe for high arches is a high-quality option for men who spend a lot of time on their feet or want to walk with comfortable shoes.

Technical Features:

  • Leather
  • Orthotic Insoles
  • Extended Width
  • Soft and pliable uppers
  • A Wide Toe Box


  • Help to reduce stress on the joints.
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Soft
  • Extra foam padding


  • Expensive shoe

OrthoComfoot Men’s Arch Supported Orthopedic Walking Shoes

As your feet get longer, your steps will grow shorter. OrthoComfoot knows that you're more than ready for a pair of formal footwear designed to keep your legs moving freely and in the best way possible when shopping for orthopedic shoes for men with high arches.

We incorporate the knowledge of an orthopedic doctor into each pair we make so that you can wear them as much as you want without worrying about blisters or other foot issues.

The Anatomical Arch Support of OrthoComfoot Men's Shoes perfectly complements the arch area to support it and make them exercise easier.

These podiatrist-recommended shoes feature a deep heel cup with good wrapping that helps stabilize the foot properly during exercise or walking and helps minimize the risk of injury and discomfort.

The air mesh offers added cushioning, giving you more support for your stride.

With orthotic insoles, you can improve your natural walking movements, reduce pressure points and strengthen your foot arch.

Furthermore, With the specially designed arch support, you can enhance the support of your foot arch, prevent pain and improve walking comfort.

These men's walking shoes will protect your lower back and joints, giving you a comfortable, sturdy step for all your life's adventures.


  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Comfortable and supportive fit.
  • An outsole with minimal heel drops to increase stride length.
  • The soft, comfy sole makes for a better walking experience.
  • It's flexible and supportive.
  • Removable orthotics.
  • Less chance of slipping.
  • No more worries of arch pain, blisters, and foot soreness from wearing traditional insoles.


  • Not available in wide widths.

7 Best Women’s Walking Shoes for High Arches

Vionic Women’s Drift Berlin Toggle Closure Active Sneakers

Everyone loves a good pair of kicks! These Vionic Women's Drift Berlin Toggle Closure Active Sneakers by Vionic, constructed with a knit-mesh upper and a rubber sole, are perfect for active women.

The back zipper allows quick on and off, and the convenient toggle-tighten laces make this shoe super easy to put on or take off.

This pair of best sneakers for high arches provides comfortable, lightweight support and biomechanical technology designed to work with your feet.

This gorgeous pair of arch-support shoes for women will get you through the winter and keep you warm. You can tell they're made with care as they look superbly stylish and trendy while keeping you looking fabulous.

Vio-Motion Support enables the foot to move naturally without restriction, reducing pressure on the ankle and metatarsal heads and the risk of injury.

Shock-absorbing midsole units of these best shoes for arch support the foot in any activity. A unique heel design reduces rearfoot pronation for greater comfort and less stress on the plantar fascia.

These women's walking shoes come in neutral tones that ensure they will look great with all outfits, from dark navy to bright orange.

They feature a full-length lace vamp for easy on and off and a heel collar for added security.

These shoes also have a padded insole that ensures comfort and support and an outer sole made from synthetic material to prevent slipping.

Just try them on; you will feel much better. This pair will not let you down!


  • A wardrobe staple.
  • Padded collar with lace-up vamp construction.
  • Cushioned insole for comfort and support.
  • Textile upper with the synthetic outsole for durability and versatility.
  • Enjoy all-day comfort with every step.
  • Get better biomechanical alignment for a healthier foot and body.
  • Improve your posture, balance, and gait.
  • You will be able to feel the ground beneath you.
  • Wear a shoe that has been designed by a podiatrist.


  • Only a few colors are available to choose from.

Skechers Women’s Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit Grateful Sneaker

You have been tripping all over yourself lately, trying to look your best. You know it's time to strike a better balance between style and health. This is the perfect solution if you are tired of looking like a walking sneaker.

Skechers has the perfect women's arch-support slip-on in various styles and colors, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing your style for your feet.

These shoes provide stability from their heel, but you'll also feel comfortable wearing them.

These shoes are great for wearing around the house, the kitchen, school, or work, and even walking around the mall without changing shoes.

They are also comfortable for people with high arches or foot pain. The round toe is perfect for avoiding the pressure points in your feet.

Its memory foam will contour to your foot's shape, and the arch support will help relieve stress from your feet and heel.

This comfortable and supportive shoe is available in many different colors so that you can match just about any outfit or event. You'll love how they feel on your feet while keeping you going strong to the next destination!


  • Slip-on shoes with comfortable and easy wear.
  • It's easy to slip them on or off.
  • The soft fabric lining of the shoe is breathable and dry, and sweat resistant.
  • Create a stylish look.
  • Durable, comfortable, and lightweight.
  • A lightweight, more stable walking shoe.
  • Maximum energy return.
  • Breathable, flexible upper promotes healthy foot movement.


  • Pricy.

Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe

Ryka Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe for High Arches offers support and a snug fit. With a cushioned midsole and high arch technology, this shoe is specifically made for women with high arches.

This pair by Ryka has a padded tongue and collar for added comfort, a sleek fabric lining for support, and a fixed foam insole for added support.

With its features that help reduce stress, pain, and soreness in the legs, the Ryka Women's Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe is ideal for keeping you fit and healthy throughout the day.

Even if walking long distances is something you aren't exactly good at, this pair of shoes will make sure you get through your daily chores without any pain.

The Devotion Plus 2 has a rubber outsole, which provides an excellent grip, while the lightweight EVA midsole provides adequate cushioning. At the same time, the RE-ZORB active foam in the heel offers superior arch support.

If you've been looking for something to keep your toes warm as you walk and move through the winter months, look no further than this.


  • Support and comfort with a lightweight feel.
  • Proven durability in the field.
  • Your feet will be comfortable all day long.
  • Durable for serious off-road adventures.
  • Breathable mesh upper materials keep your feet cool and dry.
  • Get a stylish, high-performance shoe.
  • Step into a unique style with this pair of shoes.
  • The lightweight midsole is perfect for all-day wear.


  • Price a bit higher.

Vionic Women’s Drift Tokyo Leisure Sneakers for High Arches

We are all swamped in this day and age, and it's hard to get away from something we love. However, everyone needs to relax once in a while.

If you're tired of looking at the same old sneakers, you're in luck! Vionic shoes are designed to care for your feet while helping you look good.

Whether you want to lounge around on the couch or head out to a coffee shop, Vionic shoes can take you in style!

These shoes are primarily for women with high arches, as the heel counter provides added stability.

These sneakers feature a padded collar and cushioned tongue for ankle support.

The removable textile-covered EVA orthotic insert offers excellent support for your feet, while the internal heel counter hugs them to keep you stable.

They're lightweight, soft, and roomy enough for standing all day long. With the 1st Ray Technology and the Advanced Motion System (AMS), you can also get great support for your arches!

Vionic's award-winning three-zone comfort system has been innovated to provide the ultimate fit for you.

The three-zone biomechanics of these best women's walking shoes for high arch support provides enhanced stability and flexibility from heel to forefoot, designed to mimic the natural motions of your feet and apply that same pressure to the ball of your foot.


  • Comfortable from toe to heel.
  • Feel secure and stable.
  • Improves gait biomechanics for better forefoot mobility.
  • Increases range of motion and improve walking patterns.
  • Reduces pain, fatigue, and muscle tension during daily activities.
  • Ultra-lightweight and supportive.
  • A comfortable footbed feels like a second skin.
  • High breathability keeps feet cool and dry during the most challenging runs and training sessions.


  • Pricy.

Skechers Max Cushioning Arch Fit for High Arches

The Skechers Max Cushioning Arch Fit sneakers are lightweight and designed with the most cushioned insole for maximum comfort.

Let your feet be the best pair of shoes you can ever wear. Enjoy the feel of the soft, arch-enhanced cushion that supports your arches. The memory-foam midsole of these women's walking shoes with arch support is designed to give you a firm yet comfortable fit.

These best shoes for high arches women are made with various nifty features that'll keep your feet happy, including a synthetic rubber sole and padded collar, lace-up design, and arch support.

Whether you're headed out onto the city streets or heading out to a special event, these shoes will provide the comfort and support you need!

These best walking shoes for women perfectly combine style and cushioning. It offers maximum support and comfort for your feet, no matter the type of arch or shoe you choose.

So, if you're looking for arch-support shoes for women that will accentuate your athletic side and offer the ultimate stability and confidence, this is one to consider!


  • Perfect for flat feet as it offers maximum comfort and support.
  • The memory foam midsole is designed to give you a firm yet comfortable fit.
  • Exceptional arch support, so your feet don't have to work hard to stay balanced.
  • Provides superior cushioning for shock absorption, which is especially beneficial for those with high arches.
  • Good shoes for high arches.


  • It may not be as durable as advertised.

OrthoComfoot Arch Supported Orthopedic Casual Shoes

OrthoComfoot is proud to offer this pair of casual shoes with arch support.

These best walking shoes for high arches women are perfect for those who want extra cushioning and comfort while still looking stylish.

The OrthoComfoot Arch Supported Orthopedic Casual Shoes are lightweight and provide superior cushioning.

The orthotic insole offers maximum support, while the arch technology increases the stability of your feet.

The shock-absorbent midsole provides comfort throughout your day or night, whether hitting a casual party or enjoying a stroll outside.

The lace-up design of these high-arch shoes secures your foot nicely, so you won't have to worry about discomfort when wearing these casual kicks for a long time.

The massaging gel waves in the shoe's midsole have a soothing effect on your foot so that you can stay in motion throughout the entire day.

OrthoComfoot shoes are perfect if you want comfort and support in a stylish package.

These women's shoes are stylish enough to wear with jeans, slacks, or even skirts and dresses, so you'll be able to use these shoes wherever you go!


  • Perfect for those who suffer from high arches and want extra support.
  • Provides maximum comfort with the help of the shock absorbent midsole, memory foam insoles, and gel technology.
  • It offers excellent arch support so you can enjoy a long day standing or walking without strain or discomfort.
  • It has a stylish lace-up design that secures your feet nicely while still looking stylish.
  • The memory foam insole provides excellent cushioning against shock, which prevents fatigue.


  • Bit expensive

Reebok Women’s Classic Renaissance Sneaker

The Reebok Women's Classic Renaissance Sneaker provides the perfect fit and comfort. The sneaker features high-quality construction, with an EVA insole for arch support and cushioning.

These comfortable walking shoes also offer a lightweight design that will help your feet breathe easier all day long.

The Reebok Classic Leather Renaissance Sneaker is an artificial shoe with a synthetic sole. The shaft measures low-top from the arch, and the heel height measures approximately 1 inch in depth while still providing durable comfort at the toe box area for flexibility to suit the needs of different foot types, such as flat feet or high arches.

Memory Tech foam sockliner provides premier comfort and feel. You're always comfortable throughout your long walks, running sessions, and hiking adventures-perfect shoes for those who want strong support without sacrificing style!

The Reebok Women's Classic Renaissance shoe exudes quality, tradition, and sophisticated style. You will swing with the sweet stitching that provides soft support for your feet on top of a synthetic leather upper made to feel like fabric.

There are stitched overlays in this classic silhouette, so you can also show off some extra pride! The premier-quality liner covers each foot from toe to heel, providing comfort while standing or walking around all day.

For those who want something even more stylish, subtle branding adds retro appeal, making them stand out among others effortlessly (even without trying).

These best women's walking shoes for high arches have great looks, but they also feature an additional roomy width, perfect for any woman looking for their next pair of shoes for high arches.


  • You'll be able to walk for miles and miles.
  • Durable and lightweight material.
  • Memory Tech foam sockliner for premier comfort and feel.
  • Sturdy, durable shoes that will last for years.
  • Lightweight shoes with a low profile make them easy to wear all day.
  • Die cut EVA midsole/lightweight cushioning.
  • You get to look stylish while still being comfortable.


  • Only a few colors available to choose from.


How to Choose the Best Shoes for High Arches (Buying Guide)

When you have a high arch, many factors should be considered when choosing the best shoes for your foot condition. The symptoms of this type of arch can include pain under or around the ball joint and heel, toenail problems like ingrown nails or nail bleeding from being hit by an irritated loose shoelace, and numbness in toes on one side due to improper support. But What shoe features do you need with high arches? Here is what you should look out for:

Arch Support

Having arch support mainly helps prevent pain when you walk or run. This is because stress and pressure decrease thanks to the support of the foot's arch. This is where the pain comes from if no padding prevents the impact of the ground on the foot.

Correct Cushioning

The high arch feet' cushioning must be sufficiently soft and thick enough to actively support the feet with internal pronation. Besides, cushioning that extends outside of the shoe is suitable for feet with high arches, as it helps prevent rolling movements of the foot due to underpronation. This helps combat loss of balance when the foot hits the ground.

Shoe Shape

A shoe with a curved shape will help support the arched foot as it allows your foot to take precedence slightly while you walk. This provides excellent support. The curvature also helps cushion the foot from shock when the shape matches the shape of the cushion. A shoe with a last sole is also something you should look for if you have a hollow foot. Indeed, this type of shoe offers additional cushioning and is more flexible than other shoes.


A shoe made of light material or whose design allows good air circulation facilitates your feet' ventilation. This will keep it fresh and dry. This will not only give you more comfort when you walk or run but also prevent the growth of bad-smelling bacteria.


A shoe should always have the right fit while staying in the right place. You do not want to lose a shoe that will not support your high arches or be too tight for more comfort. Choosing a shoe with the right level of convenience allows you to walk without worrying about anything.


If you want to prevent your feet from ankle sprains while you walk or run, then the feet' stability is essential for your high arches. An ideal shoe should have foot support for people who suffer from high arches and have too high pronation, as this also helps to keep balance while walking.


Light, flexible shoes help combat stiffness in your feet, allowing you to move your feet freely to help you balance your feet' movement while running or walking. Flexible shoes also help to spread the pressure on the feet as you move.

Advantages of shoes with arch support

You may think there are only two advantages to wearing shoes with extensive arch support. Most of the time, these benefits are the only ones highlighted by doctors and shoemakers.

Distributes Pressure

Pressure distribution is essential for all shoes. This is essential for high arches. This is why high-arch shoe support appropriates pressure better than everyday shoes. This helps to align the body and alleviate the pain.

Provides Stability and Balance

Shoes with high arch support allow you to walk better. This is because it helps you with your pronation. In doing so, it reduces the risk of developing ankle sprains. It could also help you with your posture, as it will help you walk the right way.

Provide Adequate Support

Those who need special shoes due to foot pain will have less if they wear shoes with appropriate support. This is because of the way the feet affect the ground changes. This helps relieve existing pain when you walk or run.

Pain Relief

Given the above benefits, shoes with high arch supports will reduce pain while running or walking. Sometimes, the joints can repair themselves depending on how much support the shoes can give, avoiding additional damage that relieves pain.

Prevents Additional Damage

Not only do shoes with high arches reduce pain and improve posture, but they also prevent the foot from spraining the ankle, which could potentially cause fractures if combined with inadequate support of the foot, poor shock absorption, and cases of collapse and plantar development fasciitis.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Problems Do High Arches Cause?

High arches are often the result of genetics and wearing uncomfortable footwear. This causes your feet to overpronate, leading to many problems such as knee pain, back pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, Bunions, and more.

Should I use orthotics in my shoes?

If you are a runner, it's essential to wear orthotics in your shoes. This can help prevent overuse injuries like shin splints and heel pain. But even if you're not an athlete, orthotics may be able to provide relief for chronic foot or ankle pain.

What type of shoe is best for high arches?

The best shoe for high arches has a wide upper, offers enough support and stability, and is flexible.

Should you wear arch supports if you have high arches?

It is not recommended to wear regular arch supports, as they can worsen your condition. Instead, you should seek a shoe that offers the correct arch support for your specific needs.

How do you walk with high arches?

When walking with high arches, lean your feet slightly outward when taking a step. This will help keep the weight of your body over the middle part of your foot, where you get support.

Are Orthofeet shoes suitable for high arches?

Regarding shoes, orthopedic footwear has been proven repeatedly to be the most beneficial for those with foot problems. Orthofeet is a well-known brand that manufactures orthopedic shoes in all styles and colors.

Why Do You Need Arch Support?

You might not think that your feet need arch support, but when you are standing or walking for long periods, the muscles in your foot become strained. This can lead to pain and discomfort, and injury if left untreated. Arch supports help keep the arches of your foot aligned, so they don't have to work too hard to stay up on their own.

What do Benefits Will High Arch Shoes provide?

There are a few benefits you can gain from high-arch shoes. You will have less foot pain, shin splints, and better alignment of your knees. High arches help neutralize the forces that pressure your knee, hips, and back. You will also experience improved circulation with these shoes because the increased space in the shoe relieves tension on your feet which helps blood flow more freely up to your heart.

What are Foot Arches? Do I Have High Arches?

The bones, ligaments, and tendons of the foot create the trails and are essential for movement and weight. The shape and height of your foot arches are unique; No two people are the same.

The human foot is a highly complex mechanism that has two essential functions:

  1. Weight
  2. Drive walking, running, and jumping.

A high degree of stability and flexibility is required to perform these functions. The elaborate bones and joints give it the requisite flexibility, but the foot's bones must be an arch to support any weight gain.

The foot has three types of arches:

  • Longitudinal Arch
  • Lateral Longitudinal Arch
  • Arch Transverse

Two longitudinal arches (one on each side) run from front to back; One arched span runs across the midpoint from the inside to the outside.

Foot Types

The arches and other tissues of the foot help determine the type of feet. The most common types of footwear include:

  • High Arches
  • Neutral Foot Type
  • Flat Feet

Is Your Foot Supination?

The foot's shape defines how the foot moves when running, jumping, and walking. The natural movement is called pronation, and due to the specific shape of the foot, excessive pronation or too slight pronation or supination can occur. During more prolonged and frequent loads, providing adequate foot support and preventing injuries and pain is essential.

Once we determine if our foot's shape is causing supination, pronation, or neutral movement, we can limit appropriate running shoes and choose sneakers that offer the proper support to the foot. Most people have a low foot arch, which causes excessive pronation when moving. A small proportion, only approximately ten percent of people, has a high foot arch, which causes supination.

What are High arches?

A tall arch is also called a pes cavus or a foot cavus. As the height of each person's arches usually changes, this may not be a problem. They can be hereditary. A tall arch can be more prone to causing injuries when you're playing or running.

High arches do not attack the shock or provide as much support as walking. You can benefit from cushioned shoes and custom-molded shoe inserts to aid shock absorption.

The high arch of the foot is associated with supination. If you have already checked your foot's movement by recording a run or studying the foot arch's height with the sole imprint and are sure that you are a supinator, you have already made an essential step in choosing the proper footwear.

If you are still unsure, perform a simple test. Press the wet foot on a paper or cardboard surface to make the trace visible. If the part between the toes and heel is broken, your foot arch is high, which causes supination.

If you have a supination foot, you can also check based on the consumption of popular walking shoes. It is likely supination if the sole is most worn on the outside.

What is Supination?

Supination or too slight pronation occurs when the foot is turned outwards, and the body's weight is transferred to the foot's outer part. Supination is a rare foot twisting, but just like excessive pronation, it can cause problems.

The knee may rotate outward during supination, and the pelvis may tilt back. The supination foot is rigid and will not bend nor be adapted to the substrate's different conditions on which it moves.

Due to less shock absorption and less flexibility, biomechanical disturbances can occur that cause various body problems.

Runners with supination can feel pain in the feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, and neck and are more prone to ankle sprains and heel injuries.

How to Fix High Arches?

Treatment and Safety Shoes for High Arch

  • Generally, a footbed with arch support can help. I prefer walking shoes with a footbed with arch support, which is relatively rigid and keeps the foot in the correct position.
  • Insoles or orthopedic insoles tailored to your arch can relieve pressure from the arch and reduce pain if the feet are aligned too far inward.
  • Doctors may advise some patients to rest and avoid extra work activities that worsen until symptoms improve.
  • Manufacturers of walking shoes for high arches provide replacement insoles with different spans to adapt to your shoe.

What if My Shoe Still Does Not Support My High Arches Enough?

You may have thought you found the perfect shoe for your high arches. But now, even after weeks of wearing them, they still don't feel like they're supporting your feet correctly. What gives? Your high arch needs to be supported with more than just a shoe.

If your shoe does not support your high arches enough, you may need to consider orthotics. Orthotic inserts will help provide the arch support lacking in many footwear options.

What Shoe Features Do You Need With High Arches?

Here are a few shoe features that you need to consider if you have high arches:

  1. A shoe with a firm heel counter will provide stability and support.
  2. Shoes with a wider toe box, especially in the front of the foot, can help prevent bunions and corns from forming.
  3. The arch should be covered by at least 3 inches of material.

Which New Balance Shoes Are Best for High Arches?

New Balance has a range of shoes for high arches, making it easy to find the best fit. They offer two types of New Balance shoes: stability and motion control. Stability is designed for people with flat feet, while motion control is designed for high arches. You can also filter by width on their website and browse the many available styles. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find something that's perfect!

When Should I Get a New Pair of Walking Shoes?

Walking (and running) shoes have a limited lifespan. With each step, you break down their cushioning and support.

Are your current walking shoes worn or too worn?

Besides the physical appearance, there is a general rule: every 500-750km. It would be best if you acquired a new pair of sneakers. If you walk an average of 30 minutes daily, consider replacing your walking shoes every six months.

A shoe can still look great on the outside while the interior and the support are gunned down: don't rely on appearance!

Your weight is also a factor. The heavier you weigh, the faster your shoes will wear out.

Here are other vital points that will put you on the trail of a worn shoe:

  • the sole is worn so that a different color now appears under the pump at the wear areas
  • the pump has marked "wrinkles" on the sides or bottom of the sole due to the break in the support and the cushioning

When you go to the store to change pairs, do not forget to bring your old shoes to benefit from the best advice, the specialist can analyze the soles and heels to detect your step and gait.

Final Words

In conclusion, some running shoes offer better characteristics than others. There are also drawbacks to the drawings. Despite this, the list above mentions some of the best shoes for high arches.

When choosing a pair of sports shoes (running, trail, walking, etc.), the adjustment must always precede any other consideration: technology, opinion, style, or even recommendation from friends.

Each foot is unique, and you must try your future pair (unless you are entirely sure of what you are doing).

A good fit is essential, not only for your comfort but also to prevent you from having bruised toenails or blisters on your heel after your most intense walks.

A walking shoe that "fits" well is a comfortable shoe everywhere, which does not tighten anywhere and offers the wearer enough space to move their toes.

To be sure that you have found the right pair, here are some simple tests to pass:

  • Take the shoe by the heel and the toe, then fold it: the pump must bend under the sole, not at the front of the foot or elsewhere.
  • Now put it on. When descending a slope, see if your toes' tip touches the inside front of the shoe. Assuming you have laced the boots well, the shoes should not allow you to go that far. Walking shoes widen slightly over time. If your toes can already touch the front of the boots when they are new, try another pair!
  • If your shoes have passed the descent and flexibility test, try them on the stairs. Go up a few steps two by two. If the boots' heel regularly lifts even a quarter of a centimeter, these are bulbs waiting for you at the turn! It is essential to stop or minimize your heels' back-and-forth movement inside the shoes. You can take up to 10,000 steps on an ordinary day, and repeated heel movements can cause blisters.

Do not forget to try your future pair when your feet are swollen at the end of the day, and bring the socks you generally wear when walking.

Usually, the right size for your shoes is one and a half sizes larger than your traditional shoes because your feet swell when walking. If a part of your foot has rubbed against an area of ​​the shoe, stop trying and try another pair!

Again, comfort above all!

I believe; now you are happy to read our review about the Best Walking Shoes for High Arches. If you think this article can help your friends, don't forget to share it on social media.


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