Paul Evans Shoes Review

The 5 Best Paul Evans Shoes Review, Guide, Pros and Cons

Finding the right dress shoes can be challenging, especially when you want to find a pair that shouts classy. If that is what you are looking for, Paul Evans shoes are the right shoes.

You will see some best men's dress shoe brands worldwide, and Paul Evans is one of them. Forget browsing through hundreds of pairs to find the right ones because we have done all the work for you.

In addition to the Paul Evans shoes review, you will find a size guide, dress shoe buying guide, and dress shoe care instructions. So, without further delay, let's begin.


Are you looking for boots to wear? This Paul Evans Boots review provides you with one of the best boots you will ever wear.

Paul Evans Men’s Newman Chukka Boots are a perfect combination of formal plus casual shoes. The shoe looks great with formal dresses, yet, nothing feels short if you pair it with Jeans. Plus, the high-gloss profile goes along with both casual and professional environments.

You can change your attire from formal to casual, and your shoes won’t look out of place. Thanks to the fantastic finishing and material used, this versatile pair of shoes will add a cool look to your attire.

The excellent Italian calfskin leather surpasses the competitors’ shoes when it comes to quality. The 200 years old and tested method of Blake stitching gives the shoes strong durability.

Immediately after opening the box, the dedication and craftsmanship poured into the shoes will amaze you. The price you pay for these fantastic shoes will perfectly match or even exceed your exception of quality and comfort.

Pros and Cons of Paul Evans Men’s Newman Chukka Boots


  • Full-grain leather used in making
  • Hand-painted finish
  • Different ranges of size available
  • A good alternative to traditional bluchers.


  • A limited number of colors available.

Wear your shoes for long hours? The Dean Chelsea boots can be the ultimate solution for you. In this Paul Evans Chelsea boot review, we will bring the pros and cons for you.

Dean Chelsea boots have quality materials you won’t feel any irritation. Besides, the pair don’t have laces, making wearing very easy.

Paul Evans Men’s Dean Chelsea Boots come with an easy-to-understand size description. Choosing the right size out of the bunch will be effortless, whatever your feet size.

Were you looking for a pair to wear in cool weather? Paul Evans shoes have just the thing for you. The high neck of this pair provides a good grip and comfortable feeling in cold weather. They are equipped with Italian craftsmanship, and the boot matches well with different attires.

The black inner lining and hand-painted finish outside give the shoes an elegant look. Moreover, closed-channel leather soles make the shoe construction durable and long-lasting. If compromising comfort isn’t your thing over a stylish look, the Dean Chelsea boots are perfect for you. These boots are also suitable for college students!

Pros and Cons of Paul Evans Men’s Dean Chelsea Boots


  • The quality and fit of the shoe is perfect
  • Matching color soles
  • Leather lining
  • Heels are low-stacked
  • The Blake construction method makes resoling easier.


  • It may not be a good fit in the summertime.

Dean Chelsea Boots Review (Video)


Here we come with another pair of shoes in this Paul Evans review. The excellent quality crafting expertise you find in Stewart Penny Loafer is only found in more expensive brands' shoes. The right combination of luxury and styles offered in this pair is almost unmatched at the price range.

The fantastic color collection, especially the Oxblood color, is vibrant and deep, along with diverse types of attire. Along with this, the Blake stitch provides a sleeker and slimmer profile to the shoes.

Resoling is easier, thanks to the use of the Blake stitching method. The color and stitching method's output results in a sleeker and slimmer design with a great look.

This pair creases very little because of calfskin leather, nothing terrible, to be fair. Also, the hand-painted finish and calfskin leather make this pair worthy of your money.

Pros and Cons of Paul Evans Stewart Penny Loafer Shoes


  • Soles are quite flexible.
  • Realistically comfortable.
  • Compatible with dress up and dress down.
  • Added rubber on the sole resists slipping.


  • Limited stocks.

When it comes to oxford shoes, The Martin Wholecut Oxford is undoubtedly one of the best designs. The Wholecut design adds an aesthetic look that will earn you compliments from your friends and colleagues.

Usually, dress shoes require a specific break-in period. With the Martin Wholecut, you don't need this break-in period as these shoes are comfortable straight out of the box. Like most dress shoes, creasing is not a problem with this particular pair.

For shoes priced at nearly $400, quality, durability, and comfort are crucial. This Paul Evans shoe comes with an excellent combination of all these. The Martin Wholecut is probably one of the best pairs of shoes you will get for your money. Though they are available in various colors, the whole cut oxford black color looks more attractive.

These best dress shoes for men look like $1000 shoes but cost way less, even with the quality construction and materials. Are you looking to buy a value-for-money shoe? It's hard to find any better deal than this.

Pros and Cons of Men’s Martin Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes


  • Very lightweight
  • Creasing is minimum
  • Gets more comfortable from wearing more
  • Hand painting gives an excellent finishing.


  • Sole may wear it sooner than other Paul Evans shoes.

Martin Wholecut Oxford Review (Video)


For our final product in Paul Evans Shoes Review today, we have yet another Paul Evans shoes made for men. It's hard to beat Paul Evans quality, let alone the comfort at such an affordable price. Plus,  the Blake construction adds Cagney Oxford Shoes a narrower, shinier, and more refined look. From Nero to Chocolate, you will find a range of colors to choose from.

Along the throat line, there is bind stitching in the toe cap. You will only find visible stitching along the topline and down the hill. The overall stitching is elegant, giving the pair an elegant profile.

You will get calfskin leather made, hand-painted – everything for an excellent price. With the same quality, look, and style from other brands, the price usually goes over a thousand dollars. Consider that what Paul Evans is offering, it’s a steal.

You won’t have to worry about the fit. This pair will be a perfect fit straight out of the box. And if you are thinking of whether people will compliment you on your shoes, don't worry. This magnificent pair will surely earn you praises from your peers.

Pros and Cons of Men’s Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford Shoes


  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent quality leather
  • Visible premium Italian craftsmanship
  • The burgundy color looks different in a different light.


  • It may need frequent polishing.

Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford Review (Video)

Paul Evans Size Guide

  • Paul Evans shoes are one full size larger than US dress shoes. For athletic shoes, Paul Evans shoes are 1.5-2 sizes larger.
  • If you know your Brannock device shoe size, subtract 1.5 sizes. You will find the right size for your Paul Evans shoes.
  • Don’t forget to order one size smaller than the usual US size when buying Paul Evans shoes. Wear socks, try for 10-15 minutes, and check that the shoes don’t touch your toe.
  • Don’t use the excess space in the toe area to assess the perfect fit. Although, this varies from shoe to shoe. In Paul Evans shoes, you will always have a fair amount of space in the toe area.
  • It would be best to focus on how well the heel part fits. Also, check if there is enough width in the widest part of the toe area. If these two work, you are good to go.
  • Are you experiencing minor hill spillage? With 2-3 wear, you won’t feel any problem. And remember, if your heel comes out of the shoe, that’s not the right fit for you.

Dress Shoe Buying Guide

Want to get the most out of your money? Use this dress shoe buying guide.

Leather Quality

First and foremost, check the leather quality. Opt for full-grain first. If that is out of your price range, go for top grain, genuine leather, and bonded leather.

Comfort and Fit

Our feet tend to swell during the day. So, go to the store in the afternoon or evening. Don’t forget to wear socks. Try the shoe for 10-15 minutes to find the pressure points. Use the size guide for better results.


Are you looking for shoes for years to come? Then along with craftsmanship, you need to think about the design. Fashion-forward men might pick trendy shoes, but this season’s fashionable shoes might be out of style next season.

Opt for a classic design. So, if you are looking for dress shoes to wear for a long time, choose from classic designs like the ones mentioned in this Paul Evans review.

How Much to Spend?

You can buy dress shoes for $150-$200. But it is unlikely that these will last as long as Paul Evans. The leather quality, craftsmanship, and designs you will get from Paul Evans are as good as $800-$1,000 shoes from other brands.

Use this buying guide to buy your dress shoes. You are good to go.

Dress Shoe Care

You pay a reasonable price for your dress shoes. So, naturally, you will want them to last long. However, even the best quality dress shoes need good care to last long.

Our feet sweat throughout the day, and our shoes absorb the moisture. It can cause damage to the shoe lining and weaken the leather of your shoes.

  • Use shoe trees to maintain the shape of your shoes. Absorbent in the shoe tree will facilitate the drying of the lining.
  • Next, polish your shoes. How often you need to polish your shoes depends on various factors. It would help to consider how often you wear your shoes, the weather, and how shiny you want your shoes to look.
  • Polish your shoes when they look dull. Also, polish your pair before an outing for a formal occasion.

Pay attention to the following pro tips when polishing your shoes.

  • Remove laces
  • Use a horsehair brush.
  • Polish using small circular motions
  • Coat the surface evenly.
  • Dry for 15-20 minutes
  • Remove excess polish with a horsehair brush.
  • Buff polished shoes for a better effect

Don’t forget to condition your shoes. Use a good leather conditioner to protect and nourish your dress shoes. Use a soft cloth to rub the conditioner on your shoes.

Why is Paul Evans Worth It Irrespective of the High Price?

You might think you are paying a high price for Paul Evans men's luxury shoes. This is not entirely true. The main thing to consider here is your value for your money.

You are getting much more than what the competitors are offering for the price you are paying for Paul Evans shoes. Paul Evan shoes are 100% leather, hand-painted using full-grain leather and Blake's construction method.

FAQs on Paul Evans Shoe Review

Are Paul Evans shoes any good?

Yes. Paul Evans shoes are arguably the best shoes you will buy within the price range it offers. These shoes can easily compete with shoes twice the price in quality, design, and craftsmanship.

Men’s dress shoes should fit?

Best dress shoes tend to need 2-3 wears to fit perfectly. So, a minor slip in the here isn't a problem. Go for ones that don't pressure your feet, especially the toes.

Who is the Paul Evans Founder?

Evan Fript and Benjamin Earley are PauEvans's founders. They founded the company in 2012 and launched an e-commerce site in August 2013.

Should my toe touch the end of my shoe?

No. Your toe should never touch the end of your shoe. There should always be a space between your toe and the end of your shoe. 

Final Words

We hope our Paul Evans Shoes Review helped you create a clear understanding of Paul Evans shoes' features, specialty, and value. Here's a recap to give you a snapshot of the critical issues.

Paul Evans shoes are luxury shoes. You can wear these shoes to dress up or dress down, which is an excellent match for those looking for two in one. They came with the best quality leather, Italian craftsmanship, hand-painted finishing, and Blake construction.

Go for a classic design if you plan to wear your dress shoes for a long time, and take care of your shoes using the shoe care guide.

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