Best Shoes for Nurses on Feet All Day

Top 16 Best Shoes for Nurses on Feet All Day in 2022

Shoes are an essential part of a nurse's uniform, but they're also made to provide the comfort and durability necessary for hard work.

The nurse needs shoes with optimum comfort, so they don't experience pain from standing all day long while performing their job duties like checking vitals at different stations around the hospital floor.

Medical professionals such as nurses and nursing assistants must wear appropriate shoes for their safety. Shoes cover the feet, preventing accidents from slips or trips due to spilled liquids on the ground that may scald them.

They also prevent injuries caused by falls of sharp objects like knives when cooking in a hospital kitchen where many people work together at once without proper supervision.

Therefore it is of paramount importance for medical providers who assist patients because poor shoe choices can cause significant health problems, which will result in more time spent away from home caring for themselves instead of doing what they need to do, which is help others.

But, what are the best shoes for nurses on feet all day?

The shoe should be light and airy, with hygienic soles that are silent when walking. The shoes must hold your foot in place to avoid the risk of falling or slipping as you walk around during a patient's visit.

Nurses are on their feet all day, which can lead to pain and discomfort. This post will look at the best shoes for nurses who want to stay comfortable during work hours. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right shoe, but this blog post will help you narrow down your choices before making a purchase.


As a nurse, you know how important it is to be comfortable while on your feet for long periods. These Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs are designed with comfort in mind and have a contoured footbed that supports the natural shape of the human foot to reduce fatigue and pain.

The hospital clogs also come in various colors, so it is sure to match your style! Each has flexible rubber soles that offer incredible grip on smooth or slightly uneven surfaces alike!

The lightweight polyurethane outsoles also protect from slips and fall when wet outside or when your hospital floor is slippery due to humidity levels indoors. With these features, any nurse will maximize their efficiency while caring for patients without sacrificing the quality of footwear.

With sizes ranging from 5 to 11, these medical clogs will fit all nurses' needs!

The footbed in these black nursing shoes features contoured arch support, which helps reduce fatigue on your feet. It also has a soft lining that will not irritate when worn against bare skin, as well as Nylex® antimicrobial lining to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, molds, and fungi!

The best Dansko nursing shoes have also been certified by ECRI Institute for comfort. They are made out of natural materials like leather which can help prevent skin irritation during extended wear periods. Check them out today if you work in a nursing profession or know someone who does!


  •  Durable, comfortable shoe with a wide toe box.
  •  Great for people with sensitive feet or high arches.
  •  You'll never have to worry about painful blisters again!
  •  Your feet will be happier and healthier.
  •  You'll have a better posture.
  •  You'll feel energized to take on the day.
  •  You'll feel more comfortable walking around all day.
  •  You'll be able to do a lot more activities with these shoes.
  •  Look stylish while you're out and about in your daily life.


  • These clogs are pretty costly, but the quality is worth it!


Nurse Mates is a company that specializes in shoes and foot care for nurses. They have been on the market since 2011, and their goal is to provide a comfortable shoes with support for professional nurses around the world.

Nurse Mates was founded by two sisters, both nurse practitioners seeking a solution for themselves when they found there wasn't one available on the market.

They wanted something durable enough to last through a 12-hour shift and stylish enough to wear outside of work. The Nurse Mate's Women's Velocity medical professional shoe offers all this!

These best nursing shoes for plantar fasciitis have high-quality construction, slip-resistant outsole, steel shank reinforcement, and heel stabilizer technology, preventing plantar fasciitis or other injuries from occurring while wearing these shoes.

These best shoes for nurses standing on their feet all day have a low-profile silhouette and lightweight design perfect for all-day wear, with the added benefit of being waterproof to keep your feet dry. With this shoe on your feet, you will feel confident throughout your shift and know that these shoes were made just for you!

Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Shoe is the perfect shoe for nurses on their feet all day. This shoe has a padded tongue and collar with a flexible forefoot to create extra comfort.

The rubber sole helps prevent slips and falls when you're out of your scrubs or changing from one pair of shoes to another at work. These best shoes for nursing students also feature an easy slip-on design with a wide opening, making it easier to get in and out of these women's nursing shoes than traditional laces.

See also: Best Running Shoes for Metatarsalgia Pain.


  • Your feet will feel supported and comfortable.
  • Align your posture and relieve pressure on the spine, hips, knees, and ankles.
  • Wear them for hours without discomfort or fatigue.
  • Provides relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Improves health by correcting the alignment of your feet.
  • The laces are adjustable and stretchable.
  • Get the best orthotics on the market.
  • Supports your natural walking pattern.
  • You'll love how much more confident you are in a pair of shoes that supports you from head to toe!


  • These shoes are not cheap.


You may spend a few dollars more on Alegria's Debra slippers, but you will get an excellent nursing shoe in stain-resistant leather. These top rated nursing shoes are Lightweight that offers high comfort. You can choose from different models and styles and get rid of the pain simultaneously.

You already know that plantar fasciitis requires adequate arch support and the possibility of adding orthopedic inserts. This is precisely what Alegria nurse shoes offer. These clogs for nurses are well made and robust and could serve you for many years.

The Alegria Women's Debra Slip-On significantly reduces pain and provides additional cushioning around the heel to prevent slips and blisters. Thick soles will give you movement control and stability.

These best leather shoes for nurses on the feet all day are iconic styles women have loved for many years. It's a go-to shoe choice for all occasions, from work to weekend errands and everything in between.

The patent leather upper is soft but durable, while the padded collar provides comfort and support. This footwear will be your new favorite thing with a suede lining and removable footbed insert!

Also, if you are a fashionable nurse who likes to wear a few pairs of work shoes in keeping with her uniform, be aware that the models from Alegria nursing shoes are a bit expensive. If you wear them with socks, they could be too tight and cause pain.

It also features elasticized goring at the side to give you a customized fit. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one today!


  • They have excellent arch support.
  • They are well made and robust.
  • They significantly reduce pain.
  • An additional cushion around the heel prevents blisters.
  • They have thick soles and a removable insole.
  • Best shoes for nurses on the feet all day long.


  • When you wear them, they stretch a bit.
  • The design is a bit old fashioned.
  • They are a bit expensive.
  • If you wear them with a sock, they could be too tight.

These best nurses shoes are especially ideal for nurses who spend the whole day walking around the hospital halls while having foot problems.

As with the previous model, you'll need a little more money to buy these memory foam nursing clogs, but a removable cork, latex, and memory foam insole are worth it. It offers ultimate support and comfort. The Keli Professional is also leather and has a non-slip polyurethane sole.

Alegria shoes are light and most comfortable nursing shoes, with a heel of only 15 cm, making them pleasant for plantar fasciitis. Besides, the outsole design protects from slipping and serves as a shock absorber.

The pull-on style will help you jump in seconds, while the proper ventilation will keep your feet from sweating. Finally, the support soles are replaceable, and you can choose the width of the shoe so that it adapts perfectly to your foot.

However, your heel may slip between them, which is not very practical for a nurse in a hurry. Even though this model offers correct movement control, it may be slightly stiffer than it should be.

Simultaneously, the seams of these best shoes for care assistants are rough, which could cause blisters and general discomfort. The price of Keli Professionals is a little higher than the average.


  • 40+ Colors and Design
  • They are incredibly comfortable and light.
  • You can replace the soles after you have worn them out.
  • Your feet will not sweat in them.
  • You can choose the width that suits you.
  • They absorb shocks and provide excellent arch support.


  • Your heel could slide up and down a little.
  • They are a bit expensive.
  • They might be too stiff for you.
  • They come with rough seams.

Nurse Mates Women's Dove's Oxford black nursing shoes are the only shoes in this lot, specially designed for nurses. Still, they are also suitable for all those who suffer from plantar fasciitis and are recommended by health professionals.

These women's nurse shoes offer fantastic support for the feet and body, they are comfortable, and their steel shank gives you stability and security. Another feature that makes them exceptional is their stain-resistant leather surface.

When it comes to supporting, these black leather nursing shoes have everything you need: cushioned insole, toe, and a padded collar; Everything is here. The steel shanks guarantee the lateral stability and comfort necessary to obtain the proper quality shoe suitable for plantar fasciitis.

The black nursing shoes come with removable insoles and a stain-resistant finish that makes it easy to wash the blood and other liquids. The outsole is also non-slip, which means you can walk the halls without worrying about slipping and falling.

However, nurse mates' dove shoe tips could be too stiff or too narrow for you, unsuitable for plantar fasciitis nurses. Also, although existing, arch support is not the best you can find. Ventilation is a big problem. Your feet will probably sweat, which could cause wet blisters.

Finally, these comfortable shoes to work in a hospital are not very durable, which can be problematic, especially if you consider them more expensive than the average.


  • They are designed specifically for nurses.
  • They come with a stain-resistant finish.
  • Steel shanks provide lateral stability when walking.
  • They are comfortable with a removable sole.
  • They are donned and look professional.


  • The summit may be too steep and tight for some users.
  • The arch support is not the best.
  • Ventilation is a bit problematic.
  • They are not durable enough.

Here is another trendy brand among plantar fasciitis patients and nurses. These nurse clogs have a non-slip outsole. Even if the price is a little high, it offers comfort, flexibility, and support for your arches, muscles, and ligaments.

These popular shoes are the best nursing shoes on the market. The toe area is wide enough for you to choose from various colors and patterns to make your work outfit appear.

As the soles are removable, you can use your orthotics effectively with these shoes.

The non-slip outsole will ensure you are safe and stable while you work. As we have already mentioned, the design of the nursing clogs and the materials that compose them provide excellent arch support and optimal comfort. At the same time, your toes have enough room to stay comfortable even when your feet swell after a long day of work.

The heel height of these black work shoes for nurses is perfect for helping your posture, and the elastic part of the shoe is better for them.

However, this KLOGS Footwear Women's Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Clog model can be rigid, and most people need time to pierce it, which is not ideal for plantar fasciitis. [See also Best Crossfit Shoes for Women]

Besides, shoes slip on wet surfaces, which can be tricky for nurses, as fluids are often spilled, and daily walking on slippery floors occurs. The elastic eventually loses ground, and the pattern sometimes begins to tear.


  • They come with non-slip soles.
  • They provide excellent comfort and arch support.
  • The toes have enough room.
  • The heel height is perfect.
  • The elastic helps the shoe to adapt better over it.


  • You will probably need time to pierce them.
  • They are a little slippery on wet surfaces.
  • The elastic can get a bit sloppy over time.
  • The pattern may start to fall apart.

Nurses work hard to provide care for their patients. You know that nurses are on the front lines of healthcare, and as a result, they need shoes that can hold up to all types of environments and conditions.

The Brooks Women's Launch 7 is designed to be the perfect running shoe for nurses. It has an extra-cushioned midsole and heel support to help reduce stress on your feet and joints during long shifts; it also offers a breathable mesh upper with durable synthetic overlays so you can stay cool when things get hot in the hospital!

The Launch 7 from Brooks Women's Running offers cushioning, arch support, and stability for long hours of walking or running with patients throughout the medical facility. With over 100 years of experience designing high-quality athletic footwear, Brooks knows what it takes to keep nurses' bodies healthy while they're helping others heal.

These best shoes for nurses on their feet all day also feature a women-specific last, which provides increased width in the forefoot area and a roomy toe box for added space. In addition, it comes with an OrthoLite Sockliner that supports your feet no matter what type of shift you are working or how many hours you spend on your feet each day.


  • Lightweight construction, perfect for nurses.
  • Durable rubber soles that are built to last.
  • Breathable mesh uppers with a snug fit.
  • Midfoot Transition Zone is shaped to go from heel to toe quickly.
  • Protect your feet in style.


  • Unfortunately, these shoes are not waterproof.


Nurses who prefer to combine comfort, sporty style, and fashion will be delighted to learn more about Skechers Loving Life sneakers. These pair of nurse working shoes offer excellent cushioning and memory foam.

Also, have a rubber outsole that helps people with plantar fasciitis. This is one of the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis.

This best Skechers for nurses is constructed from a soft and breathable mesh fabric, while the sole is rubber, which makes it durable and absorbs shock.

The first time you try this model, the insole may seem a bit stiff, but as soon as you start walking, the memory foam changes shape and fits the way of your leg perfectly. This feature is ideal for nurses who experience long periods of work and pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Thanks to the flexible grooves outsole, these best sneakers for nurses provide proper arch support while providing excellent ventilation. Finally, you can throw them in a washing machine after a few changes, and they will be like new.

While the slip-on is great for a busy nurse and the elastic cords are more attractive than the laces, this limits your ability to tighten the sneakers. However, the Skechers nursing shoes' size is not quite right, so make sure you are at least a half more significant than regularly. Be aware that these shoes are pretty narrow and do not go to more full feet.


  • Memory foam fits foot well.
  • They are light and comfortable.
  • They offer excellent arch support.
  • You can clean them in a washing machine.
  • The air circulation is fair.


  • They lack heel support.
  • The sizing is not entirely correct.
  • They will not be suitable for people with wide feet.
  • They have elastic cords instead of laces.

These new balance nursing shoes offer superior cushioning and flex grooves in the sole for added flexibility. This is one of the best nursing sneakers available in leather, suede, and various color combinations.

This gives the user an always good option and makes New Balance the best shoe for nurses with plantar fasciitis.

Ventilation is no problem with this shoe. Overlays have small perforations for perspiration. The shoe design is traditional, and a secure cord with a mesh-lined tongue and double density collar.

The bottom of the best nurse shoes has a padded midsole and a rubber sole that leaves no traces. This improves both balance and comfort. This is in the hands of the nurses with plantar fasciitis.

Traction is another feature that sets the shoe apart. The rubber sole that leaves no traces of flat plastic parts ensures a good fit on almost any surface. This is one of the best shoes for standing all day.

These best nursing shoes for heel pain will get safe, reliable, and comfortable footwear that won't bother you.

The inner shaft gives the shoe strength and balance, while the shoe's upper part is partly covered with synthetic layers that protect against damage. In short, this is one of the comfortable shoes for nurses.


  • Robust and durable
  • comfortable and
  • Perfect balance
  • great traction
  • Beautiful design
  • Available in different colors.


  • Some customers complain that there is no arch support.

This is one of the best shoes for nurses on feet all day with plantar fasciitis. Nurses who prefer comfort, style, and fashion will be happy to teach you more about Skechers' shoes. These are also the best shoes for nursing school.

Simultaneously, these beautiful lace-free white nursing shoes provide cushioning, viscoelastic foam, and an excellent rubber sole that could be useful for those with plantar fasciitis. The trunk of this economic model is made of rubber, making it durable and absorbing shocks.

If you are searching for an alternative to Dansko clogs, this shoe would be ideal. When you try these leather nursing shoes for the first time, the insole may look a little stiff, but when you start walking, the shape of the memory foam changes and adapts perfectly to the leg's shape. This feature is ideal for nurses who have long work periods and pain in plantar fasciitis.

Skechers Sport Women's Premium Sneaker white nursing shoes have a flexible and ribbed sole, and these shoes provide good arch support and excellent ventilation. After some changes, you can throw them in a washing machine, and they will look like new.

Although dressing is ideal for a busy nurse and elastic bands are more attractive than shoelaces, you can only wear your shoes with restrictions.

However, the number of Skechers white nurse shoes is not entirely correct. Make sure you have at least half of the average. Keep in mind that these shoes are very narrow and don't widen.


  • They are light and comfortable.
  • They provide excellent arch support.
  • You can clean them in a washing machine.
  • The air circulation is correct.


  • Missing heel support.
  • The size is not entirely correct.
  • Elastic ropes instead of cords.
  • Not suitable for people with wide feet.

Nurses are on their feet for 12 hours at a time. They need to be able to move quickly and have comfort and support throughout their entire day. The Z-CoiL Women's Toffler Slip Resistant clog is the perfect shoe for nurses in this situation!

These best nursing shoes for women have an ergonomic design that supports your foot while still being lightweight and flexible enough for quick movement. With its slip-resistant outsole, you don't have to worry about slipping when running from one patient room to another.

The patent in the rigid orthopedic orthosis protects and supports the soles of the plantar facilities. This relieves the pain associated with the disorder. These are also the best shoes for nurses on their feet all day long.

The front lining protects the joints of sensitive fingers, ligaments, and tendons. The wide toe provides excellent comfort and relieves pain in the forefoot joints. These things make it the best shoe for nurses with plantar facilities.

These best shoes for nurses standing on feet all day have a heel of 0.75 cm long. Unlike standard heels, this one has a conical heel known as the Z-Coil, also patented. Reduces stress by 50%, relieves pain from plantar fasciitis, and general aids fatigue.

The only drawback is the appearance, and it is not very elegant. And the price Although the shoe is not as cheap as some of the best shoes for nurses with plantar facilities. It is one of the most recommended shoes for nurses.


  • Full toe box and offer a comfortable fit
  • The additional cushioning is added to the front.


  • Design is not very elegant
  • Expensive from other competitors.

Many women's shoes have stiffer soles that cause foot pain in plantar fasciitis. It is much more difficult to find a women's running shoe with the support and padding you need. These are also good shoes for nursing.

The Brooks Women's Ghost 12 model is one of the few that doesn't find the problem. It has a soft rubber sole. Rubber is a good option because this material is strong enough to hold it but flexible and flexible sufficient to force the foot into a strange position.

Arch support is designed for users with a neutral arch or light relief. It has a lower span, but a slightly firmer sole. The sole also has this beautiful design distributed in the center of the heel, which helps disperse and absorb the bumps to wrap around the heel rather than through it.

Overall, the Ghost model has another excellent feature for severe heel pain. This is also one of the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis and is also comfortable shoes for nurses.


  • Excellent shock absorption in the heel
  • Smooth and stable driving behavior
  • soft cushioning.


  • Still, a bit on the stiffer side compared to other options.
  • The toe box is a bit wider.

Nurses are always on their feet and need comfortable, durable shoes for work. The Saucony Women's Freedom Iso 2 is a great option because not only does it provide maximum support, but also has the right amount of cushioning to help nurses avoid fatigue.

It also features a lightweight design that makes them easier to take off when you're done working! If you've been looking for the perfect shoe for your nursing job, look no further than the Saucony Women's Freedom Iso 2.

The Freedom ISO2 is a great option if you want an all-around supportive yet cushioned running shoe with more protection from impact and water than other models in this category.

Saucony Women's Freedom Iso 2 is preferable to the intermediate stage of plantar fasciitis healing. This will encourage you to walk more in the center of the foot than in the heel. This is important because landing on the ground is one of the most common ways to damage your feet. Then this shoe will help solve the problem.

However, this is accomplished by enough as a buffer to protect your foot. The sole also has a beautiful design that retains flexibility, while splashing around the foot instead of sliding down the heel. I think freedom iso 2 can also become your everyday shoe to avoid future problems.


  • A great everyday shoe for long-lasting heel pain prevention
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • An impressive precursor to minimalist shoes.


  • The small size of ½ is therefore certainly a size ½ more considerable buy.
  • Short in the toebox.

If you work as a nurse, your profession requires that you stand for hours on end. This can cause some pain in the feet and ankles because of the heavyweight being put on them. To alleviate this discomfort, we recommend Vionic leather nursing shoes. They are designed with an orthotic footbed that offers arch support.

These best walking shoes for nurses also have a heel spur relief pad which provides cushioning between the metatarsal heads and ball of the foot for added comfort. The style is made with leather uppers and rubber soles, so it will protect your feet from bacteria while keeping your feet dry during long shifts at work or home caring for others!

Nurses are on their feet all day and need to find the most secure, comfortable footwear possible. Vionic Orthaheel Walker for women addresses both needs with a supportive design that helps heal plantar fasciitis and other common foot ailments.

Smoothly sculpted rubber outsoles take pressure off the ball of your foot, while the ultimate EVA midsole cushioning will have you walking like you're in the air.

These best shoes for standing all day women also come with interchangeable clips so that users can switch up their style whenever they please! The corset provides extra support for heels or arches while correcting pace- anyone who wants freedom without too much impact on their heel will love this next-level walking shoe by Vionic!

The corset is removable, meaning you can remove it once the pain has gone and strengthen your foot to avoid hurting yourself again.


  • Removable orthosis that correctly supports plantar fasciitis.
  • 100% leather with a synthetic sole
  • Beautiful design


  • The sole is not that durable
  • narrow.

Asics shoes are not only one of the most reliable and profitable brands but also extremely durable. They offer excellent stability, which we have identified as one of the main features of plantar fasciitis.

A small problem with these shoes is the size (as is the case with many shoes we will mention). Unlike the Saucony model, Asics shoes need more dimensions than the usual pair of shoes.

It is essential to choose the correct size; otherwise, slipping can occur, which can become dangerous for additional damage. This fantastic shoe model is slightly more extensive in the heel, so it is not recommended for those with narrower feet.

These lightweight and comfortable shoes to work are a cost-effective alternative to custom shoes and are ideal for those with plantar fasciitis and flat feet. So these shoes are the best shoes for nurses with flat feet.

They provide excellent support for our feet and can act as pain killers. These things make them the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis.


  • Robust and durable design
  • Works for flat feet
  • Great stability
  • Affordable.


  • Wide heel
  • Uncomfortable for some customers
  • Size problem (Does not fit in the shoes).

Best Shoes for Nurses Male

Reebok Men’s ZigWild Tr 5.0 Shoe


This best shoes for nurses male combines comfortable and responsive cushioning with exceptional fit and comfort. The elegant look of fashion complements all this.

Reebok Zigwild has been specially developed for the job. This does not mean that it does not meet a nurse's needs. These features make it one of the best nursing sneakers, as well as comfortable nursing shoes.

ZigTech's midsole is particularly suitable for plantar fasciitis thanks to the cushioning and absorption of higher impacts.

The stable memory foam on the shoe's heel relieves pain and is the best shoe for nurses with plantar fasciitis. Also, The guidance of this shoe is excellent due to the carbon rubber on the heel.

The design is low for more excellent maneuverability, while the plastic and mesh provide breathable uppers, support, and comfort.


  • Comfortable nursing shoes
  • Best shoes for nurses on the feet all day long
  • Available in different colors
  • great traction
  • sleek look
  • 100% mesh.


  • Narrow toe box
  • A little bit expensive.

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Buying Guide of Best Nurse shoes

When purchasing a pair of best shoes for nurses on feet all day, there are several qualities to keep in mind. Comfort and protection against falling objects and slipping on wet or dangerous surfaces are just two. The material they are made from, the style of the shoe, and the type of insole will add to the convenience of the pump. Arch support is one of the most important aspects of any nurse's shoe.

Excellent arch support will prevent foot and heel pain and help alleviate any back and leg pain you may be experiencing. The weight of your shoes is significant.

We look at the different shoe styles you can choose from as a registered shoe style and how they will help you prevent foot problems, back pain, or leg pain by standing, walking, and running all day during your stressful and demanding job as a registered professional nurse. [Check out the best shoes to help control back pain.]

shoes for nurses


Sports shoes are very popular with nurses. This is because they are easy to remove and put on. Therefore they are easy to change if they are damaged during your shift.

Often people who work in operating rooms need to change their shoes when entering or leaving the operating room, and this would be very difficult with shoes with laces upwards and can cause difficulties in keeping hands sterile, as they will have to be untied instead of just sliding them on or off.

With laces

These are slippered style shoes ideal for people who work in the most intensive hospital areas where you are running or walking a lot instead of standing in an operating room. Nurses who work in intensive care or emergency units often prefer these types of laces, as they keep their feet secure in shoes without the possibility of slipping when running around.

It is easier to run with them than with clogs. These laces are also closed and will protect nurses working in this type of environment. Often, the people who work here face fluids on the floors and other hazardous materials like needles.

Having the protection you need is vital when you work here.

Designed to give you the support and stability you need when you're on the go, these Nurse Slippers are ideal for people working in intensive care units or hospital emergency rooms.

 Best Nurses Shoes Walking


These are the most popular footwear items used by nurses and other workers who spend a lot of time on their feet during the day. The reason is that they are designed for optimal comfort and support and are best for standing or walking throughout the day.

The clog can be seen as a slip due to the added strap. This is a perfect match for those nurses who work in operating rooms, as they are straightforward to put on and take off. The clogs are not only roomy in style to give you maximum comfort but are designed to relieve pressure on your foot at major pressure points so you can avoid those sore feet at the end of the day.

Aside from the style you choose, you should consider other aspects that a great type of nursing footwear will offer you. A good pair will help you maintain your posture, prevent back and spinal problems, and protect your feet from accidents such as slips and falls or liquid spills. It is essential to have a pair that protects you from exposure to these things.

Consider the material the pair is made of. Synthetic materials tend to get warm and uncomfortable, and it is preferable to have a couple made of natural materials such as leather. A pair with a simple material to clean and maintain and waterproof shoes like a nurse is a must.

Durability in a pair is essential as you will be standing for a long time and will wear out much faster than regular footwear.

As your clogs wear, they will loosen a little, and your foot will no longer be as securely attached to the foot and heel. The shoe's fit is of the utmost importance when selecting the right one. No matter what type you choose, you need to make sure it fits your size and shape well. If you get a comfortable pair that does not provide you, you will notice that you have harrowing feet at the end of your shift.

It is not only the size of the shoe that matters. You need to consider if you have sagging arches or flat feet and other foot problems like plantar fasciitis or broad feet. Many shoes on the market cater to people suffering from different foot ailments. If you can get a pair that has a removable insole that you can replace with an orthopedic insole to help you deal with any foot problems, this is ideal.

No matter what type of partner you choose as a nurse, you need to ensure it offers you what you need to get through the day. The nurse's job is stressful and demanding. You cannot take frequent breaks and spend most of the day on your feet, and they bear a lot of pressure when lifting patients, walking, running, and standing for long hours while working.

Getting the right pair will make a difference in your workday and help you avoid foot, back, and leg pain after a long day at work.

shoe for nurses female


Loafers are also ideal for working within the hospital. In addition to being very comfortable, they weigh almost nothing, so it feels like you are not wearing shoes. This shoe is better if the sole is made of rubber to have more grip.


Sneakers are made for walking a lot. They are in between authentic running shoes and regular shoes. They look very hip and fit like a glove. Besides, sneakers have suitable footbeds, which is very important if you walk a lot.


Shoes Running or not; running shoes are also suitable for people who have to walk/walk a lot during work. They are very comfortable and ensure that your foot is balanced, providing stability and control. These shoes also breathe well, which prevents unpleasant odors.

Heel support

The cushions should support the heel for better comfort and better pain relief. Also, the heel should not slide up and down; it should be stable. Make sure your heel is well contoured by the shoe.

Removable insoles

The orthotics adapted to your feet and the soles supplied with the shoes must be removable. You will need to change them once they are worn out or if your state requirements vary. If you cannot remove the insoles and replace them with new ones, the whole shoe will become useless.

Slip resistance

Slip resistance and good grip help keep you safe from various spills and fluids every day in hospitals and similar environments.


The ideal nursing shoes should be light not to put additional pressure on the feet and not cause fatigue, thus adversely affecting your productivity and professional performance.

Some Other Tips for the Best Buy:

  • Try shoes. If you don't feel pleasant and comfortable the first time, you wear them, keep looking. It would be best if you did not wait to pierce them; they could get worse.
  • The best time to shop is in the evening after a day of work. This way, your feet will expand, and you will know what size you will need when your feet are swollen.
  • The toe area should be wide enough. Otherwise, it will not complement the natural position of the foot.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Most Comfortable Shoes for Nurses?

Your footwear should not only protect your feet and offer the comfort you need, but a great pair of shoes will also ensure that you put less strain on your back and legs. The nurse's day is very intense. Running, walking, and standing is part of the job. This is very demanding on your feet, and if you have the wrong style, you may find pain in your feet, back, and legs that will cause significant discomfort.

A shoe that offers cushioned insoles as you will be standing on hard surfaces throughout the day and an insole that can be removed and replaced is also a great option, especially if you need an orthopedic insole to help you deal with any problems in the feet you may have. Conditions like plantar fasciitis are a problem for people who spend most of the day on their feet, and comfortable shoes can prevent them.

Lace-up or clog shoes are some of the most famous nurse footwear styles, as they are easy to remove and put on and, unlike lace-up boots, do not put much pressure on the arches when worn during long periods of weather. Having a pair without laces also denies the possibility of tripping over the loose shoelaces or having to tie your laces at the most inconvenient times.

The material of the shoe will also increase your comfort levels by selecting the correct type. The content you should consider should be breathable to allow your foot to get good airflow, keeping it fresh during the day. They should also be supportive, easy to clean, and resistant to water and oil, which is why leather is an excellent choice as a material. Torque adjustment is also an essential aspect of your torque.

A comfortable and roomy fit is what you are looking for, especially if yours has a toe cap for protection. The right one for nurses will allow you to focus on your stressful and essential job rather than the sore and uncomfortable feet vital when working on this critical job.

 Best Shoes for Nurses

What Are the Best Shoes for Nurses on Feet All Day to Relieve Heel Pain?

Nurses often notice that they suffer from lower back pain, heel pain, and foot deformities. Often nurses also suffer from plantar fasciitis; this is caused by wearing the wrong footwear when working in a profession that requires you to stand for long periods every day. Standing for very long hours causes great strain on your heels, mainly if you vary between standing and running all day.

Nurse shoes are designed to help you deal with the stress and pressure your heels will have to endure when working as a professional nurse. Arch support is vital, and having comfortable shoes will significantly alleviate any heel or foot pain that you may experience when standing, walking, or running every day. Comfort will allow you to avoid the heel pain you might experience if you spend long hours on your feet.

If you have the right footwear with the best comfort levels, you will find that the pressure you put on your feet and heels is reduced, and therefore, the amount of pain you may experience will be reduced. Excellent arch support should be a top priority when looking at footwear to help you deny heel pain.

The arch's support will allow you to remove the pressure from the soles of the feet and the heels, and all this will prevent the shoe from pinching your feet, which will provide a perfect fit. Arch support is the quality that will alleviate the possibility of plantar fasciitis and heel pain and is an important consideration when considering which to buy.

It would be best to consider your shoe style for your particular foot shape and size. Lace-up boots often offer better arch support than other shoes and can help alleviate heel pain.

However, clogs and slippers also provide arch support and other aspects to help you deal with heel and foot pain. For RN especially, it's essential to get it right when selecting your footwear.

wide feet women

What Are the Best Nurse Shoes for Wide Feet?

Each person has different sizes and types of feet. Some have narrow, slender feet, and others have wide feet, and each person will need a pair that suits their unique foot shape and size.

Shoe styles will make a big difference in selecting shoes specifically designed to fit the most significant, most comprehensive, or narrowest foot sizes. If you suffer from feet more extensive than usual, you need a pair that offers a lot of space, and a type with a full insole is ideal.

The shoe style will help you cope with feet that are wider than usual. Clogs are slightly wider than other footwear types and are better for those with more full feet than others. The broad clog-style shoe base is best for those with wide feet, and they are designed not only to support your feet at all times but also to ensure you get the highest levels of comfort.

What Are the Best Shoes for Nurses Male?

Men and women have different needs when it comes to footwear. Men will find different shoe styles preferable to what women want, although there are some basic similarities that both genders require when looking for a pair of shoes. Comfort, support, stability, and durability are common qualities.

Men need a shoe that is non-slip since when working in a hospital environment, spills often occur. This also means that you need an easy-to-clean and maintain pair. Leather is usually a shoe of choice, as they are also oil and water-resistant. This will protect you from liquids and other hazardous materials you may encounter on the surfaces you walk on in the hospital environment.

The great arch support will help relieve heel and foot pain. It will not only stabilize your foot but will also help you align it to a neutral position. The cushioning will help your foot absorb the impact of walking or running and allows your foot to distribute your body's weight.

Insoles are an essential aspect of any shoe, especially for people who spend many hours on their feet. Have a pair of shoes that allows you to remove and replace your insole when it wears out, or if you need an orthopedic insole to help you deal with any foot problems you may have.

Why are Good Nursing Shoes So Important?

  1. Protects feet from injury and damage
  2. Provides comfort for your feet
  3. Promotes good circulation in the feet and legs
  4. Improves balance
  5. It keeps you comfortable throughout a long shift, even if you're standing all day.
  6. Keeps your back healthy by providing support for your spine.


Many factors go into choosing the Best Shoes for Nurses on Feet All Day. Nurses need to be able to walk, stand and move about all day long without pain or discomfort. They also have to think about their safety needs as they work in different environments with varying levels of risk. We’ve compiled a list of the best nursing shoes based on your individual needs so you can quickly find what works for you!

Whatever shoes you choose, be sure to try them on before making a purchase, and remember that investing a few more dollars in your health pays off!


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