Best Insoles for Flat Feet

The 11 Best Insoles for Flat Feet Reviewed

Uncomfortable shoes can be a more annoying experience while those are immersed in their daily activities. People with flat feet are particularly likely to feel uncomfortable on their feet when walking or running. People with flat feet have an arch usually found on their feet' soles. The bow can be dropped to different degrees from person to person.

The best insoles for flat feet are required if your arches are dropped. This condition can lead to back pain, heel pain, knee problems, and other complications if not alleviated.

The best remedy for this condition is specially designed footwear to ensure your feet are comfortable, even when participating in activities requiring many dance steps. There are insoles intended for people with flat feet.

These insoles will restore the arch of your foot, providing the necessary balance in your bone structure to avoid complications with flat feet. You don't have to be afraid to go for a morning run because you have flat feet.

If you were looking for flat foot insoles today, you would find wide varieties, leaving you confused about which one to choose. You are most likely wondering what the best shoe insoles for flat feet are. You don't have to worry too much! This is a review of the different types of insoles for flat feet. You will review the features of these templates and find the proper way they are.

The review ensures that you are informed the next time you shop for your flat feet template. Being able to walk or run comfortably is of utmost importance to everyone. You can have the best insoles in your shoes if you suffer from flat feet.

Let's find out the best insoles for your flat feet. First, below is a comparison table of various templates that we will review.

First off, we came across the original Powerstep full-length insole orthopedic shoe. A suitable insole for flat feet should have a substantial arch as it is supposed to push back on your feet' soles to create an artificial arc and keep it comfortable.

The insole for shoes has a flexible semi-rigid arch. This is most appropriate for people with adjustable flat feet. This is the most common type of floor in the fleet.

The feet usually have a normal arch while lifting, but the arch falls when the foot comes in contact with any surface. This insole comfortably cushions your feet every time you take a step. You will be less concerned about foot aches with the insole and more focused on your sports activity.


  • The arch support insert is made of polypropylene material.
  • They have semi-rigid arch support.
  • Come with heel cots.
  • They have a double layer of cushioning.
  • They are ultra-slim and low-profile.


  • The heel cribs offer additional support to ensure that your feet are in the correct position when you walk on a surface.
  • Insoles can be used in many shoes. You can quickly move shoes.
  • They are ultra-thin and, therefore, will not affect the size of your shoe-space.
  • They have high-quality materials and aimed at cushioning that ensures that your feet are comfortable with every step.
  • They are full length and full contact with your feet at all times.


  • They are not suitable for long hours of use. They are hard, and your feet will probably start hurting if you are doing the intense activity, like walking or running for many hours.


The shoe insoles are specially designed to provide support for your flat feet. They can be used for sports activities, but not for long hours. They also apply to cases where your feet are not pressured for very long.

Even people with healthy feet will hurt if they are engaged in intense activity for a long time. Her firmness goes a long way in keeping your feet in position. This is one of the best insoles for flat feet available.

The full-length best insole superfeet is another insole that effectively keeps your feet in position. The insole has a reinforced arch to ensure that your foot is kept in a comfortable place at all times.

It features a depth-of-cut heel making it suitable for people with rigid flat feet. The rigid plane of the feet has an arch that is always dropped. This needs a rigid insole.

These inserts for arch support are enough to push back on your feet and create the arc. The insole superfeet has an exciting smell of control function. Not only do you ensure your feet are comfortable, but you also make sure they don't become smelly.


  • The insole features a deep cut.
  • The heel comes in a biomechanical shape.
  • They have a coating odor control.
  • They come with a stabilizer cap.


  • The depth of cut ensures a large enough arc for a stiff, flat foot.
  • Coating odor control makes sure your feet don't smell.
  • The bio-mechanics ensure that the insole is durable and firm enough.
  • They fit well in all types of shoes and are easy to move from one pump.


  • The extremely hard insoles make it unsuitable for use if you are engaged in intense foot activity for long hours, such as running.


The full-length insole superfeet performs surprisingly well on rigid flatfoot support if reviews on Amazon are anything to go by. They are the company providing a high enough level of arc. These insoles fit well on many of the shoes. These could be the best orthopedic insoles for flat feet work boots. They will keep their feet in a comfortable position throughout the day.

Sof Sole Airr Orthopedic flat feet insoles are made to be versatile insoles. These templates are long-lasting and can be used by virtually anyone. These inserts with arch support are made to provide a low arch for your foot. They are equipped with air bubbles in their lower part, which absorb the impact of challenging passage on a surface.

These are best suited for people with flexible flat feet. The Unique Sof Air Orthopedic Insoles are the best insoles for flat feet. Air bubbles also work to convert the impact of energy into kinetic energy.


  • They feature a nylon plate under the arch.
  • They are bowed.
  • They have air bubbles.
  • They come with an excellent max fabric cover.


  • The low arch is suitable for flexible flat feet.
  • Air bubbles that help to absorb the impact of the definite step by step.
  • It also converts the impact into kinetic energy, which helps aid movement.
  • These are the best insoles for people with flat feet.
  • The neat max fabric wicks moisture and keeps feet dry.


  • Lowering the arc may not be enough for many people.
  • The insole is too large and cannot be cut to fit some shoes.


The Unique Sof Air Orthopedic Insoles are best suited for extreme sports activity. This gives them an advantage over the others and, therefore, their appearance in this review. There are several complaints on Amazon about his low arc.

These may be from people with stiff, flat feet, which require a more massive arch. The comments are mostly positive, though. The insoles are very comfortable and can be worn for long hours. Therefore, they are among some of the best insoles for flat feet.

These are the second templates we are reviewing from the brand Powerstep. These insoles are firmer than their counterpart's insoles. They are suitable for people with rigid flat feet. Insoles have an enormous arch and are reinforced to stay firm even under extreme pressure conditions. The outside of the insoles is slightly sloping.

This makes it suitable for severe cases of pronators. They provide more movement control for the user. These insoles are designed to provide maximum comfort for people with extreme cases of flat feet.


  • They are made from polyester Microbial.
  • They come with a slight exterior angle.
  • They come with variable damping technology.
  • They are coated with microbial fabric.


  • The arch company can support a desirable high arch.
  • The pile of material is comfortable and durable.
  • The slightly sloped exterior provides more movement control.
  • Insoles are shoe movable.
  • The depth of cut heel ensures more excellent stability.


  • The hardness of the material means that it cannot be used in extreme conditions for long.


These are firm and strong enough. These insoles can help you to eliminate those knee, heel, and backaches. You cannot participate in activities that put a lot of pressure on your feet long.

These insoles from the Samurai brand are low arched and designed to be used in extreme sports. These insoles are podiatrist-designed to make sure they can provide much-needed pain relief for flat feet.

It will also allow you to carry your morning run much more comfortably. They fit easily into almost all types of shoes. They are ultra-thin and light. Which, therefore, does not take up too much space in your shoe. They have incredible versatility and are made of durable materials.


  • Insoles are low profile and lightweight.
  • The arches are low.
  • They are somewhat flexible.
  • The orthosis is within the template.


  • They have comfort in the cloud as support.
  • They are suitable for the toe-end of the activity.
  • Which can easily fit into most shoes; no trimming is necessary.
  • They are durable.


  • Lowering the arc may not be enough for some people. Those with stiff, flat feet finding this insole is not as effective.


These insoles are professionally designed to give your flat feet as much support as possible and still be more comfortable. They are lightweight and low profile. These are the best boot insoles for flat feet. Also complement all these merits, for being suitable to run.

They cannot be used by those people who require a firmer and higher arch, though. Their comfort and versatility give them an advantage over others and, therefore, their appearance in this review.

The Copper Compression templates are very different from all the other models we have seen. They are made of copper infusion to offer high strength and firmness for an entire plane of support feet. They are arched, but the arch is firm and robust.

These insoles are extra-comfortable and suitable for people with rigid flat feet to use even for long hours. They are unisex and can fit almost all shoes. It would require some trimming in some cases, though.


  • The arches are low.
  • They have copper-infused bows.
  • They are ultra-thin.
  • They are light.


  • They are versatile since practically anyone can use them.
  • They have a firm and robust arch. The infused copper ensures that they remain stable.
  • They can be used for sports activities.
  • Materials are durable.
  • Being lightweight and ultra-slim ensures they are low profile and don't take up a lot of space inside your shoe.
  • They are super comfortable.


  • Lowering the arch may not be enough for a person who has completely dropped their feet from the arches.
  • You will have to trim them if they need to be used on different footwear.


The copper insole tries to combine comfort, firmness, and versatility. They play very well. Insoles can allow people with highly flat feet to participate in sports and other high-pressure activities. They are limited in the height of the arch that can give of itself.

Therefore, they may not be suitable for people requiring high arches. They are instrumental in cases where they fit. Therefore, the requirements are considered part of the best foot insoles for flat feet.

This is a trendy brand and has insoles that can remedy flatfoot situations. These are flexible and made of synthetic material. These work well to restore the corresponding arch in the feet while the rest are comfortable. Both men and women can use these insoles. The thickness of the insoles ensures maximum comfort in resting the foot in place.


  • The soles are made of synthetic material.
  • They are isolated.
  • They have a high volume of thickness.
  • They do not contain products of animal origin.


  • These are suitable for vegans.
  • They are insulated, therefore ideal for cold weather.
  • They have a high volume of thickness that guarantees maximum comfort.
  • They have superior moisture absorption from the shoe that keeps feet dry.
  • They provide a more balanced movement to reduce pressure on the taut tissues of the feet.


  • The arches are low; It may not be very suitable for people whose arched feet are entirely dropped.


The Unique Signature DK Response insoles have incredible levels of comfort. This is demonstrated by the fantastic review you enjoy on Amazon. It is a famous sole out of its effectiveness. It should be one of your options if you are looking for the most comfortable templates. The arch is relatively low, but the model works fantastic, if possible.

A professional podiatrist designed these insoles to remedy plantar fasciitis pain. This condition results from an imbalance in the foot's shape that complies with the pressure in a specific part of the foot.

Dr. Foot's insole can redistribute weight by intensifying the surface to relieve pain. The insole is quite comfortable and durable, and firm. It has a beautiful top cover that wicks away moisture to ensure your feet stay dry.


  • The insole is designed to restore foot balance.
  • The template is podiatrist-designed.
  • It has antimicrobial materials.
  • It is under the arch.
  • It has a heel and cushioning front.


  • Suitable for plantar fasciitis conditions.
  • It has a beautiful upper fabric to keep feet warm.
  • It is medically approved.
  • The insole can be easily moved from the shoe.
  • The antimicrobial fabric works to repel bacteria that eliminate foot odor.


  • The low arch is generally not enough for people whose arched feet are entirely dropped.


The insole is designed to ease the pain of people suffering from plantar fasciitis. It works surprisingly well. Therefore, giving the squad a pass is easy as it fulfills its mandate. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common disorders.

The condition can cause pain in different parts of the foot that excess experience pressure. It could be someone looking for a perfect template in accelerations such as a situation and, therefore, the appearance of this alone in the review.

These insoles are designed for sports activities. However, they are other insoles better suited to intense foot activity. Whether running, lifting, or jumping, these are the insoles you need if you have flat feet. The insoles are made of nylon but a very comfortable material.

The insoles have low arches. They come covered with an elastic non-woven fabric that wicks away moisture and ensures you have no foot odor. To absorb the impact of heavy steps, it has the Spencopolysorb support on the back of the heel.


  • Nylon and Spenco polysorbate materials were used.
  • The arches are low.
  • They are made for sports activities.
  • They are light.


  • Insoles are ideal for sports activities.
  • The lightweight insoles will have almost no space in your shoes.
  • The padded Spencopolysorb on the back of the heels helps absorb impact.
  • The insoles have a good part of the fabric that absorbs moisture, therefore eliminating the bad odor of the feet.
  • The padded bottom offers high energy return; This is an excellent feature in sports activities.


  • Insoles may require trimming if you plan to use them on several of the shoes.


The SpencoPolysorb insoles are great accessories for your sports shoes. Anyone with flat feet and the desire to participate in sports without complications should consider obtaining these insoles.

The arch is low and might not be enough for multiple people. The templates, however, work very well where to fit. This is one of the best insoles for flat feet that you could use for walking or running long distances.

These insoles are another perfect insole to relieve cure paints for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. They are also specially designed as a remedy for that condition. It can easily fit in any shoe and offers ample support. Restoring the leg in a balanced way ensures soreness on pressed parts is smoothed out. They come in antimicrobial materials that kill bacteria to prevent foot odor. They also absorb moisture, keeping feet dry at all times. They have a padded heel to absorb the impact of the massive step by step.


  • The inserts have additional padding on the heels.
  • The insoles are made of an antimicrobial material.
  • They are shock absorbing.
  • They are moisture absorbent.
  • The arches are low


  • Foot support insoles to make sure they stay comfortable for laps.
  • The feature cushion ensures that your feet don't feel depressed.
  • They are moisture absorbent; Your feet will stay dry and odorless.
  • Easily fits into most shoes without having to trim.


  • Bowing down may not be enough for many people.


The shoe insoles are well-designed insoles for comfort. The insoles have extensive features that ensure that your feet are comfortable, thus relieving pain. The measurement templates are equal to most models we have looked at. The arch may be too small for some people, but it works great where it fits.

Finally, we look at the FootScientific insoles designed to release foot pain. These insoles are suitable for any foot pain that may exist. They have a high arch, which is ideal for many people with flat feet.

They are made of durable premium materials. The materials also make the insoles reliable, firm, and comfortable. It can fit most shoes and is therefore suitable for almost anyone.


  • The insoles are made of the highest quality materials.
  • They are high arch insoles.
  • They are designed to be a remedy for plantar fasciitis.
  • That they fit most shoes
  • They are durable and firm.


  • Insoles are made of durable materials.
  • They are moisture absorbent; your feet will stay dry.
  • They relieve pain in various parts of the feet.
  • It is easy to move them from the shoe; do not require trimming.
  • They are reliable and firm so that it will adequately support the legs.


  • Insoles are thick, which can affect the fit of the shoe.


The FootScientific insoles are a great addition to your shoes if you are experiencing pain. They will restore balance and leave your feet feeling comfortable and impressive. These insoles are also high arch and work well with people with stiff, flat feet. The FootScientific insoles look like everything around the insoles and therefore work for most people. They deserve to be part of the consideration while shopping for some insoles for your flat feet.


How to Choose Insoles for Flat Feet (Buying Guide)

Flatfoot is a severe disease of the musculoskeletal system, which primarily affects a person's well-being and worsens life quality. A complete cure for this disease is possible only in childhood, while foot formation is still ongoing.

However, it can prevent further development of flat feet and significantly improve the foot's condition. The primary tool for this is the correct choice of insoles for flat feet and their regular use.

Design and Functions of Orthopedic Insoles

Orthopedic insoles may include the following essential elements:

  • Arch support - the supporting part located in the area of ​​the longitudinal arch;
  • Deepening in the heel area;
  • Flat pillow (metatarsal) in the field of ​​the transverse arch;
  • Elevated zone in the roll area;
  • Wedges (internal and external for the front and rear) - are used to correct the insoles.

The design of a particular model is always individual and depends on the foot's deformation features. Therefore, it is essential to consult a specialist to help you choose the insoles suitable for your flat feet type.

Orthopedic insoles support the foot in the correct anatomical position, perform a shock-absorbing function, prevent the disease's progression, and reduce the spine's load. They also optimize the foot muscles' tone, improve blood circulation, make walking more comfortable, and eliminate pain.

Orthopedic Insoles With Longitudinal Flat Feet

With this type of flat foot in humans, the longitudinal arch of the foot is flattened, which is almost in contact with the floor over the entire surface. Often the intensity of the disease development depends on the person's weight. The larger it is, the more severe the symptoms are.

Orthopedic longitudinal insoles are characterized by the main feature - the presence of high arch support. This element supports the longitudinal arch, which helps to restore normal leg biomechanics:

  • The excessive load is removed, blood circulation improves, and foot stability increases.
  • Pain is eliminated.
  • The formation and development of the heel spur are prevented.

Also, the insoles must-have wedges with which you can change the inclination angle while walking.

An essential characteristic of products prescribed for longitudinal flat feet is the height of the arch support. Its value is determined by the structure of the foot, the degree of the disease, and individually.

Purchasing insoles at a pharmacy where items with average parameters are sold is wrong. It is best if a specialist for you selects the characteristics of the orthopedic insoles.

The best material for longitudinal insoles is high-temperature plastic. It provides the best arch supports for shoes and holds the heel well. A mandatory requirement is the exact fit of the insole to the shoe size.

Orthopedic Insoles With Transverse Flat Feet

Transverse flatfoot is characterized by flattening of the transverse arch. The foot of the patient has a transverse-flat shape and becomes shorter with the thumb laid aside.

With this form of the disease, it is essential to support the transverse arch. Therefore, the insole must have:

  • Flat pillow - Evenly distributes the load on the forefoot.
  • Frame - Protects and supports longitudinal water and redistributes the load on foot.

Also, insoles with transverse flat feet can have a heel shock absorber. This essential element reduces the shock load that affects the heel when walking. This ensures the protection of the Achilles tendons and hip joints.

A doctor should also determine all geometric parameters of orthopedic insoles with transverse flat feet. He selects the sizes of all the product's corrective elements based on the structure of the patient's foot, the nature, and the degree of deformation.

Features of the Selection of Insoles for Children

Pathologies of the foot are usually formed in childhood. During this period, there is still a good chance of a complete cure. Therefore, many parents are interested in choosing orthopedic insoles for children.

  • Product parameters should be determined only by a pediatric orthopedist. Self-selection is unacceptable, as improper selection can only cause additional harm.
  • Regardless of the type of flat feet, children's insoles should have thickened arch support. This is because the longitudinal arch in the child has not yet been formed and needs help.


  1. Orthopedic insoles are a valuable tool for correcting flat feet.
  2. To achieve the maximum use effect, it is crucial to choose the right products, depending on the disease type. A doctor should carry out the selection.
  3. Insoles should be made of quality materials that provide comfortable wearing and adequate foot support.

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