Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

Top 9 Best CrossFit Shoes for Women Reviewed

Best Women Crossfit Shoes
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    A right Crossfit shoe has the impression of having no limits! Jump, run, lift you must be able to count on it at all times, no matter the exercise or movement!

    If you are looking to improve your performance and overall comfort when doing CrossFit, you need to first choose the right shoe with some of the main features. Look for CrossFit shoes with a low profile or low heel-toe drop, which means that the heel is not much bigger than the toe.

    If the heels of the shoe are too high or too padded, you can stand on tiptoe and lean forward when standing or squatting. The sole of the shoe should be solid and firm to provide stability and better energy transfer. You will also want the soles to have excellent traction, so that your feet stay on the ground and are stable, regardless of how much you are lifting.

    Another popular feature in Best Crossfit shoes for women is a wide toecap, to allow enough space to spread your toes and distribute your weight. You'll also want a light pair, so you're not adding too much to your load when you're jumping or running. CrossFit shoes must be made of durable and resistant materials so that they can resist during climbs and other abrasive activities.

    To help you find shoes with these features, we've sorted out the options and compiled this list of the best CrossFit shoes for women. Take a look to find the right shoes for your needs, preferences, and budget.

    9 Best Crossfit Shoes for Women Reviewed

    Nike Women's Metcon 4


    The fourth in Nike's Metcon series, the Metcon 4 is the latest flagship model for cross-fitters.

    Whether you've bought previous models or need a new pair of CrossFit men's shoes, the Metcon 4 has just about everything.

    The Nike Metcon 4 Crossfit women shoes are very similar to previous versions with a few design and construction changes. The most significant difference is with the upper material. The top is made of a breathable sandwich mesh. Additional synthetic material is added to the upper for durability.

    The Nike Flywire is used in the lacing system, while the interior has a soft fabric lining. These features add to shoe comfort without compromising firmness and stability.

    The Metcon outsole remains unchanged and comes with a rubber outsole. These shoes have many features that have made this series so popular for cross-training and general fitness. This also has a downside. Metcon shoes include a midsole that is connected to the insole for easy removal. Although this sole offers the right combination of firmness and comfort, you may notice that it creaks from time to time.

    In addition to squeaky noises, these shoes are among the most recommended cross-training shoes. With the Nike Metcon 4, you get stability, durability, and the right amount of cushioning.

    Main Characteristics:

    • 4 mm drop from heel to toe
    • Six eyelets
    • Double thickness mesh upper
    • Soft silicone sole made of hard hybrid plastic

    These Nike women's training shoes offer a perfect balance between stable design and comfort. The rubber outsole adheres to surfaces to prevent slipping if you run, jump or climb. The firmness of the insole is also excellent for performing various exercises, even if it lacks absorption.

    Although these can be used for shorter runs, sprints, farmers' walks, etc., they will never match a dedicated running shoe when covering vast distances, but the same could be said of most Crossfit shoes.

    The best CrossFit shoes for women are available on the market today!


    • Very versatile
    • Stable with good support
    • Wide range of colors
    • Durable soles


    • Not suitable for long runs

    The Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 is one of the best cross training shoes for women. These Reebok shoes for Crossfit are designed to provide a tennis shoe's flexibility with the stability necessary for intense CrossFit exercises.

    The Reebok CrossFit shoes have a simple, low design with synthetic material for the upper sole and rubber. As with most CrossFit men's shoes, these have a low profile outsole and minimal drop for added stability. The drop measures only four millimeters. They also have a large toe box for better support when placing your weight on the tips of your toes.

    The Nano 8 reebok cross trainer is the eighth version of the Nano shoes and has one of the most significant differences from previous versions. This cross training shoes women have a removable boot that is not connected to the shoe's rest. The removable bootie adds comfort and doesn't give the impression of slipping.

    Nano 8 has no significant drawbacks. The only potential problem is the removable boot. Although the bootie stays firmly in place and won't slip, some people may think the cut is a bit loose.

    Benefits include breathable FlexWeave material and design. These reebok Crossfit shoes womens are functional and should be appropriately used before showing signs of wear.

    Main Characteristics:

    • 4mm drop
    • Nanoweave stem
    • High low design
    • Removable interior

    Reebok recommends these reebok cross training shoes for CrossFit training and weightlifting. The large toe box and heel provide support during squats. The rubber soles of these best Crossfit shoes womens adhere well to the ground. You shouldn't feel limited when wearing these shoes, and they offer the proper support for a variety of exercises.


    • Very versatile
    • Breathable upper
    • Wide toe


    • The removable interior can slip with age.

    The Inov8 F-Lite cross-training shoes have a shallow drop of three millimeters, while the 275 has a drop of eight millimeters. The drop is the difference in height between the heel and the forefoot. A lower fall helps to put more pressure on the middle area of ​​the foot than the heel and ankle.

    The sole provides excellent traction and enough cushioning for dynamic exercises. The upper is made of synthetic material and reinforced toe protection. Even with regular use, these shoes should continue to offer support and comfort.

    These womens cross training shoes are designed for cross-training and should provide adequate grip and support during squats, burpees, and other exercises. If you prefer a drop, the inov8 Crossfit shoes are a great option.

    These Crossfit Shoes women also have a more full cut than most training sneakers, which is useful for more full feet struggling to find shoes that fit them.

    Main Characteristics:

    • The 3mm drop from heel to toe
    • Light 195 grams
    • Reinforced rod Rope-tec
    • Super sticky rubber sole

    Although shock absorption is limited, the shoe's firm sole and the stable upper are suitable for strength training. Overall, this is a quality pair of training shoes with a versatile design.


    • Smallest drop in this range
    • Super light
    • Wide-cut


    • Costly

    The Asics Conviction X training shoes have a minimalist design with lots of cushioning. Their price is also reasonable, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious buyers. Explore all the critical details of Conviction X shoes.

    The Asics Conviction X looks more like a standard tennis shoe than a versatile shoe with more cushioning and a thick shell in synthetic leather. These Asics Crossfit shoes are durable and comfortable.

    The slip-on design should offer a snug fit. When you run or do high-intensity exercises, your feet are snug and secure in your shoes. The rubber sole also provides excellent traction. The midsole and insole provide proper arch support, which is useful for people with flat feet.

    The heel height of this Crossfit training shoes is 10 millimeters, which is a little lower than the weightlifting shoes. However, this adds more versatility to the shoes.

    The biggest complaint about this Asics women's cross training shoes is the lack of adequate lateral support. This can be a problem during execution or sprinting. However, it is also very flexible, which is useful when you suddenly change direction during the shuttle ride.

    These best training shoes for women has a useful function to prevent your laces from coming off. You can tuck the laces in a small pocket integrated into the tongue of the shoe. The material of the upper is also very resistant, which increases the chances of the durability of these shoes for many uses.

    Main Characteristics:

    • 10 mm high heel, 6 mm forefoot
    • Robust synthetic leather upper
    • Super grip rubber sole
    • Perforated sock lining

    The bottom line is that Asics Conviction X training shoes are not the most effective shoes for improving your CrossFit performance. However, they are reasonably priced and well constructed and one of the best cross training shoes women.


    • Good ventilation
    • Quite versatile


    • Drop not as high as dedicated lifting shoes
    • Poor lateral support

    NOBULL women's training shoes are quickly becoming a popular choice in gyms. Although they have a simple style that doesn't appeal to everyone, the quality of the shoe is hard to ignore.

    These women's cross training shoes are durable and come with simple designs and colors to choose from.

    The simplicity of the design is due to the superior material in one seamless piece. This unique material gives the impression of a combination of rubber, plastic, and mesh. The result is better breathability and durability. These shoes are designed to last while providing comfort and a stable platform for performing various exercises.

    Benefits include a reflective logo on the sides of the shoes to make drivers more visible when exercising at night. Another advantage is the protection of the carbon outsole, which protects and prevents wear.

    One of the only drawbacks of NOBULL training shoes is the coating on the upper. The material has a rubbery feel that doesn't provide as much grip as you might expect. This could be a problem if you use your feet to climb a rope.

    Another possible problem is style. Some people may not like the basic design with a sizeable NOBULL logo on the side. As this logo is reflective, it is even more noticeable. If you don't care about style, this is one of the best cross-training shoes available.

    Main Characteristics:

    • Super-versatile
    • High carbon side sole protections
    • Lightweight

    Should you get a pair of these fashionable shoes? NOBULL training shoes are very comfortable and provide the support you need for interval training, cross-training, and other high-intensity strength training. It is one of the best women's cross training shoes. You may even like to wear them outside the gym.


    • Very well built
    • Versatile
    • Look good even outside the gym


    • Price bit higher

    The 5.11 Tactical Recon does not look like a typical multi-purpose training shoe. It seems built for rugged outdoor hiking. However, it could be one of the best high-performance training shoes currently available.

    The design is unique and robust. They look bulky and are not the most attractive shoes, depending on the color option chosen. The rod is made with a mixture of materials. The base layer is a breathable textile covered with layers of resistant leather.

    The inside of the shoe includes a two-millimeter sock insole. The synthetic sole has a drop of eight millimeters, which is a right median between a low profile for cross-training and a higher heel for weightlifting. This makes the shoe more versatile and suitable for a variety of exercises.

    The main advantage of these womens Crossfit shoes is their robust design. You can wear these shoes anywhere. If you prefer to do your cross-training outdoors, these are the shoes you should consider. The outsole has a robust design to improve traction on all types of terrain, including in muddy or hilly areas.

    Main Characteristics:

    • 2mm sock lining
    • 8mm drop
    • Rope area ready
    • CMEVA midsole

    The 5.11 Tactical Recon training shoes are ideal for all types of exercise. Whether you train indoors or outdoors, these shoes provide stability and traction. They are also built to last a particular time. If you are shopping for versatile training shoes, the 5.11 Tactical Recon should be at the top of your list.


    • Super-versatile
    • Ideal for rope climbs
    • Quite robust for a lot of outdoor use


    • Has size issues. ( Tip: Order 1/2 a size up.)

    Adidas Crossfit shoes are an affordable option. Powerlift shoes cost less than most famous brand lifting shoes and are an economical choice with durable material.

    Adidas Powerlift 3 shoes include several features that should help you lift. These include a raised heel and a solid sole. The heel height is 15 millimeters, which gives more depth for squatting and places less pressure on the knees. The sole is thick and helps to retain the soil for better planting of the feet.

    Powerlift 3 shoes are excellent, with a few minor drawbacks. Some people may find the forefoot less flexible than other weightlifting shoes. It also has a more full cut than previous Powerlift shoes. While this may appeal to people with more full feet, some may think that this extra space creates some leeway.

    There are also several advantages to these shoes. They are incredibly durable and include a thick strap in the middle of the laces for added support. The breathable material also adds comfort and helps the shoes dry quickly after your workout.

    Main Characteristics:

    • 15mm drop for deep squatting
    • Leather upper
    • Tongue mesh for breathability
    • Open forefoot

    The main strengths of Powerlift 3 shoes are durability and style. They are always more flexible and supportive than a typical shoe. However, the forefoot area is less elastic.

    Overall, this is considered one of the best options for good value for money. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on lifting shoes, find the Powerlift 3.


    • Ideal for squatting deeply
    • Very durable
    • Quite breathable


    • Heel too high for anything other than lifting

    The Nike Free Trainer TR 8 is a low-cost CrossFit shoe for men offered by one of the biggest shoe brands. With updates from the previous design, the TR 8 can provide a practical solution for those looking for an affordable training shoe.

    TR 8 is the seventh version of Nike's Free Trainer shoes. The upper of Nike cross training shoes womens features a slip-on mesh design and Nike Flywire technology. These characteristics increase the breathability and flexibility of the shoes. The material is also light, as the shoes weigh only 9.75 ounces.

    The midsole of Nike Crossfit shoes is made of padded foam, which may seem too soft for specific situations such as running or interval training. The outsole has a triangular pattern for more flexibility while the rubber material has proper traction.

    Flexibility, breathability, and support contribute to the comfort of Free Trainer shoes. However, this comfort also makes the shoes less versatile. They may not provide stability and firmness you are looking for in your high-intensity interval training exercises or strength training.

    Besides comfort, the most significant advantage is the price. While Nike makes some of the best cross-training shoes, Free Trainer TR 8 shoes are their economical option. This makes these shoes an excellent entry point for those who have never purchased lifting or cross-training shoes.

    Main Characteristics:

    • Flywire mesh construction
    • Weighs 9.75 ounces
    • Economic price

    There are, however, some potential issues to consider. Some people may find that the flexible rod material does not provide sufficient support. These womens cross trainer shoes are also a bit small, so you can choose a size when purchasing. However, the lightweight and comfortable design and the low cost are significant advantages.


    • Super breathable
    • Good for running
    • Super light


    • Not suitable for massive elevators

    The Asics Fortius TR is an attractive and comfortable shoe and has lots of color choices to consider. However, aesthetics are less important than the quality of the shoe.

    These top Crossfit shoes have a durable synthetic leather upper. This material is tear-resistant and breathable.

    If you examine the upper, you will also notice increased support throughout, including a stitched toe cap and a double-stitched splint. Despite the extra support and material, the shoe is light and only weighs 9.9 ounces.

    The low profile rubber outsole provides a flat platform to help you stay stable during lifts or sprints. Traction is correct, and the sole reaches the edges of the shoe to reduce wear. You should also find a lot of color choices.

    If your feet are spread apart, you may need to consider other options. These are narrow shoes that offer a tight fit. However, if you have healthy or small feet, you can enjoy a close fit.

    The firm support of the soles can use weightlifters. Additional stability and support always help plant the feet.

    Main Characteristics:

    • Low profile design
    • Tongue pool loop closure system
    • Mesh lining
    • Breathable mesh

    This is a versatile shoe that offers all the functionality you want in a good cross-trainer. It is flexible, durable, provides quality support, and one of the best shoes for Crossfit women. If you don't have your feet apart, try trying on these shoes during your next all-round workout.


    • High lateral support
    • Suitable for sprints, etc.
    • Reinforced toe


    • Not suitable for wide feet

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    Features of Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

    Although there are shoes for all tastes, there are some common characteristics to all of them: The high heel, flexible fabrics, and reinforcements in certain areas. At a technological level, when considering the manufacture of a Crossfit shoe, all brands take particular care with the following design factors.

    High Heel:

    Characteristic inherited from weightlifting shoes. Weightlifters have traditionally been comfortable in high heel shoes. In this way, they gain stability, a grip on the ground, and flexibility of the Achilles tendon. Although in weightlifting, we find more inclined models, in Crossfit, almost all brands choose 4mm of inclination from the heel to the toe.

    flexibility of crossfit shoe


    In Crossfit, given the versatility we need due to the number of exercises, we must be agile and ready for any movement. This is why Crossfit shoes have to find a balance between flexibility/comfort and durability/resistance. High-end models tend to have top-quality.


    By incorporating such explosive exercises into this discipline, we found some that may be prone to erode and damage our beloved sneakers. A clear example is rope climbing; in this way, many shoes on the market have reinforced inner areas to prevent wear and tear from this type of exercise.


    How breathable a Crossfit shoe is essential. Many times we tend not to consider this because we are people who "sweat little" or similar arguments, but the truth is that the breathability of our wheels is a key, especially for intense training.

    It is not just that the shoes smell or stop smelling. Non-optimized shoes, in this sense, tend to trap the foot and promote sweat. In this way, we lose stability, and the foot slides inside, with a genuinely uncomfortable sensation that can even improve the appearance of calluses or wounds.

    Also, without adequate ventilation, the fabric will absorb our sweat, and our Crossfit shoes will become more massive, weighing us down a small percentage in our exercises.


    If we are used to running or sports shoes in which lightness prevails over resistance and structural integrity, we can initially find the somewhat stout Crossfit footwear (and let's not talk about weightlifting shoes!).

    Therefore, Crossfit shoes typically walk in a medium weight range. We can find models pulling heavier or lighter, and it will be a matter of preference which ones we find better. There are brands such as inov-8 that are distinguished by the extreme lightness in their models, even in those more weightlifting-oriented sneakers. Or models like the Reebok Speed ​​TR that have had lightweight and low construction weight as a fundamental value in their design.

    It usually corresponds that the most massive models are those that offer more resistance and robustness, while the lighter ones. However, they perform better in running and exercises with a high mobility index, are usually less durable.

    The balance that we prefer weight-resistance depends exclusively on us. As they say: There is nothing written about tastes!

    cross fit woman

    What factors influence when deciding on a shoe for CrossFit or another?

    The evolution of Crossfit shoes has not been natural, as it is a discipline with such varied needs. Our sport incorporates weight lifting exercises, jumps, jump rope, explosive exercises such as sprints. We also find other gymnastic types such as pines, pull-ups, muscle-ups.
    For all this, it is tough to find footwear that performs flawlessly in all our WODs («Work of the day»). In the market, we can discover lighter models oriented to varied and more metabolic or other heavy workouts and with a higher heel to favor weightlifting exercises. Depending on many factors and our tastes, there are Crossfit shoes with which we will feel more comfortable.

    Of course, in case of being a woman and having foot numbers below 40, we must consider that our model exists as a women's Crossfit shoe. Most brands manufacture their men's and women's Crossfit shoe models separately. See the case of the Nano, as well as many of the Top models of weightlifting. Others do not make a distinction and simply manufacture a wide range of sizes in the same model so that they become unisex sneakers. An example of this case is the all Inov8 models.

    Therefore, and from our point of view, when choosing a Crossfit shoe, we must take into account the most critical factors:

    • Durability
    • Comfort
    • The climate of our area and if we will train outdoors
    • The type of training we are going to carry out (more metabolic or with more weight-bearing)


    A good model of specific footwear for Crossfit needs to be at least durable and resistant. Crossfit workouts are demanding with our shoes, and these must be subjected to a multitude of different forces and erosions.

    During the WOD, we face twisting and bending movements to which our shoes must be subjected. We must run or do box jumps, the "kicks" to the ground in our weightlifting exercise RX, or the dangerous rubbing of the rope when going up and down it. A right Crossfit shoe must be prepared to face all these situations without damaging its useful life. This is one of the characteristics that make the development of a good cross-training shoe model an art! Brands have to juggle structures and materials and invest heavily in R&D. This constant research is necessary to be able to offer us competent products that also withstand the jog of a Crossfit athlete.

    Comfort crossfit


    Comfort is always a critical factor in any sports shoe. It is not only in Crossfit but in any discipline in which we want to perform optimally. A sports shoe may have the best ratings and crazy features and technologies, but may not be appropriate for us due to factors such as width or incline.

    Each person is a world, and depending on our type of foot, the shape of a model can be decisive to know if it is appropriate for us or not. We can find Crossfit shoes or weightlifting shoes with the most extensive bridge area. The "box" of the fingers can also be more or less full or models that we find somewhat oppressive in the ankle area. I have even gone so far as to cut a model's burr with scissors because it injured me in the Achilles' heel area.

    The incline that can be beneficial for weightlifting can also be a factor of discomfort depending on the user. Depending on how marked the bridge is, the width of the ankle, or the flexibility of each one, we may require more or less helpful as a result of the heel lift. People with great flexibility may not be comfortable with more exaggerated elevations. On the other hand, others with a more "wooden" ankle (such as a server) will need the shoe in question to help them with a few extra mm of elevation to maintain the correct posture.

    Time and Zone

    Not all Crossfit workouts are done inside our box. In many, we do a series of 400 meters to pound, and some coaches especially like to train outdoors. Due to all this, one shoe or another may be more suitable for us. Should our footwear withstand humidity? High temperatures and abrasion with cement? Should they be lighter because, in our area, they are fans of gymnastics?

    Our Type of Workouts

    Also, depending on the most popular exercises, one model may be more suited to us than another. If jump rope, drawer, and more prevail in our Words, we will like softer shoes with reinforcement in the toe area, as well as excellent cushioning. If weights-training, snatches, power cleans, squats, and more are thrown at us more, it may be better to look for harder, more stable, and high-heeled models.

    Many times we cannot predict all of this, especially if we are beginners or new to a box. But if we are already experienced cross-fitters and we know our box and its customs, we can choose one shoe or another depending on the demands of our environment.

    Final Words

    We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this article Best Crossfit Shoes for Women Review. If you like this article, please don't forget to share it!

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