Nike Air Force 1 07 Review

The Best Nike Air Force 1 07 Review, Guide, Pros and Cons

Are you looking for a classic sneaker for women? Read the Nike Air Force 1 07 Reviews to find out its Pros and Cons.

What is the best way to describe the Nike air force 1? The review team at ProvenShoes has not been able to come up with a better answer than this: To be honest, it's one of those shoes. One of those shoes that you don't mess with. It's a classic, and we're doing everything we can to keep it that way.

Take a look at the bottom of an Air Force One, and you'll see that it has "swooshes" on the upper, where your foot makes contact with the ground. The swoosh needs to be parallel to the ground. If it's off, then you have to adjust. The Nike Air Force 1 was designed by Bruce Kilgore in 1982. They were initially called the "Air Force Ones" because they were made for U.S President Reagan (Ronald Reagan was president in 1982).

This shoe features a polyurethane midsole with a premium leather upper. It has an Air-Sole unit for a smooth ride and shock absorption. The rubber outsole provides great grip and durability.

Nike discontinued the shoe in 1984, but only to bring it back due to high demand. Since its introduction in the mid-80s, the Air Force 1 has seen many changes brought about by Nike collaborations with shoe designers, retailers, celebrities, entertainers, and sports stars.

The love of vintage has made many sneaker fans buy them. After all, they are not the best-selling shoes in the world. But continuing its roots, the Nike Air Force 1 07 has stayed true to its origins since the 1980s, providing a well-built and highly durable shoe without sacrificing comfort and style.

Nike Air Force 1 07 Women’s Shoe is an excellent pair of shoes for everyday wear. It’s a perfect sneaker for any casual or business wear.

You know those people who, when you're talking to them, focus only on what you're saying and give you their full attention? They're the ones who make you feel like they care about what you have to say. The Nike Air Force 1 07 are the shoes of people like that.

When you wear these shoes, at first glance, they look pretty standard: black and white leather with a gum sole. But when a friend looks closer and notices that each shoe has its unique pattern of laces, she'll know that your attention to detail is nothing short of extraordinary.

Nike air force 1 ’07 Pros and Cons


  • Many users loved the leather material used for the Nike Air Force 1 07, which is easy to wash and clean.
  • Quite a few buyers love the durability of these classic sneakers.
  • A large number of women still love to wear these iconic sneakers because of their excellent ankle support.
  • Most buyers enjoy their multi-purpose use as an athletic or casual shoe.
  • Most customers stated that despite the outdated technology, the Air outsole remains exceptionally comfortable.
  • Some Nike AF 1 07 fans love the ankle strap because it provides the feet with the necessary ankle and heel support.
  • Several fans love their plain black and white with red colors.
  • Shoe design has remained popular since the 1980s generation.
  • The Nike Air Force 1 was the best-selling shoe of all time and has been released in many co-editions almost every year.
  • Many people have claimed that this is an excellent buy for a trendy and iconic shoe for their affordable price.
  • Numerous reviews of this shoe are impressed by the high-rise padded collar as it provides a secure fit without sacrificing comfort.


  • Because the design has remained almost the same over the years, the shoes can look bulky compared to other models.
  • Some critics say that new lightweight materials should be used in the AF1 07 as leather can be bulky and uncomfortable.

Nike Air Force 1 07 Features and Tests

Nike Air Force 1 07 Size Selection

It is recommended to order your regular size. Better than all expectations, I love these sneakers. It is very comfortable for everyday wear. They come with very thick rounded laces, making the laces lighter and more durable.

Very Impressed

These are genuinely excellent shoes. They sit comfortably on their feet; you can walk all day without pain in your legs. The leather does not collect dirt like some boots. Overall, these are fantastic shoes. [See also: Nike Tanjun Review]


In black, they look great, do not stand out too much as light. A real pro will love the ankle stability they provide as I have a right ankle injury. If I had to list the shortcomings, the most noticeable is the crease of the leather upper.

Comfortable and Warm

What I love about Nike sneakers is the comfortable sole. You can wear them all day. You can fetch the only problem because if the tongue is not in the correct position, it can be a little annoying. Overall they are of good quality.

Hard Out of the Box

They are classic, but eagerly await when they are carried. They are nearly impossible to put on out of the box.

Perfect Fit and Excellent Quality

Excellent quality shoes that fit the size. The shoe actually looks better than the picture, weighs less than it seems, and has perfect seams. Durable Velcro strap. Great product!


Great Shoes

The shoes are fantastic. The belt is unimpressed and becomes ugly after one use even though the shoes are still as good as new!

Passed the Test of Time

My sister wore a couple for three years, and they still look great! The outsole starts to shrink, but she walked many kilometers in them!

Final Words

I believe you have thoroughly enjoyed the Nike Air Force 1 07 Reviews. These classic shoes would be a great choice for everyday wear.


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